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55 NGO Area- Navi Mumbai

A4, Tanwar View Plot No 43
Sector-7Kopar Khairane
Navi Mumbai 400702
Karmayogi: Ms. Sushmita Dasgupta 
                Mr. Johnson
Tel.: 2754 6667, 9820466726
Suicide prevention

resident of Vardhaman Palace Sector 17
Navi Mumbai 
Karmayogi: Ms. Shobha Murthy
Notes: founder and director of NGO ,works for the welfare of children in slums and municipal schools in Navi Mumbai. Resi. Address 140-4752, Nehru Nagar, Near Govt. Milk Dairy, Kurla east, Mumbai (Bombay), PIN: 400 024

Association for Leprosy Education
CIDCO Community Centre, 1st Floor Sector – 3
Navi Mumabi – 400702
Karmayogi: Mr. Joy Mancheril, Asst. Director - Projects
Tel: 27824134
Fax: x
Notes: To work towards the eradication of leprosy by way of early detection surveillance and provide follow-up network to treat and cure the disease. To provide TB control and maternal and child health care schemes. Rehabilitation and Treatment

Animal Welfare Association
601 Samanya Society
Plot No.13
Navi Mumbai 410210
Karmayogi: Ms. Renu Rai
Tel: 27562275 , 3109 7720
Notes: since 1992, sterilisations, sick dogs treated, feeds 300 dogs/day, ambulance

Sector 19
Kopri Village
Plot No 18
Navi Mumbai 400703
Tel: 27665617, 27664491
Category: Children

Association of Rural People for Health and Educational Needs-ARPHEN
C-5 24/ 3-4 Sector 5, C.B.D
Navi Mumbai 400615
Karmayogi: Dr. Jalinder Adsule
Tel: 27574315
Notes: Established on 1986, provides education and spreads health awareness specially amongst the tribal people.

Association for Blindness and Low Vision-ABVL
B2 Millennium Towers,  10 Floor, Flat No.3
Sector 9
Navi Mumbai-400705
Karmayogi: Mr. Subhash A Datrange
Tel: 56165587, Cell: 98690 83652
Email: , 

Bharat Sevashram Sangha
Plot No. 291-292
Swami Pranavanandaji Marg
Navi Mumbai 400703
Tel: 27826625, 27826261
Fax: 27826539
Category: Poverty

Chriatian Network
Flat 202, “Kaveri”, Bldg.8 Cosmopolitan CHS
Sector 19 A
Navi Mumbai 400706
Karmayogi: Mr. Daniel Victor, President
Tel: 27702223
Email :
Notes: Literature, educational, evangelism, training, book outlet, video library, publisher

Dev Daan Community Centre
Sector 9A
Navi Mumbai 400703
Tel: 27650343

Dr. Mar Theophilus Memorial Technicla  Institute
Sector 10-A
Navi Mumbai – 400703
Karmayogi: Fr. T E Issac, Director
Tel: 27664900, 27665980
Technical Education

Eternal Hope Charity Mission, The 
Anand Van CHS
F-48, 1st Floor
Room No. 2, Sector 4
Navi Mumbai - 400706
Karmayogi: Mr. Premdas Joshua
Tel: 27722020, 27622366
Fax: x
Email: ,
Notes: EHCM is working nation-wide for the cause and welfar3 of the poor, needy, abandoned infants, street children, aged and women in distress. This includes procurement of land, construction of home for orphaned infants, children, destitute, shelter for street children, media centre and related structure, post natal care of orphaned infants, nursery school educational classes, nourishment programmes for children, destitute, old aged, literacy classes and counseling sessions for street children.
Aims & Objectives: Aged, Child welfare, Education, Employment, Food and Nutrition, Poverty, Women’s issues.

