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Get involved in YOUR city and locality - Improve Your World
Get involved in YOUR city and locality 
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If you are a Trust: please email us
- your full contact details (address, phone, fax, email, website; names of 2 trustees)
- areas of focus (e.g. medical)
- yearly donation amounts (in Rs. lakhs)
- top 3 organisations supported by you
- who can apply (e.g. individuals, NGOs)
- restrictions, if any (e.g. only for Patan Jains; not for operating expenses; only for Mumbai)
- a profile

To receive useful requests, please inform about the following to add as your Donor's Profile
Do you accept new funding requests?
Which causes do/will you fund? A sample list is on the right.
How can you fund e.g. advertising e.g. in souveniers, donations to general corpus, prizes e.g. outstanding student, sponsoring events / surveys / research, purchase of products e.g. watercoolers, new constructions e.g. new playroom?
What visibility level do you seek e.g.anonymous, regular mention, name on product, joint name in project?
How involved do you want to be with the organisation e.g. none i.e. only on their mailing list, casual e.g. periodic personal meetnly on their mailing list, casual e.g. periodic personal meetings, a little e.g. as a support resource, a lot e.g. being a trustee?
What is your corpus amount e.g. within Rs. 1 crore, 1-5 cr, 5-10 cr, more than 10 cr.?
What is your yearly total donation amount e.g. within Rs. 5 lakhs, 10, 25, 50 lakhs, 1 cr, more?
If you have a prescribed application format, please email it to us. Else is an appeal letter, annual report, and personal visit enough?
Which cause have you donated theou donated the largest amount to and how much?

Sindhi Trusts

Aadhaar : Home for senior citizens
More Info.

All India Sindhi Association
40, Prem Court,
Pedar Road,
Mumbai - 400026

Anil Radhakishan Gurnani Charitable Trust
16-A Akash Ganga, 89, Bhulabhai Desai Rd., Mumbai 36.
Tel : 3679137, Fax : 3633699

Jashoti Lokoomal & Mulchand Ghanshamdas Charities
More Info.

Bhojra Hasoomal Charitable Trust
Chembur, Mumbai
More Info.

Bhojwani Charities
D/2, Farera Mansion
Shitaladevi Temple Road, Mahim

Chhatlok Poonam Foundation
280, L. T. Marg, Ramchandra Bldg. Mumbai - 2.
Tel : 2080351 / 2083278

Doda Hotchand & Savitri AdvaniCharatable Trust

Deen Bandhu Samaj Trust
210, Pushp Bhavan, Coloba, Mumbai -5.
Tel : 2824893

G.K. Sewani Trust
Mulund Colony, Mumbai

Nawabhai Khimandas Lakhiani Charitable Trust
c/o Arvind Lakhiani
17/4 Navjivan Colony
Mori Road, Mumbai- 400016
Mr. Devkishan Lakhiani (Dada)

Tel : 56662396, 98212 21216
email: [Dada's grand-nephew Sunil Lakhiani
notes: age 84, runs Hari Om Free Clinic
other links:

The IndusInd Foundation
More Info.

Thadhomal Sahani Trust
5A, Court Chambers,
35, Marine Lines,
Mumbai - 400020

Tel: 22009987 / 22007740
Fax: 22003272
profile: x

Watumal Foundation
Delstar, 1st Floor, 9-9 A,
Hughes Road,
Mumbai - 400036

Hargobind Foundation