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Subject: Re: NGO Council - BMC: MOU & Cleanliness Group.

Dear Mr. Somani,
Thanks for keeping CitiSpace informed and please continue to do so.  This specific issue is being forwarded to my collegue Ms. Pirya Ubale who is the Convenor of my sister organisation CLEAN-Sweep.
In regards to a meeting with BMC Hawkers.  I look forward to further information from you.
Best wishes
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Subject: NGO Council - BMC: MOU & Cleanliness Group.

Dear NGO Council Member,
Good news. BMC's Mr. S. Ratho, AMC, is willing to make an MOU with the NGO Council; and also to set-up Steering Groups for each civic function beginning with Cleanliness.
So pl comment on the following in www.karmayog.com/cleanliness/cleanliness.htm .
I need feedback as quickly as possible, so that we don't lose the tempo.
BMC-NGO -Citizen-Corporate Partnership Proposal
Draft MOU between BMC and Citizens
Suggested members in BMC-NGO Cleanliness Group 
     Meeting on 29 Sept
BMC - NGO Discussion Papers:
Strategy for a Clean Mumbai
  -  Para-by-para response by Save Bombay Committee and Prakruti on Strategy for Clean Mumbai (please comment)
  -  BMC - NGO Working Group - Kisanji's points
There is more info on this page. You are also requested to add to it.
I look forward to hearing from you by email or phone.
I am sorry for such impersonal communication.
Vinay Somani
Contact 22940109 (For enquiries between 2 to 3 pm)