Fr. Agnel Ashram
Sector 9A
Navi Mumbai
Karmayogi: Fr. Superior
notes: orphanage, about 200 boys
Good Samaritan Children's Home, Orphanage for boys and girls 5-10 yrs, 40 kids

Friendship Centre India
F. 301, Dara Enclave 
Sector 9
Navi Mumbai – 400706
Karmayogi: Mr. John Gladstone, President
Notes: Literature, Evangelism, Training, Church Planting, Children’s Ministry non-resident Bible School 

Gideons International in India– Vashi Camp
Kailashkunj Flat 2- C
Sector 2
Kopar Khairane
Navi Mumbai 400705
Karmayogi: Mr. S. T. Ratnaswamy, President

Gospel Letter Ministries
P.O. Box No. 7 Uran
Navi Mumbai – 400702
Karmayogi: Mr. James Mathew, Director
Email :
Literature, Educational
Grace Gospel Book Centre
JN- 2/16/B-6
Navi Mumbai 400703
Karmayogi: Rev. Sundar Rao, Manager
Email :  
Bible & Literature

Gregorian Community, The 
J.N. 4, 4/12, Shanti Nagar 
Sector 10,
Navi Mumbai – 400703
Karmayogi: Mr. Sunil John, Co - ordinator 
Tel: 27655254
Fax : 27650876
E-Mail : 
Community Living, Networking, Worship, Study & Service

Helen Keller Institute for the Deaf and Deaf-Blind, The

Aditya Birla Centre 
CC-1, T.T.C
M I D C, Shil Mahape Road
Navi Mumbai – 400701
Karmayogi: Mr. Nagaraj Nayak, General Manager 
               Ms. Shubhangi Bandekar, Principal (Deaf section)
               Ms. Sambadha Shevde, Principal (Deaf Blind section)
Tel: 27782214 / 27782193 , 27781226
E-mail: , 
Profile Ms. Beroz Vacha 
Notes: Medium of education English, Hindi and Marathi. Established in 1977, providing education, total students 100, other school at Byculla with separate unit for the hearing and visually impaired, children from outside Bombay are offered residential service, nutrition, education, transportation assistance and hearing aids, conducting workshop as well as vocational training like jewellery making, candle making, domestic science, nursery plantations and many other arts.
See Appeal at  
Rating A+

Help Me Online
Sector –3
Navi Mumbai - 400706
Karmayogi: Ms. Nazima Khan
Tel: 27707660
Fax: x
Notes: To provide better educational facilities for the needy children with the aim to improve the overall literacy rate.

India Every Home Crusade
Mathura Apts. Plot No. G-26-27
Flat No. 5, 1st Floor, Sector 20
Behind Vidhya Prasarak H. School
CBD Belapur
Navi Mumbai – 400614
Contact: Pastor Premdas U. Kourikkar, Promotional Secretary (Mumbai & Navi Mumbai)
Mobile : 9820747405
E-Mail :
Literature, Educational, Evangelism, Medical, Tract Distribution, Church Planting Operations, University Students Ministry, Hospital Patients, Prisoner Ministry, Blind, Prayer Bulletin- Prarthana

Indian Women Scientists Association
Plot No. 20 Sector 10-A 
Navi Mumbai 400703
Karmayogi: Dr. Urmila Vakil
Tel: 26105125, 261061674, 27661806, 27662136
Category: Support Groups 
Notes: Fights for the rights of women scientists in a male dominated society and makes them realize their scientific potential

Mahatma Gandhi Mission Charitable Trust
MGM New Bombay Hospital
6, CBD Belapur
Navi Mumbai 400614
Tel: 27570219, 27572293
Fax: 27572292
Category: Culture

Matrumilan Vikas Kendra
O.L. of Visitation Church
Sector 8
Navi Mumbai 400706
Tel: 27634333

Mermier Bal-Ashram
Plot No.18/A
Sector 11, 
Kopar khairane 
Navi Mumbai 400709
Tel: 27543335, 27543339
Notes: Home for street children & Ragpickers

Marignasious Day Care Centre
Adjacent to St. Xavier School 
Navi Mumbai – 400706
Contact: Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Plamparampil, Co-ordinator
Day Care Centre

