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Nonprofit organisations involved with Women: Q - Z

Rajasthani Mahila Mandal
12, Krantiveer Vasant Naik Marg
Cross Lane 
Opp. Sai Baba Nagar
Gowalia Tank
Mumbai 400036
Karmayogi: Ms. Lata Modi
Tel: 23801353, 23861332
Category: Women
Notes: Established on 1965, caters to children women and the elderly. Runs two primary municipal aided schools and mahila grah udyog which facilitates women's employment.

Rajachana Krida Shikshan Prasarak Mandal
At/ PO: Akallkot
Solapur - 411009
Karmayogi: Mr Sadashiv Rao S Shalke Chairman. 
Tel: 021760020
Fax: x
Email: x
Notes: To provide training to rural women for self employment. To undertake watershed development and management programmes. To work for the overall development of children and crafts people.

Rajarambapu Jnana Probhodini
Sahakar Bhavan
Uran Islampur
Karmayogi: Shri S D Patil 
Tel: 95233 2222668
Fax: x
Email: x
Notes: To undertake activities for the development of agriculture. To undertake agricultural intensification programmes. To spread awareness and unity among the agricultural labourers. To promote research and to provide training in the filed of agriculture. To encourage the use of modern technology in the filed of agriculture. To work for the overall welfare of women and children.

Rambahu Mhalgi Prabodhini
Canchal Smirti Building
G D Ambedkar Road
Mumbai - 400031
Karmayogi: Mr. Vinay Sahasra Budhe
Tel: 24136966
Fax: 24156725
Notes: Training social activist, research in social environment and services, publish book and booklets organize lectures, seminars, aid to authors and journalists.

Rashtriya Apang Kalyan
Near Amravati University
Gate No. 3 Mardi Road
Amravati Camp
Amravati - 444602
Karmayogi: Mr. S V Pokale Secretary, Mr. C V Kaloti
Tel: 95271 2663016, 2662572
Fax: x
Email: x
Notes: To protest against exploitation of children. To work for the eradication of child labour. To work for the overall welfare of women and children.

Regina Pais
Seth Motishah Road
Opp Byculla Police Station
Mumbai - 400027
Karmayogi: Ms. Maragaret Sister In Charge (Hostel)
Tel: 23725311
Fax: x
Email: x
Notes: Offers decent residential accommodation to working women. Breakfast and dinner are provided.

Research Centre For Women’s Studies
Sir Vithaldas Vidyavihar
Juhu Campus
Juhu road
Mumbai - 400049
Karmayogi: Dr. Veena Poonacha
Tel: 26610751
Fax: x
Notes: The center pioneers the development of women’s studies in India. It promotes development of teaching, research, extension and documentation on women’s issues. It examines the status of women in society and generates awareness in society about them. It publishes reports and articles and organizes mass campaigns.

Research And Support Centre For Development
RH IV –C4 Sector 9
C.B.D. – Belapur
Navi Mumbai - 400614
Karmayogi: Mr. Rajesh Kuruvilla
Fax: x
Notes: MISSION: Formation of network bodies of development agencies, actors and committed people who believe in the potential of the marginalized and enable them to become actors of their own development. VISION : A society in which equal and appropriate opportunities are available to the marginalized, mainly tribal, dalits and women, enabling them to be partners in building up this nation and exercise their rights in equality, justice and freedom.

Rashtriya Mahila Milan
Ramon House
H T Parekh Marg
169, Backbay Reclamation
Mumbai 400020
Tel: 22820282, 22836255
Category: Women

Shri Vile Parle Seva Samaj
Zaveri Building 
Opp. Railyway Station
Vallabhbai Road
Vile Parle (E)
Mumbai 400056
Tel: 26142445, 26142516
Category: Women

Special Home for Juvenile Girls
Special Rehabilitaion Centre
C/O Kasturba Mahila Vasatigruha
Sion Trombay 
Mumbai 400088
Tel: 25581715
Category: Women

Stree Adhar Kendra
Chandryk Hsg. Society
Swastik Park 
Tel: 25231428
Category: Women

Saathi (Mumbai)
Agripada Municipal School
Opp. YMCA Swimming Pool
Farooque Umarbhouy Lane
Mumbai Central (E)
Mumbai - 400011
Karmayogi: Ms. Roshni Nair 
Tel: 23009117
Fax: x
Notes: Saathi is a registered development agency (since 1997) working primarily wit Youth living on the streets and education, runaway adolesscent girls and the various issues that are a part of their struggles. Issues of health, vocational training and psycho-social support are addressed as a part of these projects. Saathi also works with interventions with a local pavement community in Mumbai especially in bringing education and vocational alternatives to the girl children.

