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Mr. Chairman, 

I am presenting to the Standing Committee, the estimates of receipt and income and expenditure pertaining to the Budgets A, B and G for the financial year 2006-07 in pursuance of the provisions of Sections 125 and 126E of M.M.C. Act 1888. It is my great pleasure to present the Budget Estimates of Brihanmumbai Mahanagarpalika for the second time during my tenure as the Municipal Commissioner. 

2. The proposed budget for the year 2006-07 has the distinction of being the first outcome-based budget for Mumbai, which not merely indicates the outlays for various sectors, but also spells out the corresponding targeted outcomes, along with definite time-lines. In keeping with the directives of the Govt. of India regarding public disclosure, outlays, outcomes and the time-lines are proposed to be published in the media and on the MCGM website, as soon as the budget is finally approved and thereafter at the end of every quarter, the achievements in the form of expenditure and the physical outcomes, along with the reasons for short falls, if any, in the performance, will be made public so as to have greater transparency in the finances and operations of the Corporation. I hope that this kind of transparency would foster a greater sense of accountability within the organization. 

3. At the outset, I would like to submit, on a note of satisfaction, that the financial position of MCGM has gained further stability as a result of the continued emphasis on economy and revenue enhancing measures with the result that the net revenue income of A, B, E & G Budgets, which was Rs.5510.49 crores for 2004-05 and Rs.5937.90 crores in the Revised Estimates of 2005-06, is estimated at Rs.6715.55 crores for 2006-07, showing an impressive increase of Rs.777.65 crores as compared to the year 2005-06. 

4. The abstracts of the revenue account and the capital account under the Budgets A, B, E & G are given below and the details thereof are given in the Annexures I to XVI on pages 81-103. 

Click here (pdf) to read the whole MCGM Budget 2006-2007 by Mumbai Municipal Commissioner Mr. Johny Joesph, 
Date: 21st Feb.2006. 

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