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From: Surendra Srivastava
To: Vinay Somani
Cc: Anant Shende ; Mayank Gandhi
Sent: Monday, September 19, 2005 10:51 AM

Dear Vinay,
Here is the Draft Charter we have promised. I hope it is sufficiently short and covers all the key points.
Lok Satta - Maharashtra Chapter - Coordinator.


        We, the members of the Council of NGOs acknowledge, declare and confirm as follows. 

1.     We have voluntarily decided to form ourselves into a Council since we sincerely believe that our true strength, efficiency and effectiveness lies in unity of our efforts and not in diversity.  We the members shall constitute ourselves as the GENERAL BODY of the Council and this GENERAL BODY shall have supreme authority to take binding decisions for and on behalf of the members in respect of any or all the activities carried on by member organisations.  

2.     We are all non-profit making organisations formed for public and charitable causes or work and registered as such under the relevant law/s.   

3.        Donations to our organisations are, and would always be; exempt under the Income Tax Act to the extent permissible for the class to which respective organisation belongs.  In the event the exemption is withdrawn for any reason whatsoever, we shall forthwith inform the Council.   

4.     We agree to elect and give ourselves within six months hereof an Executive Committee, which will be vested with power to make decisions in respect of any or all the activities carried on by any and/or all member organisations of this Council and frame Rules, Regulations and Bye-Laws for the effective functioning and management of the Council.   

5.     We agree to concede supremacy to the decisions of the Executive Committee and/or the General Body in all matters in respect of or connected with the activities of respective organisations. 

 6.     Any work or operation or act in the public interest or for public cause will not be undertaken severally by anyone of us if Council decides to undertake the same.  

7.     If any of the organisations is dissolved or ceases to exist under any circumstances whatsoever we shall inform the Council immediately; or if anyone of us decides to resign from the Council, six months’ clear notice to the Council shall be given.  

8.     This Charter shall not constitute as empowering the Council to accept any financial liabilities, or obligations, involving financial commitments on behalf of anyone of us.   

9.     We shall pay such reasonable fees as may be decided upon by the General Body, which can be changed from time to time.   

        IN WITNESS WHEREOF, each of the Authorised Representatives of the respective NGO has set his/her hand to this CHARTER on the date entered against the signature of each one of us.