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This section contains the following:
  - details of a new group being formed 
  - rules, policies, procedures, research papers, etc.
  - views and discussions
  - interesting or significant work by others

 January - February meetings schedule with BMC 
Chief Ministers view for mentally challenged, Loksatta, 3-3-06  

 General guide to Developmental Disorders - Compiled by Shobha Mathur
     - Introduction
      -  Genetic Disorders
      -  Learning & Communication Disorders
      -  Pervasive Developmental Disorders
      -  Physical Disabilities

 Government Rules and Acts 

      The National Trust 

      - How to identify persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation & Multiple Disabilities (pdf)
      - Handbook on Legal Guardianship for Maternally Retarded & Cerebral Palsy (pdf)
      - Guidelines for Local Level Committees for Mentally Retarded & Cerebral Palsy 
      - The National Trust Act (Rules & Regulation) 2000 (pdf)
      - The National Trust Act (Rules & Regulation) 1999 (pdf)

   - Maharashtra State Handicapped Finance & Development Corporation, Mumbai  (pdf)

Organisations and Schools for the Mentally Challenged
42 Schools in Mumbai
50 Non-School NPOs in Mumbai

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