Metro Good News Ministries India
C-6, 15/1 : 13
Section 18
New Panvel
Navi Mumbai – 410206
Contact: Rev. K. N. Nathaniel, Director
Literature, Educational, Child Care & Rehabilitation

Maharashtra Council Of Churches-MCCI
Orthodox Church Centre
Sector 10 – A
Navi Mumbai 400703
Contact: Bishop Coorilos, President
             Rev. Taranath S. Sagar, Hon. Secretary
Tel: 27663427 , 23074137
Fax : 27650876
Notes: Education, Co-ordinaiton with Churches, Seminars

Navjeevan Centre
Marthoma Centre, Plot No. 18,
Navi Mumbai – 400703
Karmayogi: Rev. Kurien George, Director
Tel: 27669484, 27657141
Email : 
Educational, Evangelism, Training, Rehabilitation

Nirala Vriddhashram
Dr. Pai's Pearl Hospital 
Neral (E)
Navi Mumbai
Karmayogi: Ms. Thakur
Tel: 24305823, 24303952, 24300885
Category: Support Groups
Notes: Provides residential, lodging, nursing, medical care to the aged and arranges socialising activities for them. 

Navi Mumbai Animal Lovers Association
Navi Mumbai
Karmayogi: Shaheen Siddhiqui

Shahnas Safety and traffic Supporters 
A L 5/ 17 Gardenview Apartment
Sector 16 
Navi Mumbai 400708
Tel: 27691879
Category: Environment

301, Millenium Appartment
Plot No. 18 sector 12-B
Near Kalash Udyan
Koper Khairane
Navi Mumbai 400709
Tel: 56121016, 9870072585(Hotlline)
Received Brochure

St. Pius Community Centre
St. Pius X Church
Mulund (W)
Mumbai 400 080
Tel: 567 7500
Navi Mumbai & Raigad Deanery
FCCO Deanery Co-ordinator : to be appointed
DRTC Staff Representative of JPC :

Sand and Salt
P.L. 6A/14/4 Sector 1
New Panvel (W)
Navi Mumbai
Raigad Dist. 410206
Tel. : 27450203
Email : 
Contact: Mr. Angelo Benn, Co- ordinator
Youth & Family Adventure Camp

Swami Brahmanand Pratishthan  
Navi - Shanti, 
Plot No.7,CBD
Sector 8-A
Navi Mumbai 400614
Tel.: 27570389
Karmayog : Ms. Shirish Poojary/ Trustee
Notes: Established in 9 Nov 1989, Total 83 students, education, Computer centre, teaching
drawing craft and also to enable him / her to lead a life of dignity & self-respect.

South Asian Gospel Alliance-SAGA Association
Bunglow No. 10, Road No. 4
Sector No. 1
New Panvel (E)
Navi Mumbai – 410206
Raigad Dist.
Contact: J. A. Deutsch, Director
Off. & Mobile : 9820295194
Ministries : Educational, Training, Literature, Evangelism, Church Planting, Medical, Destitute Children etc.

Stray Dog Lovers Association
G 20 Row House type V,
Sector VI
Navi Mumbai 400703
Karmayogi: Dr. Sadhana Phaterpekar, Founder President
Tel: 27822784
email: x 
Notes: Voice of Animals in Distress

Pandita Ramabhai Mukti Mission

Mumbai Project 
376, Janki Niwas, 1st Floor
Darave Village
Navi Mumbai 400706
Contact: Mr. Satish Pagi, Warden
Off.: 27704749
Notes: Care of Orphaned/Home for destitute Girls (Age 4 to 6 years )

National Organization for Software and Technology Professionals (NOSTOPS.ORG)
SS Type, Plot No 82
Sector No. 2
Navi Mumbai  400705
Phone: 9224-108535   (best time to call: 10 am -10 pm)      
Karmayogi: Mr. Rajiv Dabhadkar

Resource and Support Centre for Development 
RH IV - C4
Sector 9
C.B.D. Belapur,
Navi Mumbai - 400614
Karmayogi: Mr. Rajesh Kuruvilla 
Tel: 27577587
Fax: 27574100
Notes: To bring about an alternative model in the development scenario whereby the marginalised sections of the society.