Sadhana Village
1, Priyankit
Lokmanya Colony, Paud road
Pune - 411038
Karmayogis Mr. Vasant Deshpande
Tel: 020 5380792
Fax: x
Notes: Sadhvill aims to integrate the life of the mentally challenged adults with developmental activities of a rural community of around 3000 families. The activities are mostly women and child based in the filed of economy, social, education and culture. It also provides counseling services to patients and their families.

College of social work
Nirmala Niketan
38, New Marine Lines
Mumbai - 400020
Karmayogi: Ms. Vijayshree iyengar
Tel: 22075849
Fax: x
Email x:
Notes: Sakhya is a women’s guidance cell established for women in distress. It conducts awareness programmes on family life, education and gender sensitization and provides legal aid on marital aspects through its lawyers. SAKHYA fights the dowry system. It works as a guidance cell and performs functions firstly to educate and mobilize people and groups against the evils of dowry. It helps dowry victims by providing them legal, psychological and vocational assistance.

Women’s Studies Centre
Dept. of sociology
University of Pune
Pune - 411007
Karmayogi: Ms. Vaishali Diwakar
Tel: x
Fax: x
Notes: Samvaad is a group of students and women’s studies center, department of sociology involved in consciousness raising among college and university students. It is mainly involved in raising the gender issues. It is a self-funded group of people working on the voluntary basis.

Save The Children
Behind Suyog Balwadi
Next to bldg. No. 10, Road No. 7
MHB Colony, Khere Nagar
Bandra (E)
Mumbai - 400051
Karmayogi: Mrs. Vipula Kadri (National Director)
Tel: 26580071
Fax: x
Notes: Save The Children India is a non-profit organization and works for the empowerment of underprivileged, women and children, since 1988. For the two years our main focus has been on the realisation of particularly children’s rights, particularly the fight against trafficking of children into the commercial sex trade.

B- 10 Sun-N-Sea 25
J. P Road
Andheri (W)
Mumbai 400061
Karmayogi: Dr. Mira Savara
Category: Women
Notes: Involved  in research and training on many issues of women's studies including health and employment

Shanti Bhavan
Karnik road
Kalyan (W)
Thaqne - 421301
Karmayogi: Sister Stella
Tel: 95251 2318631
Fax: x
Email x :
Notes: Runs a home for the destitute aged which includes boarding, lodging, medical care ad burial (when expired). No invalids or sick persons taken.

Shanti Dhan
Home For Sick & Dying Destitute
Missionaries of Cahrity
Goria Road
Borivili *W)
Mumbai - 400092
Karmayogi: Brother-In-Charge 
Tel: x
Fax: x
Email: x
Notes: For the dying destitutes of any caste and creed, who are on the street, abandoned destitute who cannot approach any other private or public hospital or institution. Loved and served till the last and prepared for their end. Capacity 350.

Shanti Niketan Bhagini
Behind Guru Kripa bldg
Father Wadi
Vasai (E)
Mumbai - 401205
Tel: x
Fax: x
Email x:
Notes: Two separate houses one for men and the other for women. Can accommodate 30 men and 35 women.

Shelter Associates
A/17, Saras Nagar
Siddhi Vinayak Society
Pune - 411002
Karmayogis Ms. Pratima Joshi (Dir)
Tel: 020 24440363
Fax: x
Notes: The organization aims to organize the poor communities in Pune slums, especially women. It encourages them to come together and develop abilities to gain legitimate access to land, housing and basic infrastructure.

Shepherd Widow’s Home
Shepherd road
Off Clare road
Mumbai - 400008
Karmayogi: Ms. Kamal Donde
Tel: 23088726
Fax: x
Email x:
Notes: Provides free boarding, lodging and medical care to destitutes aged women. Some handicraft work as therapy.

