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72 Parsi Community Charitable Trusts

If you are a Trust: please email us
- your full contact details (address, phone, fax, email, website; names of 2 trustees)
- areas of focus (e.g. medical)
- yearly donation amounts (in Rs. lakhs)
- top 3 organisations supported by you
- who can apply (e.g. individuals, NGOs)
- restrictions, if any (e.g. only for Patan Jains; not for operating expenses; only for Mumbai)
- a profile

To receive useful requests, please inform about the following to add as your Donor's Profile
Do you accept new funding requests?
Which causes do/will you fund? A sample list is on the right.
How can you fund e.g. advertising e.g. in souveniers, donations to general corpus, prizes e.g. outstanding student, sponsoring events / surveys / research, purchase of products e.g. watercoolers, new constructions e.g. new playroom?
What visibility level do you seek e.g.anonymous, regular mention, name on product, joint name in project?
How involved do you want to be with the organisation e.g. none i.e. only on their mailing list, casual e.g. periodic personal meetnly on their mailing list, casual e.g. periodic personal meetings, a little e.g. as a support resource, a lot e.g. being a trustee?
What is your corpus amount e.g. within Rs. 1 crore, 1-5 cr, 5-10 cr, more than 10 cr.?
What is your yearly total donation amount e.g. within Rs. 5 lakhs, 10, 25, 50 lakhs, 1 cr, more?
If you have a prescribed application format, please email it to us. Else is an appeal letter, annual report, and personal visit enough?
Which cause have you donated theou donated the largest amount to and how much?

Godrej Trusts

A. H. Wadia Charitable Trust
Temple Bar Building, 3rd floor
70 Dr. V. B. Gandhi Road
Kala Ghoda,
Mumbai - 400023 
Tel: 22673234
Karmayogi: Mr. A. H. Wadia (Trustee)
Mr. Dandiwala (Secretary) 
Note: The trust donates mostly for medical purposes in addition to occasional educational grants to everybody irrespective of their caste, creed, sex and religion. People seeking help from the trust have to apply with their own application. 

Ardeshir B. Dubash Foundation.
6, Rampat Row,
Fort, Mumbai 400 023

Bai Hamabai Framji Cama Charity Trust
C/O S. R. Watcha
Saher Bldg., 51 - B,
Bhulabhai Desai Road,
Mumbai - 400026

Bai Hilla Rustomji Buhariwala Charity Trust
c/o R N Rustomji Co , Srinivas House,
H. Somani Road, Mumbai - 400 001 

Tel: 22071334
Karmayogi: Mr. C. Kapadia (Manager)

Bai Navajbai Shavakshaw Dubash Charity Trust.
Mahanuk Mansion, 
1st Floor,
170 / A Lamington Road,
Grant Road,
Mumbai 400007
Karmayogi: Merzin Dubash

Bat – Sheva De Rothschild Fund for the Advancement of Science and Technology
Bombay House,
Homi Mody Street 
Bombay 400023 

Tel: 2259131
Fax: x
email: x
profile: x
website: x 

Bhikhiben Shirinbai Charitable Trust
Jupiter Bldg
Near President Hotel 
Cuffe Parade
Mumbai - 400005

Byramjee Foundation.
3rd floor, Queens Chmabers
89 M. karve Road,
Mumbai 400020
Karmayogi: K.P. Byramjee

Cawasji Jahangir Charitable Trust
Ready Money Mansion, 4th floor
Veer Nariman Road 
Mumbai - 400023
Tel: 22043095
Karmayogi: Adi Jehangir (Trustee)

Dhanbai Cawasji Sanatorium Trust
C/o Wadia & Gandhi Co., Solicitors
2nd floor N.M Wadia Bldg., Net to Chicago Radio, 
123 M.g. Road, Mumbai 400 001 
Karmayogi: Dhanbai Cawasji (Trustee)
Mr. Daruwala (Manager)
Note: The trust donates to needy students belonging to the Parsi community and aspiring for higher education abroad by way of scholarships. 

Dinshaw Hormusji & Shirinbhai Dinshaw Mody Charitable Trust
83/A, Dr. Annie Beasant Road,
Worli Naka,
Mumbai- 400018
Tel: 24933703

Dinshaw Jameshedji Bahadurji Charities
C/O Mazda Chemicals, 
97, Bhiwandi Hsg. Soc.,
97, August Kranti Marg,
Cumballa Hill Hospital
Mumbai 400 026

Dr M M Gimi Trust

83, Ali Chambers, 3rd floor
Tamarind Lane
Mumbai - 400 001
Karmayogi: Mrs. M.P.shroff (Trustee)

Elavia Trust
C/O Ms. Perin Jehangir
Jupiter Building, 27th Floor,
Cuffe Parade, Mumbai 400 005
Tel: 22184779, 22185822

F.H.D Sethna
C/O Nadir Modi, Modi Lodge,
Central Bank Bldg., Gamdevi

Framji Pestonji Divecha Charity Trust
c/o Rear Admiral H D Kapadia (Managing Trustee),
161 Silver Arch,
66 Nepean Sea Road, Mumbai - 400 006

