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27 NGO AREA - Malad, Mumbai

Ahimsa Hospital - Active Compassion Unlimited
BMC Cattle Compound 
Ramchandra Lane Extension
Near Movie Time Cinema
Satpada, Evershine Nagar
Link Road
Malad (W)
Mumbai 400064
Karmayogi: Mr. Praful Shah, 28823742
Tel: 28802682 , 28821972 
Notes: dogs; ahimsa = non-violence; abc program; shelter; sterilisation centre; (difficult to get a response though)

Aids Combat International
2 Nandra Mansion
Malad (W)
Mumbai 400064
Karmayogi: Dr. Girish Trivedi
Tel: 28643951, 9821081138
Received Brochure

Behind Austin Gracious Office
Marve Road
Malad (W)
Mumbai - 400095
Karmayogi: Mr. Diwan Shah, President
Tel: 28896562 , 28807562 , 28818406 
Notes: Established in 2002. Aim is to install and develop self confidence among the disabled and to remove doubt in their own capabilities so that they can become self employed, self dependent, self respected, and live a normal life. Mr. Diwan Shah is 60% disabled.  

Bal Vikas
102, Shishu Bhavan
Valentine Complex
Off General Arun Kr. Vaidya Marg
Malad (E)
Mumbai - 400097
Karmayogi: Mrs. J. Panigrahi, Managing Trustee
Tel: 28422802
Notes: Accepts deserted children and given them for adoption. Gives shelter to unwed mothers and counsels them. Medical attention and nutrition provided. Rehabilitation efforts undertaken. Cases are referred by hospitals, nursing homes and social workers. Also gives medical aid to the needy.

Bombay ICEU
B- 4, Evergreen Apts.
Opp. St. Peters Jacobite Chhurch
Mith Chowki
Malad (W)
Mumbai – 400064
Karmayogi: Mr. Jeremy Christian, President
Notes: Ministry Among College Students / Graduates

Centre for Research in Mental Retardation- CREMERE
Khushaldas Dagara House
Near Ruia Hall
Malad (W)
Mumbai - 400064 
Karmayogi: Dr. Usha Dave
Tel.: 28810654, 28825300
Fax: 28810654

Child Evangelism Fellowship of India- CEFI
P.B.No. 11816
Malad (W)
Mumbai – 400095
Karmayogi: Mr. Jayan Varghese, Director
Tel: 28643911
Fax : 24456693
Notes: V.B.S., Sunday School, Teacher’s Training, Children Camp, Rally, Retreat/Follow up & Cassettes. 

Comunity Development Centre
Lutheran Centre 
Opp August Bus stand
Marve Road 
Malad West
Mumbia 4000 64
Karmayogi: Rev. S Rajagambiram, President
                Mr. P Christofer, Secretary, 9324185186
Tel: 30940516, 28891025, 28823301
Email: ,
Notes: Established in 1979, working for street, Commercial Sex Workers Children and under privileged children. 
To strive at its best to serve, to meet and solve all kinds of needs and problems of about 900 children and to do more to bring the best of these children. other centre at: Cobol Maitri Compound, Manjuwadi, Dharavi Cross Road Dharavi, Mumbai 400017, Tel: 24072588 Notes: Vocational training centre for children  

Dr. P. V Mandlik Trust
Hira Manik Bldg. 
Swami Vivekanand Road 
Malad (W)
Mumbai 400064
Tel: 28725610
Notes: Established on 1971, gives training to the women elected in gram panchayat election.

Harvest Mission Association Society
Bethel, plot 305/E
Mith chowky
Marve Road
Malad (W)
Mumbai  400064
Karmayogi: Mr. Gnaniah M, Managing Trustee
               Pastor Abraham Sekhar ,
               Pastor Cecil Cerejo, General Secretary
Tel: 28059247
Email :  
Literature, Educational, Evangelism, Medica, Training, Counselling & Orphanages, children Home

Initiatives: Women in Development 
A 102 Vasant View
D'monte Lane
Mumbai 400064
Notes: Works towards equality, justice and empowerment of women and gender justice in all areas of concern.