Shree Jain Mahila Samaj
Kapadia Bhawan  2 Cross Road
Marine Drive
Mumbai 400002
Category: Women
Notes: Formed for the upliftment and advancement of women projects give women basic knowledge of social work and current issues such as environmental pollution, drug abuse and AIDS. Prepares women with skills for volunteering.

Shree Gajanan Trust
Mother and Child Care Clinic
Plot No. 115
Middleclass High society
Near Telephone Exchange
Panvel - 410206
Karmayogi: Dr. Abhay Shete (Dir)
Tel: 27464349 / 29464649
Fax: x
Email x:
Notes: Indian population has crossed one billion and it is exploding. There is an urgent need to regulate this population explosion. All our resources are limited an dwill not be enough for the over growing population. We are witnessing increase in crime, poverty and unemployment. All the sectors are effected by this growth. The TRUST believes that working for controlling the population will help the world and India.

Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad
3 Kamal Apt. 149- 150
S.V Road
Bandra (W)
Mumbai 400050
Karmayogi: Ms. Jyoti Naik
Category: Women
Notes: Provides employment to financially deprived women and empowers them to become independent and self sufficient

Shepherd Widow's Home
The Shepherd Road,
Mumbai – 400 008
Karmayogi:  Ms. Kamal Daunde, Superintendent
Tel: 2308 8726
Email: No
Category: Women
Notes: Rehabilitation of 31 widows over 60 years of age

Stree Bal Shakti
Rock Cliff 2nd Floor
Carter Road
Bandra (W)
Mumbai 400050
Tel: 26516294, 26476225
Category: Women
Notes: Caters to the economically backward women mainly from the slums and red light areas.

Stree Hitwardhini Audyogik Sahakari Santha Ltd.
30 E Ambedkar Nagar
Mumbai 400012
Tel: 24132380
Category: Women
Notes: Creates small business for women and give guidance to them for generating income and become self sufficient. 

Stree Shakti Sadan
A/ 3 Mayank Apartments
Holy Cross Road
I C Colony
Borivali (W)
Mumbai 400013
Karmayogi: Ms. Sushiela Cardozo
Tel: 28927885
Category: Women
Notes: Single women offered legal, medical, social psychological and economic aid by a well meaning and committed group of citizens. Vocational training provide to the women as also credit facilities through local banks.

Sisters Adorers
Marol-Maroshi Road
Andheri (E)
Mumbai - 400059
Karmayogi: Sr. superior
Tel: 29325122 
Fax: x
Email x:
Notes: Hostel for women offering boarding and lodging. Also includes a vocational training center for boys and girls. Sessions are held in which experts are invited. Medium of instruction is English and hindi. Capacity of the institution is restricted to 50 with awaiting list for admission. Duration of stay three years maximum.

SNDT Women’s University
Board of College and University Development
1 Nathibai thackersey Road
New Marine Lines
Mumbai - 400020
Karmayogis Ms. Harsha Parikh
Tel: 22072484
Fax: x
Notes: SNDT Women’s University is committed to the cuase of women’s empowerment through access to education, paeticularly higher education, through relevant courses in the formal and non-formal streams. Further SNDT is committed to provide a wide range of professional and vocational courses for women to meet the changing sociuo-economic needs, with human values and purposeful social responsibility and to achieve excellence with ‘Quality in every Activity’.

Social Awareness Programme And Legal literacy Programme
Mahila Dakshata Samiti
Gala No. 56, Under Keshav Sut Bridge
Dadar (W)
Mumbai - 400028
Karmayogi: Ms. Sudha Kulkarni
Tel: x
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: The project mainly aims at empowering the women in distress by making them aware of their social legal and political rights through lectures, demonstrations on various aspects of life such as consumerism, health, legal literacy etc. Family counseling centers have also been established to achieve this. It also aims to elevate that status of women in the society and their respective families. Educate them on social, legal and political issues and rights.

Social Service Branch-Crime Branch
Social Service Branch
Counselling Cell – Crime Branch
Crawford Market
Nr. Office of the Commissioner of Police
L T Road
Mumbai - 400001
Karmayogi: Mr. A B Deshpande Senior Inspector
Tel: 22622775
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: Help couples having family disputes and sort out the difference between them amicably. Conduct an inquiry into complaints given by women to see if they are being harassed by their in-laws, whether they are being subjected to any torture. If the disputes are not settled through counseling then register a case for legal procedures.
Aims & Objectives : Counselling services offered to couple having mental disputes. Check illegal trafficking of women.

