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Below is a list of NGOs in a particular area. These are unverified. Please inform us of errors and omissions. 

14 NGO Area- Walkeshwar

Amirilal Ghelabhai and Trust
71,73,75 Geetanjali 
Walkeshwar Road
Mumbai 400006

Association of Youth for Better India-AYBI
P O Box No 6185
Malabar Hill
Mumbai 400006
Notes : Root cause seeks to make the school the centre of community development. AYBI reaches out to BMC Schools (which are the unclear points of providing education to the major of children in slum communities) and supplements studies with co-curricular activities e.g. group work and growth enhancement workshops for the children. Public awareness cell : reaches out to common people via seminars, exhibitions and the columns of Indian express. The motive is to generate awareness about our basic rights which will help us to fight exploitation and corruption.

Blind Men's Association & Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind
81, A Jal Darshan Bldg
51, Nepeansea road
Mumbai 400006

Bal Anand Community Centre
Akash Deep 28
Dongershi Road
Malabar Hill
Mumbai 400006
Karmayogi: Ms. Vasumati Mehta
Tel: 23625543
Notes: Concerned with welfare of street children.

Muscular Dystrophy Society
'Ratnakar' 2nd Floor, Block 5
Narayan Dabholkar Road
Malabar Hill
Mumbai 400006
Karmayogi: Dr. Khadilkar - Bombay Hospital
                Dr. Anil Desai - Jaslok Hospital
                Ms. Bharati Chhabria
Tel:  22090227, 22067676 Extn:359, 24933333, 23753875
Fax: 23642002
Notes: Founded in 1973 to give cheer to the afflicted as there is no treatment available. the society has concentrated on improving their life style, increase their ability to stand and walk for more number of years. Muscular dystrophy is an inherited disease. It is characterized by progressive weakness of the muscles which control movement. There are a variety of dystrophies and the inheritance pattern varies with each type. Most of the dystrophies affect young children. the major forms of muscular dystrophy include myotonic, duchenne, becker, limb-girdle, facioscapulohumeral, congenital, oculopharyngeal, distal and emery-dreifuss. 

Madhu Mehta Foundation, The 
84-A Napean Sea Road
Bombay 400 006 
Phone: 2218 8865 
Telefax 2218 5739 

Ruparel Marg Residents Association
14A Manek
L. D. Ruparel Marg
Karmayogi: Mr. M. R. Punja, Secretary
Fax: 23640923

Planning Rural-Urban Integrated Development through Education
4-C, Swapnalok
47, Lady Jagmohandas Marg
Mumbai - 400036
Tel: 23630523 
Fax: 23680037 
Karmayogi: Mrs. Vipula Kadri 

R.D Charitable Trust
12, Rockdale
Nepean Road
16- A L D Ruparel Road
Mumbai 400006
(got it from Dew Drops Public School invitation)

SMILE - Society Moved to Instill Love with Empathy
254 Nepali House, Gr Flr. 
Walkeshwar Road
Mumbai 400 006
Karmayogi: Ms. Anaxi Shah
Tel.: 23638678 
Fax: 23682219
Notes: Children, Age Care / Senior Citizens / Older Persons, Women

Sukoon Counselling Centre
Amar Nivas
18,Banganga Rd.
Mumbai 400006
Tel.: 23621072
Notes: Family Welfare & Counselling Services

Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind
B- 1/3, Matru Ashish, 2nd Flr.
454, L. Jagmohandas Marg
Mumbai 400036
Tel: 23681135

Ruparel Marg Residents Association
L.D.Ruparel Marg
Malabar Hill
Mumbai - 400006
Karmayogi: Mr. Ramanath Punja
Notes: Ours is a Residents' Assn. under the A.L.M.scheme of B.M.C.

Special Care Center
(Located in the Drive-in Theatre premises, Bandra)
4-C Swapnalok
47 Lady Jagmohandas Marg                                                            
Mumbai 400006
Karmayogi : Ms. Vipula Kadri, Hon Gen Secretary
Tel: 23630523
Fax : 23680037
E-mail : , ,
Notes: Medium of education Hindi and Marathi. Established in 1988, total 213 children  who are mentally challenged / hearing & speech impaired, providing formal and non formal education, prevocational training, heath check ups, mid-day meals, speech therapy and skill development training. managed By : Save the Children India. As the drive-in theatre premises is being converted into a commercial premises, we are constructing a five storey school building for these children in the bandra-kurla complex. We are seeking support from like minded donors to accomplish construction of this centre at an early date. The inauguration is planned for 1st week September 2005. 
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