Jagruti Kendra Extn. Centre
Nishkalanka Noor Mansion, Room No.78
Konkani Pada
Kurar Village
Malad (E)
Mumbai 400 097
Tel: 28411763

Koshish Piramal School For The Deaf
D. B. Lane
Off. Daftary Road
Malad (E)
Mumbai 400097
Karmayogi: Dr. Ajay Kothari, Managing Trustee 
                Ms. Urmila Walawalkar, Principal
Tel: 26485433, 28446448, 28834629 
Notes: Medium English, Hindi, Marathi. Established in Nov 1983, centre for the Care of Deaf, total 116 students 57 girls & 59 boys, only private school in Mumbai, providing free education, hearing aids and medical care, qualified 48 staff, communication through individual and group hearing aids, audio-visual approach, lip reading, speech therapy with speech monitor. Also see Koshish Centre for the Deaf. 
Rating: A+
Visited, got brochure, financial report, activity report

Maitri Mandal Trust 
3/ 5 Satsang Bharti Society
Kailashpuri Road
Upper Govind Nagar
Malad (E)
Mumbai 400097
Category: Women

Humanist Centre Of Direct Communication
2/17 Jangla Nagar
Kapol Niwas Jitendra Road
Malad (East)
Mumbai 400097
Karmayogi: Mr. Navin Pandya, Coordinator

Mobilized Action to Reach the Goal- MARG
Malavani Church
Fishing village
Near Marve Beach
Malad (W)
Mumbai 400064 
Karmayogi: Santosh Panigrahi
Tel: 9833263183
Category: Children
Notes: MARG works with students and non-student youth with the aim of enabling them to discover themselves and contribute positively towards the development of society. They provide various opportunities for growth by: Vocational guidance and counselling centre, street play group, Jagruti Kala Manch, computer training, hobby classes, human skills training, para-professional course in social work, job placements. Having a centre in Malad fishing village where they help the school children with educational needs - the children come to the centre in the morning before school and get additional help or after school for help. they are also instituting many other activities for them, specifically when they are on holiday from school.

Nirmala Memorial High School
Ambaji Mata Nagar Mandir
Haji Bapu Road
Malad (E)
Mumbai 400097

Navi Disha
Block No.7
Malad-Marve Road
Mumbai 400095
Tel: 28828160

Prayatna Community Centre
C/o. O. L. of Lourdes
Mumbai 400 097
Tel: 28822760

Project Crayons
202 Kingston Palace
C.B Road
Malad (W)
Mumbai 400064
Tel: 28793248, 28793253, 28793255
Category: Children

Relief and Welfare Society for the Blind
Gate # 5, Plot 15/5 Young Collectors Compound
Malad - West
Mumbai 400095   
Tel.: 28892709

Sight Savers International 
C/O Royal Commonwealth Society For the Blind
A-3 Shivdham
New Link Road
Malad (W)
Mumbai - 400064
Karmayogi: Ms. Alice Crasto
Tel: 28820808
Fax: 28826363
Notes: Sight Savers International supports NGOs and Governments to prevent and cure blindness, and to provide education and training for incurably blind children and adults in developing countries. Aims & Objectives: Disability, Grants/Aids, Health

Somata Bal Ashram Trust
K 404 Sunder Nagar
Mumbai 400064
Category: Children
Notes: Provides a permanent home to orphans for life with a family atmosphere and basic facilities. 

Telgu Christian Society
003 Sandhya ‘E’
New Dindoshi Depot
Malad (E)
Karmayogi: Mr. K. Vijaykumar, Hon. President

Nature Lovers, The 
A- 301 Liird Flrjagmagiya Centre
Nahar Nagar
Malad (W)
Mumbai 400064
Category: Environment

Valabhadas Dagara Indian Society for Mentally Retarded
Khushakks Dagaka House
Anand Road Ext. 
Near Ruia Hall
Kasturba Cross Road 
Malad (W)
Mumbai 400064
Karmayogi: Dr. A. V. Mehta, Director 
                Ms. S. L. Ashar, Principal
Tel:  28892930, 28821393,  28892409, 28810654
Notes: Scientific Institute engaged in welfare activities for mentally retarded and carrying out research on various aspects such as education, rehabilitation in mental retardation besides Medical Research.

Vikas Adhyayan Kendra
D-1, Shivsadan
62 Link Road
Malad (W)
Mumbai  400 064
Karmayogi: Mr. Ajit Munichen, Director
Notes: Education

It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. --Charles Dudley Warner