Social Service League
Damodar Hall Educarional Campus
Parel (East)
Mumbai - 400012
Karmayogi: Mr. Prabhakar Sadhale
Tel: 24165636
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: Collection and study of social facts, discussions of social theories and social problems with a view to forming public opinion on questions of social service. The pursuit of social service generally, and specially with a view to ameliorate the physical, moral, mental and economic conditions of the people.

Society For Human And Environment Development – Shed
Opp. St. Mary’s High School
Church Street Kalina
Santacruz East
Mumbai - 400029
Karmayogi: Sqn. Ldr Mohanrao Kodkany
Tel: 26665782
Fax: x
Notes: Shed works to form a just, participatory, self-reliant and sustainable society, where people from the socially and economically backward communities, especially tribals and women, will have the right and freedom to decide, plan and lead a life of their own choice without fear or thereat and be equal partners in all spheres of their development.
Society For Service To Voluntary Agencies, Pune

Shardaram Park, 
A Wing, 3rd Floor, Near Jehangir Nursing Home
Pune - 411001
Karmayogi: Mr. Vardachari Srinivasan
Tel: 020 622555, 621287
Fax: x
Notes: The objectives of SOSVA are to promote new and existing voluntary agencies to improve and expand their activities targeted at the welfare of the community. It provides financial and infrastructural guidance to such agencies.

Society Of All Lady Of Piety
49, Girgaum Road
J Shankar Seth Road
Mumbai - 400022
Karmayogi: Mr. Dereck Lobo President
Tel: 22054922
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: a charitable institution for the relief of the poor and asylum for the aged. Free boarding activities for aged destitute. Admitted after due investigation. Other deserving cases adopted only for monthly dole. Capacity 22 inmates.

St. Anthony’s Home For The Aged
51 Chapel Road
near Mt. Carmel church
Bandra (W)
Mumbai - 400050
Karmayogi: Sister Superior – Ms. Anjula
Tel: 26424046
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: shelter and care for aged women including medical attention. Capacity 50. Local parishioners provide recreation by way of housie, music, etc. at certain times.

Strangers Friend Society Aai
115 Love lane
(Seth Motishah lane)
Mumbai - 400010
Karmayogi: Superintendent
Tel: x
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: Shelter and medical care for destitute aged women and men. Preference given to Anglo-Indian men. The services of Stranger’s Home are suspended until the ‘new’ home is built and occupied.

Lokmanya Nagar Compound
Kakasaheb Gadgil Marg
Mumbai - 400025
Karmayogi: Dr. Vijaya Taskar, Ms. Shanta Singh
Tel: 24220565
Fax: x
Notes: It assists women to lead healthy life, educates women about family planning, supplies nutritious food to children below 6 years, pregnant and lactating mothers, vocational training program, afternoon clinic for women and children and makes provision for sterilization and MTP

Sukhshanti Mankhurd Sopan
Sion_Trombay Road
Mumbai 400088
Tel: 25519596
Category: Women
Notes: Shelter for poor and needy women.

Support the Rehabilitation Effort
16/ A Adarsh Apartment
Golibar Road
Santacruz (E)
Mumbai 400055
Tel: 26652904, 26653045
Category: Women
Notes: Works of the socio economic rehabilitation of cured leprosy patients, the physically handicapped and helpless women in economic distress. Training is given and work is made available either on a full time or a part time basis. conducts literacy programmes.  

Support Unemployed and Needy 
602 Beacon
Ramkrishna Mission Road
Santacruz (W)
Mumbai 400054
Tel: 26498586, 26600861
Email: , 
Category: Women
Notes: Procures employment for the low income group and also imparts training to tribal girls.

Keshav Gore Smarak Nidhi
Aarey Road
Goregaon (W)
Mumbai 400090
Karmayogi: Ms. Mrinal Gore
Tel: 28720638
Fax: 28768934
Category: Women
Notes: Provides support to women victims of harassment a work, in homes etc. and participates in protest actions organised by women's groups in Bombay

S W K Mahila Mandal
Savla Auditorium
Behind Rationing Office
Mumbai 400019
Tel: 24096724
Category: Women
Notes: Women work towards improving the lives of their less fortune counterparts and their support extents to the children too. Organises literacy drives.

