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false certification of mental illness of women by husbands

We are raising the issue of false certification of mental illness of many normal women by a psychiatrist Dr. Gupta in Agra in connivance with the husbands who just wanted to get rid off their wives. The TV channel "Aaj Tak" showed Dr. Gupta boasting that his judgment cannot be challenged in court.
We are trying to organize a seminar on the issue mentioned above. The above kind of thing is possible because there are some lacunae in the current Mental Health Act that exclusively favors the psychiatrists and literall gives them magisterial powers.
We will also propose some solutions so that the above malice is not repeated.
The second issue that I wish to raise and appeal you also to raise is that the right of educated and informed citizens to take care of our health ourselves by means of high doses of vitamins and essential fats and amino acids (proteins) should be protected. These nutritional supplements should be left out of the prescription limit. They should be available without prescription "over the counter" much like aspirin. After all we know about these as much as the "doctors" know ---if not more. Why should we be forced to go to a doctor and give him fee to get a prescription of these food supplements? We should fight for our this right to take our own nutritional supplements without having to go to any doctor. There is  the World Self Medication Industry, France: ,   (France)
Web sites where a list of non-prescription medicines in different countries is available:
Please stay in touch.
Will you like to attend our annual conference. We are the Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists.
Regards to you.
Ratan Singh
Certificate in Food & Nutrition;
M.A. (Psychol), Postgraduate Diploma in Medical & Social Psychology, Ph.D.;
Certified Behavior Therapist (from late Prof. J. Wolpe's Unit, Temple University Medical School, Philadelphia, USA);
Hypnotist, Biofeedback and Meditation Therapist.
Family, Marital and Sex Therapist.
->Consultant Nutritional & Clinical Psychologist in Jaipur Hospital, India.,



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