Freny Shiawa Mistry Education Trust
c/o Mrs Banoo Mistry, 'Moonlight', 1st floor,
Maharishi Karve Road, Mumbai - 400 001

Homai Dorabji Choksi Trust
B-1, Eden Hall
Dr. Annie Besant Road
Worli, Mumbai - 400018

Hormasjee D Kapadia Trust Fund
C/O Crawford Bailley,
State Bank Bldg., 4th floor
Bank Street
Mumbai- 400023
Tel:  22663713
Karmayogi: Mrs. D.B. Engineer
Note: The Trust does not invite applications asking for donations or funds.

Kerawala Charity Trust
c/o Dr. A S Irani, 
Kerawala Mansion,
Carnac Road, Mumbai - 400 023

Innominate Parsi Charity 
8 Raja Bahadur Bldg. 2nd flooor
Ambalal Doshi Marg
Mumbai 400 023
Karmyogi: Ms. Mistry (Manager)
Note: The trust give donation to deserving students aspiring for higher education in India. It also donates to people with medical needs and gives a monthly maintenance amount of Rs. 100 - 200/- to poor families enlisted with them. The trust mostly donates to people belonging to Parsi community only. The people seeking help from the trust have to apply on their own.

Iranian Zoroastrian Anjuman
Kermani Bldg., 2nd Floor, P.M Road
Mumbai 400 001
Tel: 22040401
Karmayogi: Mr. Aflatoon Khodadad Shokari (Trustee) 
Mr. Pervez Shapur Irani (Trustee)
Mr. Mehrwan Homi Irani (Trustee)
Note: the Trust extends its help to needy members of Zoroastrian community residing in Mumbai, in the following areas:
• Education Aid- Education and training of children and scholarship for higher education; foreign study scholarship.
• Medical Aids- For the purpose of medicine and hospital fees.
• Relief of poverty- Poor members of the community for maintenance and Institutions.
The trust had also donated to Parsi Punchayet Mumbai, Garib jarthosti Rehthan Fund and few other institutions like- The B.D. Petit Parsi General Hospital, The Zoroastrian Student Teacher Association etc.

J A Wadia Charitable Trust
89 Nepean Sea Road,
Mumbai - 400 006

Jagruti Trust
c/o Mr A S Bhatena, Chairman, 6 A Boat Club Road,
Pune - 411 001

Jamshed And Shirin Guzdar Trust
Ground floor, Neville House, 
Currimbhoy Road, Ballard Estate
Mumbai 400 001
Tel: 22613414/15
Karmayogi: Mr. J.N. Guzdar (Chairman and Trustee) 
Note: The trust gives donations and funds to both individuals and NGOs in the area of education and medical.  

Jeejeebhoy Charities
2nd Floor, Ballard house,
Adi Marzaban Path, Ballard Estate
Mumbai – 400038 
Tel: 22618446 
Tele fax: 22616189
Karmayogi: Mr. Rustam N. Jeejeebhoy (Trustee)
                  Mr. M.B. Vakharia (Trustee) 
Note: The trust gives donations on individual basis mostly to Parsis, who are financially weak. 

Jeejeebhoy Dadabhoy Charity Trust
Jeejeebhoy Dadabhoy Agiary,
Pilot Bunder Road,
Colaba, Mumbai - 400005

Katgara Fund

C/O Jeena & Co
Elephinstone Bldg., 1st floor
10, Veer Nariman Rd., Hornimon Circle
Fort, Mumbai- 400001
Tel:  22042032
Karmayogi: Mr. H.M. Khajotia (Manager)
Note:  The Trust donates for all kind of public charitable activities like- education, mid-day meal programmes, medical purposes, removal of poverty etc. it has funded various organizations and hospitals working on these areas like- CRY, Parsi General Hospital etc. It funds 30 or more number of organizations (approx) every year (depending on the availability of funds and income of the trust).

Lotus Trust
Lotus Bldg, 
Near Liberty Cinema,
New Marine Lines, 
Mumbai - 400 020
Tel: 22034279 / 22014523
Note:   Do not invite applications and visitors.

Mancherji Edulji Joshi Memorial Trust
Jesia Bldg., 
Jame Jamshed Road
Parsi Colony
Mumbai 400 014
Karmayogi: Mithoo Jesia

Maneckji And Shirinbai Neterwalla Foundation 
Dai - Ichi Karkaria Pvt. Ltd
Liberty Bldg., Near Liberty Cinema
Sir Vithaldas Thakersey Marg
Mumbai 400 014
Tel: 22017130 
Note:   Do not invite applications and visitors.  

Marshall Charitable Foundation
c/o J.N. Marshall Engg. Pvt. Ltd.
Apeejay Chambers, Ground Floor (behind New Excelsior Theatre) 
5 Wallace Street, 
Fort, Mumbai - 400 001
Tel: 56337425/26
The trust donates for medical reasons, educational scholarships and poverty alleviation programmes to the deserving people irrespective of caste, creed, sex etc.

