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Make-A-Wish Foundation
Resources in terms of money, seeds, saplings, implements, equipments, display material, etc.
Volunteers to work, organize, interact with people, write and talk on the work and concept of the organization.
Voluntary professional services in landscaping, botanical services, water management, conservation of bio diversity, etc.
Contact Mr. Punam Singavi, President, 33991890 / 25474119
We are looking for someone who could teach computer for our school children. S.Manoharan - mobile 3357 7517. Immediate Past President, Rotary Club of Navi Mumbai,
Blood Card Bank Scheme

When one donates blood, one gets a Blood card. This card is often unutilised (and this leaves scope for malpractice). On the other hand, when one needs blood in an emergency, it is often difficult to get it.

blood donors can list their details viz.
donor name / location - work and home / phone number / email / blood group / quantity of bottles available.

These details except email id will be displayed on the site. Those needing blood can directly contact them.

Please send the following:
- your details if you have access to blood donor cards
- details of other sources of cards
- details of organisers of blood donation drives
- details of blood banks
- details of pertinent websites
- details of regular needy groups
Centre for Environmental Research and Education

What we need right now urgently is someone who will work on our internet documentation - a committed person. I'll explain about the project so that you get some idea on what we mean by documentation - we are embarking on this Project which documents the Successful Models of Environmental Education in India. Here we are looking for actual models of environmental education in action - that means we want schools to be grounds of sustainability - we want to document schools where children live sustainably   
i.e they don't talk about saving the earth but do things in their lives that will lead to saving the earth. Right now the environmental education practices are all wrong - we go on making them read text books on what is wrong with the earth and all that rubbish but no where are we training them on living sustainably and knowing how to do that. So we need to document that but before we do that we need to take as much material as possible from the net on where we can locate these practices ( if there are any) in India ( mainly from the net and newspaper archives etc) and then we need to get those assessed by experts and later we will visit those institutions and document the material and convert it into a Teachers' Manual.
By documentation what needs to be done is simple - I will give certain guidelines to the person assisting me - the person then has to go online and look under the headings that I have outlined and then compile all that material under various headings into one file.
Later that person will be given certain notes and hard copies of documents and will have to type out relevant portions on the computer and he/she should scan the photographs and insert those also in the relevant places.( This will come in much later)
If there are any more queries please do ask -  Regards Katy
p.s if there is anyone who wants  to work on an envelope recycling project with municipal children please do tell us ( only has to come in once a week for a couple of hours - thats all - and its an interesting project )
NGO name: Mercy Corps - Global Envision

Type of Volunteer Opportunity: Writing

Description of Volunteer Opportunity: Global Envision is looking for experienced writers throughout the world to write articles on a volunteer basis about various poverty alleviation issues, including topics such as microfinance, grassroots economic development, success stories in the developing world, field diaries, etc. Examples can be viewed at   

Qualifications / Skills needed: We are looking for individuals who have some writing experience and knowledge of development issues and international affairs. We especially welcome contributions from those in developing nations with experience working with microfinance or development, or from people who have experience working on poverty alleviation projects in the developing world.   

How a volunteer will  benefit: Writing exposure, possible training, gain knowledge on globalization and issues concerning the world economy.  

Do you provide volunteer training?: yes

Time commitment needed: 1-2 Hours

How long will this assignment be?: Ongoing  
Number of volunteers needed?: Multiple  

contact: Ms. Amy English 
Governance, Policy, and Advocacy

Ashoka-Law For All Initiative (LFAI)
Location: Mumbai, MH

Ashoka: Innovators for the Public is an international non-profit organization that is building the profession of social entrepreneurship. Ashoka works in 48 countries and invests in social innovators and their new ideas. Launched in India in Dec 2003, the Ashoka-Law For All Initiative (LFAI) seeks to spread the collective learning and innovations of the Ashoka community to ensure that historically marginalized populations have equal access to legal recourse. LFAI's mission is to discern the patterns of both social need and global solutions, and leverage the collective work and experience of Ashoka fellows to spread this knowledge to practitioners in the human rights field.

Project: Ashoka seeks volunteers to get involved with the implementation of LFAI's mission in the greater Mumbai region. Volunteers will assist the director of LFAI in a variety of areas including: conducting field visits and collecting relevant data pertaining to the field of human rights; documentation and report writing; organizing, preparing and participating in Fellow meetings, seminars and workshops on human rights; preparing information material on LFAI in the form of brochures, documents, publications and an Internet website.

Special Requirements: Strong oral and written English communication skills; Interest in law and human rights; willing to travel to urban and rural areas. Knowledge of Hindi and/or other Indian regional languages advantageous.

Time Length: 2- 6months.

