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JNA BMC - MOM of 16th June 2006 meeting



JNA BMC - MOM of 16th June 2006 meeting

Minutes of the Meeting 

Date: Friday, 16th June, 2006

Venue: Office of Shri Johny Joseph, Municipal Commissioner, MCGM  

Agenda: To discuss a Proposal to MCGM regarding Setting up Ham Radio Communication for Disaster Management by JNA Wireless Association in co-ordination with the Malabar Hill Residents’ Association and the NGO Council


Shri Johny Joseph, Municipal Commissioner, MCGM

Shri Vilas Vaidya, Chief Officer (Disaster Management & CCRS), MCGM

Shri Dave,

Shri P. Venkatraman – JNA Wireless Association

Shri Sudhir V Shah – JNA Wireless Association

Ms. Indrani Malkani – Malabar Hill Residents Association

Shri Vinay Somani, Convenor, NGO Council, was also present but had to leave before the formal meeting started due to a prior commitment.  

  1. The meeting was called to discuss and finalise the modalities by which the Ham Radio operators represented by JNA Wireless Association could work closely with the BMC for disaster management especially in view of the forthcoming monsoons.
  2. JNA Wireless Association presented a brief write up (enclosed) as well as some press cuttings (enclosed) about their background and previous experiences in providing Disaster Communications.
  3. Malabar Hill Residents Association also presented a similar write up (enclosed).
  4. The overall planning of BMC and its state of preparedness for handling disasters in the forthcoming monsoons was discussed.
  5. Based on the above, the communication needs and the Ham Radio stations to be set up and the wards to be covered were identified.
  6. The following decisions were taken immediately:
    1. It was identified that the EOC at the BMC Annexe Building at CST would need one base station.

      Acropolis Bldg on Malabar Hill, and residence of Mr P. Venkatraman at Kalina, being in the center of the flood prone area would also be additional base stations. A letter of request to Secretary of Acropolis bldg was prepared and given.
    2. Mobile / Base stations would be provided to DMCs (Deputy Municipal Commissioners) and 10 Ward offices in identified flood prone areas.

      In the first phase, H Ward and L Ward would be covered. DMCs of both Wards were phoned, and the matter discussed with them and they were informed to extend co-operation to Shri P. Venkatraman who would contact them to work out the logistics in each ward.
    3. JNA members requested that provisions for fully charged batteries be made at Ward offices so that operations could continue even if power failed. MC ordered these to be kept ready on the spot.
    4. The members of JNA then went down with Shri Vaidya to the Disaster Management Cell at MCGM and surveyed the special EOC that had been made for such situations. The location and equipment needed to set up the Ham Radio station there were then evaluated and decided upon.
  7. Further actions to be taken:
    1. JNA to co-ordinate and set up stations at both H Ward and L Ward offices in the initial phase. Shri P. Venkatraman to co-ordinate.
    2. JNA to set up stations at BMC HO EOC and also Acropolis. Shri Sudhir V Shah to co-ordinate.
    3. The NGO Council to accordingly inform NGOs and various Civil Society Organisations about developments from time to time.

Encl: Proposal to MCGM Regarding Setting up Ham Radio Communication for Disaster Management By JNA Wireless Association, Malabar Hill Residents’ Association, NGO Council