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Below is a list of NGOs in a particular area. These are unverified. Please inform us of errors and omissions. 

26 NGO Area-Grant Road

A K Munshi Yojana
3rd Panjarapole Lane 
C. P Tank
Grant Road
Mumbai 400004
Karmayogi: Ms. Bharati Ganjawalla
Tel: 22425513, 22423654
Notes: Carries out welfare activities through medical centres, child and youth development and guidance centre, family welfare centres etc.

Arya  Mahila Samaj 
10 Dr. Kashibai Navrange Marg
Grant Road
Mumbai 400007
Tel: 23805883, 23805868
Notes: Established on 1882, runs a girls hostels for outstation students.

Centre for Environmental Research and Education- CERE
Room. No. 78 J. S. Municipal School 3rd fl.
Nana Chowk
Grant Road
Mumbai 400 007
Tel: 23811581 , 23811582
Fax: none

Counselling and Suicide Prevention Centre- CASP
C/O Dr. Ajinkya's Hospital
32 Pnadita Rambai Road
Grant Road
Mumbai 400007
Karmayogi: Ms. Garge Ursekar, Counselor, 9820280460
Tel: 23680140
Notes: Provides counselling, consultancy and psychotherapy to victims of depression and suicide thoughts. Centre basically offers three types of services, diagnostic, remedial, preventive.  

Childline India Foundation-CIF
2 nd Floor, Nana Chowk Municipal School
Frere Bridge (Low Level), 
Near Grant Road Station
Mumbai 400 007
Karmayogi: Ms. Kajol Menon,  Head, Awareness and Advocacy Deptt
               Mr. Nausadh
Tel:  23871098, 23881098, 23891098
Fax:  23811098
Notes : To help children in distress and their rehabilitation.

Comet Media Foundation
Topiwala Lane School
Lamington Rd, Grant Rd
Mumbai – 400007
Karmayogi : Ms. Chandita Mukherjee, Director
Tel : 2382 1893/2386 9052
E-Mail : 
Website : 
Notes : To create educational materials ina all media of communication, centered around developments in science and technology. To promote alternative visions for a more equitable society. To study the role of media in society critically. To collect a reference library of related materials and to make it accessible to the public. To conduct training, seminars, workshops and other meetings in keeping with these aims. To publish and circulate the results of these activities indifferent media.
To create public awareness related to these objectives. Comet media foundation envisages reviving the joy of children’s learning through their audio-visual productions. They cater to larger user groups as there are different grades of their productions, by making films for womwn, educators and young adults on a vide range of issues.
Their special area of concern is making communicational materials center around the science-technology-society interface. The group chose to work in this area to spread the message of development in the Indian subcontinent.
They have been interacting with a range of voluntary and academic organisations since 1985, and relate especially with organizations that works in health, education and the history of science and technology.

Door Step School
Jagannath Shankarsheth Municipal School Building 2nd floor
Room No. 54 / 55
Nana Chowk
Grant Road
Mumbai 400 007
Karmayogi : Mrs. Bina Seth Lashkari, Director
Tel : 2382 6343
Telefax: 23859203
Email : 
Website : 
Notes : DSS works with both in-school and out-of-school children. No two groups are the same and we cater each project to meet the unique needs of the children.

Education Audiology And Research Society, The
Topiwala Municipal School, 2nd Floor
Topiwala Lane
Off Lamington Road
Grand Road
Mumbai - 400007
Karmayogi: Ms. Pervin R Mehta, Director
                Ms. Geetha Prasanna, Head Teacher
Tel.: 23886425
Fax: 23886425
E-mail: , 
Notes: Established in 1964, mission is to enable deaf children to communicate orally & to ensure that hearing disabled children can be integrated into mainstream society. Also provides test of hearing and clinical advice, free hearing aids to poor children and pre-vocational training and integration into normal schools. Other centre: Infant Centre Education Audiology And Research Centre
Gulmarg 62 Napean Sea Road, Malabar Hill Mumbai 400006 Tel: 23691705.
Rating: A
Visited, got brochure, financial report, activity report

Giants International
2nd Floor, Orient Club Building 
9,Chowpatty Sea Face,
Mumbai 400 007
Tel.: 23679698
Fax: 23649274

Goa Hindu Association **
Nalini Pandikar Child Guidance & Vocational Guidance Clinic
Gomant Dham 2nd Floor 
358 Dr. Bhadkamkar Marg
Mumbai  400007
Notes: Undertakes intelligence, personality and aptitude testing for children with emotional disturbances, learning difficulties school behaviour problems and juvenile delinquents.

Institute For Exceptional Children  
2nd Floor, Rooms 35 – 38
Topiwalla Lane Municipal School
Opp Bhadamkar Marg
Police Station
Grand Road
Mumbai - 400007
Karmayogi: Mrs. Esther Dubey
Tel: 23868501
Working for psycho-educational and psychotherapeutic service, counseling for emotionally disturbed children, support services to the families also providing Learning Disability, 
Education, Speech and Physiotherapy. IFC provides specialized psycho-educational and psychotherapeutic service to learning disabled. Emotionally disturbed children to enable them to stay in schools and eventually become contributing members of the society. 