Contact: Ms.Ruchika Bahl, Director:; or Mr. Venkatesh Raghavendra, Director, South Asia Partnerships:

The Education Audiology and Research Centre (EAR) was established in 1963 in association with the Commonwealth Society for the Deaf in London, England. EAR runs an Infant Centre with an audiology unit, and uses the "Auditory Verbal" method of teaching. EAR also supports several hearing impaired children in special schools, and has supportive and remedial teaching activities.

Project: EAR is seeking a pediatric audiologist to help start a NewbornHearing Screening program at a maternity hospital in Mumbai. He/she would have to train individuals to do the testing, interpret the results, document the findings and give detailed reports. The audiologist will also assist in the audiological management of EARs hearing impaired children. The padeo audiologist would also assist the EAR school audiologist in Audiological management of the Hearing Impaired children at the EAR Centre, to ensure they have the best possible hearing aids to match their hearing loss. EAR would welcome having the volunteer also conduct a workshop for our teachers on Neonatal Hearing Screning and Fitting of hearing aids.

Special Requirements: Padeo Audiologist

Time Length: 3 months

Contact: Pervin Mehta:

Saathi main focus is on adolescent street youth and runaway girls, aged 14-22. It addresses marginalized populations and children through advocacy and intervention, and is involved with the environment as it relates to
community development. Direct intervention is done through center activities and outreach efforts to street youth and runaway girls, and through a program run with a local pavement community.

Project: Micro-Credit Program Development: Saathi seeks a volunteer to research and possibly develop a micro-credit program for its rural and urban communities. The volunteer would first work with Saathi's Mumbai team to understand the target populations, and Saathi's work ethos and approach. The project would involve developing a rollout plan to raise
awareness and participation of rural communities in investment programs, and developing financial/accounting systems to facilitate communities' participation. The project would involve some travel to Nilambur, Kerala, to understand the rural community part of Project Nilambur.

Special Requirements: Strong administrative/organizational skills; Background in finance, business, or accounting helpful, knowledge of Hindi a plus.

Time Length: 3-6 months+

Contact: Valerie Tripp at:

The Welfare Of Stray Dogs (WSD)

Type of Opportunity: on site first-aid programme, education & awareness,walking dogs at kennels,fund-raising, special projects

Location: Mahalakshmi (Saat Rasta) OR in the area where you reside

Description of Opportunity: Different opportunities as per the activity you want to help in and the time you have. They include
1) Dog Care- On site first-aid, kennels and help in tansporting dogs.
2) Fund Raising
3) Education and Awareness progrrame : Slide presentations in schools etc, Chart presentations in slums
4) Adoption programme
5) Special projects

End - result : Achieve 100 % sterilization of stray dogs, healthy stray dog population, awareness about rabies and dog -bite prevention , increased adoption of abandoned pets and pariahs that require a home.

Description of Responsibility:
- make slide and chart presentations
- on site first aid
-help out at the kennels
-help out in fund raising
-help out in WSD's adoption programme

Qualifications needed:
-passionate about animals/strays

How will a volunteer benefit: Satisfaction in helping strays as well as humans through a healthy stray dog population and reduction of rabies.

Do you provide volunteer training?: yes

Time commitment needed: depends on the activity the volunteer will want to help out in

How long will this assignment be?: ongoing

Number of volunteers needed?: as many as possible

Contact: Abodh Aras 23733433 (10:00 to 6:00 pm)

Tata Memorial Centre needs volunteers who can work 6 hours a month Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., and those who are bilingual. Volunteer opportunities are varied and include assignments in key patient areas. Volunteers help escort patients, deliver flowers, staff the library, and act as couriers. Former patients also have the opportunity to work with individuals who are currently undergoing treatment through the Patient-to-Patient Program. Volunteers serve in such areas as the Admissions Center, the Evelyn H. Lauder Breast Center, the Surgical Day Hospital, Pediatrics, and Outpatient Registration. Read
Pledge your weekend to the pin wheel campaign of CRY- Child Relief and You!!! starting now until children's day(nov 14th)...we need your help at retail outlets all throughout mumbai...on all saturdays and sundays (4pm to 8pm). you just need to do the campaign in these spread the word about child rights. contact sneha shenoi(ph - 9819469975) or usha iyer(ph - 9892628420, evenings only) or lakshmi iyer (98215 27387) Website:
A Balwadi at Saki Naka Pipeline Slumi s run by Rotary Bombay Bandra. Gents and ladies who can spend just One Teaching Hour in a Month are needed. Other than taking one class of one hour in a month, nothing extra is demanded. Teaching Aids like blackboards, chalks, etc., and Furniture like floor mats, etc., would further aid the running of the classes. Contact: Ms. Asha, 98200 64000 or email .
You can be a doctor, have a social work background, knows computers, can manage a website, data entry or any experience to manage the health of the communities adopted by Niramaya Health Foundation, Nana Chowk,. You just have to be motivated and committed to work in the health field. Tel: 3851542, 3851423, 3851405. Email: or see
Gaurang Damani (32758196) is organising a fund raiser for CRYwith his friends. A musical entertainment programme on 7th August (6:30 - 10:30 pm) at Shanmukhananda Hall. It will feature "Amrut Lata" by Shri Ashok Hande ("Awaaz ki Duniya" fame). He has done over 1100 shows and has several awards including from Shri Vajpayee. He has performed in USA, UK, Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, UAE, etc. Awards include Best Music Director, "Best Float of Nation" and "Natya Darpan". Call Lakshmi, CRY, 98215 27387, email see
How can u participate?
- by selling tickets
- by buying tickets
- by getting sponsors
- by helping on the day of the event
- doing PR for the event (anywhere that will help increase ticket sales)
we need volunteers or voluntary support to carry on our activites.

