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Meeting on Saturday 14 January 2006 at Karmayog


Topics discussed


  1. Issue of stigma & discrimination toward mental health in society

-         Possibility of using influential figures within society to create awareness for the need to step forward and the importance of early action

-         Focus on education in schools  (target specific grades, etc) & colleges


  1. Funding


  1. Identifying & targeting specific sensitive areas & specific target groups need to be identified


  1. The broadness of Mental health encourages the joint effort and joint services of psychologists, counselors, Occupational Therapists, etc. This also includes involving the local workforce, such as school counselors.


  1. Create awareness in the area of children. Some learning disabilities in children may lead to other future complications, hence the importance of focusing on prevention to recognize early stages of disability, rather than only focus on treatment.


  1. Suicide prevention campaigns & Suicide help lines. Help lines should be 24 hours. Issue of ethics & confidentiality regarding help lines and the effectiveness of them. Briefly discussed the importance of a screening and selection process for volunteers who are in charge of these help lines.


  1. The issuing of Disability certificates

-         What loopholes make this process ineffective?

-         The misuse of these certificates e.g. someone may be certified as mentally ill when they are in fact not.

-         Examine the process of issuing the certificates, what the certificates actually say & the validity of these certificates.

-         The possibility of these certificates to be used as a subsidy for drugs & for insurance


  1. The importance of examining the current situation from the perspectives of professionals as well as the clients themselves.


  1. Briefly mentioned the possible effectiveness of using the media to create awareness.



  1. The importance of half way homes in Mumbai & in India, particularly for parents, relatives and carers who need to leave patients/clients for some period of time. At present there is no such home in Mumbai.


Plan of Action Focus on 4 key areas


  • Disability Certificates need to be examined and ensure its validity & appropriateness for clients


  • The provision of space for a half way home for clients BMC


  • Subsidies of Medicines


  • Creating awareness in schools & colleges. Involving school teachers & counselors for early detection of problems etc.


Akila Maheshwari

It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. --Charles Dudley Warner