Prem Daan Social Service Centre
Plot No.5
Sector 18
Navi Mumbai 420320
Tel: 27574824, 27579126, 27691309
Notes: Home for dying destitutes

Rayat Bahuuddeshiya Shikshan Sanstha
A L 3/ 14/ 15 Vignahar Apt.
Sector 19
Navi Mumbai 400708
Tel: 32778490
Category: Culture

Jyotish Terminal Care Centre
Plot No. 4 
Sector 11
Navi Mumbai 410218
Karmayogi: Sr. Infanta
Tel: 27423399

V B S Ministry
RH2, N-1
CBD Belapur
Navi Mumbai 400614
Contact: Jayakar A Ellis, Promotional Secretary
Off.: 27571488
Vocation Bible School

Vatsalya Trust 
Sector 2, Plot 11
Navi Mumbai 400042
Karmayogi: Ms. Raykar Sanjeevani, Founder, President
               Shri. G.A Damle, Founder, secretary 
               Mr. N. S Bhagwat, Trustee, Treasurer
Tel: 27617390
Category: Children.
Notes: Established in 1983,orphanage for older girls; 65 girls, Other projects are: 
1.Adoption Home, Email: So far, 4 such special need children have been placed abroad in inter-country adoption, while783 children have been placed in adoption within the country.2.Day Care Centres and rehabilitation centre, 938 destitute children have been provided love and warmth at the Center, It can now comfortably accommodate 100 children.
3.Balik Ashram: Started in 1999, currently 62 girls in the age group of 4 to 16 years are provided shelter, nourishment, medical care and all educational and developmental facilities under this project.4. Kushi, started in 2003, Email:, This Centre caters to the needs of the children with various problems such as : Psychological, behavioural, emotional, scholastic as well as social, including mental disorders like autism, hyperactivity, depression; Adjustment problems of adolescents are also dealt with in this Centre. 5. Documentation Training and Research, Email: , aims to provide reliable basic information on all aspects of child issues, establish a resource center, arrange short-term training and refresher courses on child related issues, provide facilities and support to researchers by focusing on children’s issues. 6. Vanaprashthashram, 7 Vocational Training, 8 Spandan, also having other centre at kanjurmarg, mumbai.

Vinimay Trust
Tarun Sadan (Hostel) Plot 21
Sector 23
Kopar Khairne
Navi Mumbai 400709
Karmayogi: Dr. Venkataraman
Tel: 27540070, 25578130
Notes: since 1982, volunteer run; organises tutorial classes and play centres for other orgs e.g. Chembur Children's Home and Bal Kalyan Nagri; organises jobs for orphans above 18 years; also runs hostel with 30 orphans. Other Centre: A-14 Nirmala Niwas, Near Deonar Bus Depot V.N. Purav Marg, Mumbai - 400068 Karmayogi: Mr. Atul Shah Tel: 27663429
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Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram
A-5 1/1 Sector 4
New Palm Beach Housing Society
Navi Mumbai 400706
Karmayogi: Mr. P G Kulkarni
Category: **
Notes: works for the welfare of the tribals, major inputs being in the field of health, education and socio economic development.

Youth with a Mission, West and Central India
PO Box 16
Belapur CBD
Navi Mumbai 400614
Contact: Mr. Joshua Tanaami, Director
Off. : 27714713
Email : 
Notes: Committed to Reaching, Training & Releasing This Generation for Christ

Word for the World
A-16, Sector 3
Navi Mumbai – 400708
Contact: Mr. S. P Abraham, Regional Co-ordinator
Off.: 27690812
Literature & Evangelism