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My thoughts. Pl give feedback asap on these and also on what should be incorporated in the BMC - NGO Sector MOU. Link is via the Cleanliness section in www.karmayog.com and also circulated in an earlier email. Thanks. Vinay
Stakeholders / Influencers / Decision-takers:
 NGOs and all voluntary organisations
 formalised networks e.g. LACCs
 elected represenatives - corporators, MLAs, MPs
 commercial organisations
 citizens of particular areas
Decision Groups:
1. Overall Steering Group (BMC-NGO)
2. Individual Groups for each issue (BMC-NGO)
3. Group of all orgs working in that field or having expertise in that field (NGO)
4. Formal implementation groups on the field e.g. ALMs, LACCs
5. Group for dispute resolution (BMC-NGO)
6. Others connected with the issue (corporators, MLAs, MPs, government, ward-officials,)
7. Others connected with the issue (commercial orgs, individual experts, citizens of particular areas)
Decision Method for BMC-NGO involvement:
1. will lay down overall working method guidelines and be involved in first-level dispute resolution.
2. will be the main groups working on individual issues
3. relevant minutes of 2) to be circulated asap to this group for feedback
4. relevant minutes of 2) to be circulated asap to this group for feedback
5. if 1. can not resolve disputes
6. BMC to coordinate
7. mechanism to be evolved to identify and involve

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