Indian Society for the Rehabilitation of Handicapped **
Mayur 377
Off. Lamington Road
V.P Road
Grant Road
Mumbai 400004
Karmayogi:  Dr. W. G Ramarao
                 Dr. Tara Ramarao
Tel: 23852313(does not exist)
Category: Rehabilitation Centre
Notes: Helps the handicapped patients by directing them to rahabilitation organisations.

Kanara Saraswat Association
13/1-2 Talmakiwadi Association Building
Near Bhatia Hospital
Jawji Dadaji Marg
Grant Road (W) 
Mumbai 400 007
Tel No: 23802263, 23805655
Email: ,

Lady North Cote Hindu Orphanage
7 K M Munshi Marg,
Near Bhartiya Vidhya Bhavan
Grant Road
Mumbai – 400 007
Karmayogi : Orphanage-In-Charge
Notes : Lady North Cote Hindu Orphanage provides free Residential accommodation , health care and education of destitute and orphaned boys. Looked after with lots of love and hygiene. Boys are sent outside for schooling.

Manuprem Remedial Centre  **

Ghulvilla Grd. Floor
Laburnum Road
Grant Road
Mumbai  400 007

C/o Kamathipura Municipal School
7th Lane
Sukhlaji Street
Grant Road
Mumbai 400 008
Karmayogi: Ms. Priti Patkar
Tel.: 2305 3166 / 2300 7266 
Fax: 25700128
Website: No
Focus Area Child Abuse, Child Sexual Exploitation, Child Prostitution, Child Trafficking

S.P.J. Sadhana School for the Developmentally Challenged
Dr. Rosendo Ribeiro Complex
Sophia College Campus
Bhulabhai Desai Road
Cumballa Hill
Grant Road
Mumbai 40 026
Karmayogi: Sr. E. Gaitonde
Tel: 23510853 / 23517913
Notes: Special School in English and Hindi medium to develop mentally handicapped. Workshop for older children, job training, Medical Care, Speech and Physiotherapy, Psychiatric services, Speech and Physiotherapy

Praja Foundation 
19/20 BMC School Building first floor
Topiwala Lane
Opp. Lamington Road Police Station
Mumbai 400 007
Karmayogi: Mr. Yazad Jal , Managing Trustee
Tel: 23841826

YB Chavan Center
Nariman Point
Mumbai 400 021
Karmayogi:  Dr. Madhav Chavan, Director
                Ms. Farida Lambay
                Ms. Shalini Sachdev
Tel: 23851542, 22886975, 23851423
Fax: 23851405, 22568444
Email: ,
Category: Children
Notes: Involved in pre- school education for slum children and conducts an "Educational Outreach and Breach" course for street children.

Rehabilitaion Coordination India  (RCI)
C/O Centre for Research and Development
Shreyas Chambers 
175 D. N Road
Grant Road
Mumbai 400004
Notes: An international organisation which works to protect the rights and dignity of senior citizens through  use of media and mobilises governments and influence public opinion. Co ordinates and strengthens rehabilitation services at national and international  levels.

Sanjivani Mahila Mandal
4 A Jehangir Daji Street 
Tukaram Jivaji Marg
Grant Road (W)
Mumbai 400007
Tel: 23886110
Notes: Established on 1975, focuses on development of slum and street children and runs a balwadi for them.

Special Employment Exchange for the Physically Handicapped
Muzafarabad Hall
Proctor Road
Grant Road
Mumbai 400007

Seva Sadan Society
Pandita Ramabai Road
Mumbai 400007
Tel: 23808005
Fax: 23889109
Notes: Underprivileged women & girls

Venu Madhuri
7, K.M.Munshi Marg
Mumbai – 400 049
Karmayogi : Ms. Venu Madhuri
                 Mr. Mitesh Sharma
Tel : 2369 7228.
Fax : 2367 7341
Mobile : 9519505513
E-Mail : 
Website : 
Notes : Providing free meals (once a day) to around 55 school children of Ramanwadi, since June 2002 for 6 days a week including vacations. Non-formal education to the above children watershed management – built one check dam of 9ft high and 35 feet high Tree Plantation / afforestation-distributed 1200 saplings and seeds of various trees. Subsidized veterinary clinic in Ramanwadi (since Sepetmber 2004) –treated about 35 cases till date. With the receipt of US $ 25,000 from “Serving America First” and other donations, it is propose to carry out the following activities : Watershed Management – build more check dams Continue with our present program of distributing free meals to school children at Ramanwadi. Non-formal education to children-creating necessary infrastructure and its expansion Tree plantation / afforestation – plant more sapling and seeds of useful trees an plants. Solving drinking water problem in Ramanwadi village. Income generation- set up a handloom unit at Ramanwadi. Organic farming – promotion, training, demonstration and vistits to successful farms. Cattle management – expand subsidized veterinary services to neighbouring villages, cattle development (breed upgradation, training and demonstration of proper animal husbandary practices, promotion of its economic social and cultural importanc.)

Yusuf Meherally Centre
Ganesh Prasad Bld.
Slater Road
Opp. Grant Road
Mumbai 400007
Tel: 23805059
Category: Community Development 

It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. --Charles Dudley Warner