Save Bombay Committee, a public trust and NGO set up in 1973 is involved in issues of the environment protection, natural resource consservation, urban planning and development, waste management, transport, gender equality, sustainable alternatives to govt official projects that exclude the poor, balanced regional development etc.

PAKRUTI also a public trust and NGO set up in 1988 promots natural living and sustainable agriculture, takes campaigns, farm visits, conferences to promote organic cultivation of food and fibre as well as provides links at regional basis between farmers and consumers. Our volunteers run organic food distribution programmes in Mumbai and neighbouring areas.

We have received in the past volunteers from India and foreign countries in both organisations. We give them specific assignments that they complete in their period of stay of 3 to 6 months.

We need volunteers to help us to promote current activities as well as conduct similar activities in new centres in cooperation with us. We appreciate your support. Best wishes

Kisan Mehta President
Priya Salvi Hon Project Coordinator
Kajiv Bhatt Hon Gen Secretary
Save Bombay Committee and Prakruti
620 Jame Jamshed Road, 4th Floor,
Dadar East,
Mumbai 400014
Tel: 00 91 22 2414 9688
To teach computers, yoga to the children as well as staff for . Slum Rehabilitation Society
contact: Adolf Tragler Director
50 Volunteers needed for the Mumbai's Largest Diwali Party
Publicity needed by HELP (Health Education Library for People).

Description of Responsibility: Create awareness.Help patients to get the best medical care by ensuring they get the right medical information. We need volunteers to create more awareness about the free services we provide to patients, so that more people can make use of our services. This can be done via email and from home.

Qualifications / Skills needed: Have good PR skills

Time commitment needed: 1 hour
Length of assignment: Ongoing
Number of volunteers needed: 10

Contact: Dr Aniruddha Malpani,
phone : 22151065 (12 noon - 8 pm),

NGO: CERE - Centre For Environmental Research and Education

Volunteer Opportunity: web development, fund raising, internet research

It can be done via email, from home or our office at Nana Chowk. Responsibility will be explained in detail on meeting. We need a person who cares for the environment; basic skills needed for any of the three above mentioned topics. The volunteer will benefit by learning about the work involved in environmental research and education. In the next decade, more job opportunities will be about environmental issues therefore this person will become trained in that. Time commitment needed is minimum 3 hours daily. The assignment will be minimum for a year. Number of volunteers needed: 3 to 4.

Contact: Dr. Rashneh N. Pardiwala; phone: 23811581 (9am - 5 pm); email:

Beauforts, near Akbarallys at Fountain has offered shop space free of cost to sell items and let proceeds go to animal welfare groups. The shop operates on a thrift shop principle - people donate items which are priced lower than the market rate and the proceeds go to charity.

Here's how you can help:
1. donate or ask people to donate gently used/new items. Anything usable is welcome.
2. help to collect items from people who are unable to deliver.
3. offer to store some items in your home/office.
4. publicise the shop by copying this and sending it to people or printout and put on public bulletin boards.

For details about volunteering or donating things call Lyla at 9821733529 or email her at
DO NOT drop items directly at Beauforts. It's only a point of sale. Thanks

support group for cancer patients at Breach Candy Hospital by Cancer Patients Aid Assoc.

We will be starting a support group for cancer patients and those bereaved by cancer at Breach Candy hospital very soon every Saturday afternoon. We are looking for volunteers. Cancer Patients Aid Association, Mahalaxmi, ,

Shubha Maudgal, Phone: 24924000, 24928775 Fax: 24973599

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth." --Mohammed Ali