The Puppet
Gopinath NGR, Bldg No. 2
Block 25, Near Gandhi Nagar
Pune - 411029
Karmayogi: Mr. Hemant Kanitkar
Tel: x
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: To protest against exploitation of children. To work for the eradication of child labour. To formulate a legal framework for protecting children’s rights and to raise awareness on children’s rights.

The Salvation Army- Indian Western Territory
80, Shaikh Hafisudin Marg
P. O Box 4510
Mumbai – 400008
Karmayogi: Ms. Sheetal A Bhosle, Programme Organiser - HIV/AIDS 
Tel: 2309 3566, 23084705
Fax: 23099245
Category: Support Groups
Email: ,
Notes: Other Social services are: Homes & Hostels for Girl's in Mumbai, Home for Blind Working Men's Hostel, Hostels for Working Men in Mumbai, Transit Hostel, "Free Feeding" Programme for poor. A confidential HIV testing and Aids Counselling Centre, An HIV/AIDS project which provides pretest counselling testing and post test activities and medical care for HIV infected patients. Also conducts community based visits.
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Vikas Shikshan Sansthan
‘Shivkrupa Nivas’
2682 -, Vishal Nagar
Behind Ushakiran Theatre
Nialnga Tehsil
Latur - 413531
Karmayogi: Mr. Onkar Birajdar Secretary
Tel: 02382 21406
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: GVSS Latur works for sustainable integrated rural development of scheduled castes and tribal communities and other backwards classes. To administer socio-economic development programmes for women. To promote income-generation activities and watershed development. To work for eradication of child labor.

Women Graduates Union
Near Colaba Bus station
Mumbai 400005
Karmayogi : Ms. Delia Fernandes
Tel: 22165403, 22160218
Category: Women 
Notes: Provides hostel facility for working women

Women's Welfare Society 
A /17 Shreyas colony 
Arey Road
Mumbai 400063
Category: Women
Notes: Runs employment bureau for women domestic workers. 

Yashasvini Foundation
1 Vijay Villa Plot 7
Sector 4 Shree Nagar
Thane (W)
Thane 400064
Karmayogi: Mr. Vijay Sawant, Secretary
Tel: 25825495, 25805877
Category: Women
Notes: Works for rural development, sanitation, women's health and empowerment

Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)
(Head Office)
75 Motibai Street
Mumbai – 400 008
Karmayogi:  General Secretary/Admin. Secretary
Tel: 2309 6544/55
Category: Women & Children
Notes: Development of Women & Children, Other projects are: YWCA-Women's development unit, YMCA –Vocational Training Institute, YWCA-Institute of Banking & nutrition, YWCA-Achamma Bhavan Hostel.

Young Women's  Hostel
Concord House
Moriand Road
Mumbai – 400 008
Karmayogi:  Major Sasikala Wanjare, Officer – In – Charge
Category: Women
Notes: Hostel (only for University Students, Admission – April, May & June)

Yuva Gram Vikas Mandal
Dharur Road
At /Post Tq. Kaij
Beed - 431123
Karmayogi: Mr. Hanumant Deshmukh
Tel: 02445 52134
Fax: x
Email: x
Notes: To work for the socio-economic empowerment of women, children small and marginal farmers.

Yuva Janiv
Dr. Panjabrao Desh Mukh Colony
Amravati - 444604
Karmayogi: Mr. Ravi H Deshmukh President
Tel: 0721 75633, 661522
Fax: x
Email x
Notes: To provide sanitation activities in rural areas and try to solve problems of youth like unemployment. To start literacy programmes for the poor and crate an awareness among people about environment. To provide education for women and children in rural areas and set up vocational training programmes.

Yuvathi Sharan
P. Balu Marg
Prabhadevi, Opp. Tata Press
Mumbai - 400025
Karmayogi: Sister Lucia Fernandez
Tel: 24229054 / 24370374
Fax: x
Notes: Residential accommodation with breakfast and dinner. Capacity 92 girls.

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