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Dear Vijay
I had received the invitation for the meet.Could not come as my father has expired and I am in Delhi.
Would like top get involved at a later date
Vandana Gupta
V Care

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We are pleased to inform that MCGM has signed an MOU with the NGO Council.
The NGO Council:
The NGO Council was formed on August 22, 2005. The Council is the representative body of all NGOs and the NGO sector in Mumbai. The Committee comprises a mix of organisations with complementary expertise covering all causes and sectors. The Committee consists of 69 organisations currently. It is an open Committee in which more members may be added.
Objectives of the NGO Council:

1. NGOs vis-a-vis Government: NGOs to be included in the policy and program planning of the Government and be also included in the evaluation, implementation and delivery of services by the Government.
2. NGOs vis-a-vis third-parties: Facilitating interaction of third-parties with NGOs e.g. CSR departments of corporates, civil society organisations, media, event organisers, city-wide initiatives, etc.
3. NGOs vis-a-vis NGOs: Networking & coordinating amongst NGOs to enable sh aring of experiences and working together.
4. NGOs vis-a-vis Donors: Providing transparency and credibility to the NGO sector.
MOU between MCGM and NGO Council signed on 12 Dec 2005

Salient Points of the MoU: The full text of the MOU and details of the NGO Council are in www.karmayog.org

1. Acknowledgement that Civil Society Organisations are important and necessary; and need to be empowered; institutional partnership with MCGM is critical for good city governance and overcoming Mumbai's challenges.
2. NGOs and other CSO’s will be involved not only in conceptualizing and formulating policies, programmes and schemes, but also in their implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and in providing citizens’ feedback. 
3. NGOs to be involved in preparing a comprehensive Disaster Prevention and Management Plan for the city.
4. MCGM and NGOs will co-operate and collaborate on all areas in the Twelfth Schedule (that lists the 18 functions of Municipalities) and any other areas as mutually identified.
5. For any such area identified, MCGM and NGOs, along with experts and stakeholders, shall prepare Policy Guidelines and a Plan of Action which shall also state MCGM's commitments and NGOs' roles.
6. For any such area identified, Steering Groups comprising MCGM, NGOs, experts and eminent citizens shall be formed.
7. Names of MCGM officers accountable for the fulfillment of each specific tas k shall be widely made known to the public.
8. Wards shall prepare their own Plans of Action, along with local CBOs, NGOs, CSOs, and also involve them in implementation and monitoring.
9. MCGM-NGO Council meetings shall be held regularly, minutes maintained and conveyed to Wards etc.
10. MCGM & NGO Council shall work together to int roduce necessary reforms in MCGM.
11. MCGM & NGO Council shall promote coordination of all other agencies which impact citizen’s  lives.
12. System of redressal of citizens' grievances shall be improved by MCGM and monitored by NGOs.
13. MCGM officials shall atte nd public meetings convened by the NGO Council.
14. MCGM shall inform the public of its policies, programmes and schemes.
15. www.karmayog.org shall also be used for such dissemination and as an interface between MCGM, NGO Council, CSOs and citizens.
16. MCGM shall fund activities, projects, events, help-lines, advice cells as proposed by the Ngo Council, and as agreed upon mutually.
17. Implementation of the MOU shall be reviewed yearly and made public.
Media are requested to give publicity to the new way of engagement that is planned under the MOU. Please contact Mr. Subrat Ratho, Additional Municipal Commissioner. The phone number of his office is 22620149.
Vinay Somani

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