Mehran Edulji Billimoria Charity Trust 
c/o BE Billimoria & Co, 
Wankhede Stadium, North Stand, 
'D' Road, Churchgate, Mumbai - 400 020

Merwanji D.M. Jeejeebhoy Charity Trust
Neville House, Graham Road
Ballard Estate
Mumbai 400 001
Tel: 22613414 

Minoo & Aloo Polson Charity Trust
C-1 Hermes House, 3rd Floor
Mama Parmanand Marg
(Opera House)
Mumbai 400004
Tel: 23685104
Category: Support

N. M. Petit Charity Fund
UCO Bank Bldg.
355 / 359 D. N. Road, Fort 
Mumbai - 400001 

N.M. Wadia Charities 
N M Wadia Bldg, First floor
123 MG Road, 
Fort, Mumbai - 400 001
Tel: 22674271
Note: The trust is a Public Charitable Trust. It gives donations to deserving individuals as well as organizations irrespective of caste, creed, sex, religion etc. for the following areas/purpose:
• Medication
• Education
• Poverty alleviation
Do not invite applications asking for donations and visitors.

Nanabhoy Jeejeebhoy Charity Trust 

Ballard House, 2nd Floor
Adi Marzaban Path
Fort, Mumbai – 400001 
Tel: 22618446  
Tele fax: 22616189
Karmayogi: Mr. Rustam N. Jeejeebhoy (Trustee)
                   Mr. M.B. Vakharia (Trustee) 
Note: The trust donates to and for the following purposes- 
         Medical reasons- for major operations or treatment e.g. heart operations, those suffering from cancer. But such donations are not given on individual basis. It is given to Cancer Aids Association of Mumbai, which then disburse the funds among deserving patients.
         Educational purposes- provides scholarships to medical students residing in Mumbai for pursuing higher studies in India
         Financial relief- donates on individual basis to people belonging to Parsi community, who are financially weak. 
The trust donates approximately 5-6 lakh rupees every year to people residing in Mumbai only. The maximum limit of an individual donation amounts to Rs. 20,000. The trustees take decision regarding the amount of donation etc. The people seeking donations have to fill an application form prior to further proceedings. 

Netarwala Foundation
Liberty Bldg, New Marine Lines,
Mumbai - 400 020 
Note:   Do not invite applications and visitors. 

Ness Wadia Foundation
Nevielle House
Graham Road
Ballard Estate
Mumbai 400038
Tel: 22618071
Karmayogi: Mr. Nusli Wadia (Trustee) / Mr. Darowala 
Note:  Do not invite applications for donations or visitors.

Neville Wadia Charity Trust
Neville House, 4th floor
Ballard Estate, 
Mumbai - 400 001
Karmayogi: Ms. P.E. Siganporia
Note: Do not invite applications for donations or visitors.

P E Polson Charity Trust
Minoo & Aloo Polson Charity Trust
Hermes House, 
M Parmanand Marg,
Opera House, Mumbai - 400 004
Tel.: 2368 5104
Notes: Also see 

Pallonji Shapurjee Charitable Trust
Pallonji Centre
Near Radio Club
Colaba, Mumbai 400038

Bombay Parsi Punchayet

209, Dr. Dadabhai Naoroji Road,
Fort, Mumbai-400001
Tel:  2262 7421-22-23
       2262 6292, 2270 2755 2264 1702
Fax:  2263 0010
Karmayogi:  Mr. Behram T. Dastur (Chief Executive Officer)
Note: The Trust has seven trustees on its Board. The chairman of the trust at present is Mr. M.R. Shroff. The trust donates and funds activities related to welfare of Parsi community, which are as follows-

  • Educational grants and loans (repayable- at 0% rate of interest) mostly to Parsi students for school based education as well as higher studies.
  • Merit Rating Scheme- giving housing facilities, mostly on rental basis.
  • Funds Parekh Dharamshala For Elderly People, located in Kharegat Colony, Hughes Road.
  • Provides medical facilities to the deserving and needy, e.g. major operations (for heart, lungs etc.) or treatments.
  • Fertility Clinic
  • Poly clinic at Gamadia Colony
  • Lady Hirabai Cowasjee Jehangir Health Centres, Day clinics etc.


Pestonji F Davar Charitable Trust
C/O Bombay Parsi Panchayat Office,
Sir J.J School Bldg.,
209, D.N Road, Mumbai 400 001
Tel: 22617421 

Pirojsha Godrej Foundation
Pirojshanagar, Eastern Express Highway, 
Vikhroli(E), Mumbai 400079
Tel : 25188010 / 20 / 30 
Fax : 25188065 

R A Dubash Charities
Ador House, 3rd Floor
6 K Dubash Marg, 
Near Jehangir Art Gallery, 
Mumbai - 400 023
Note: The trust gives donations to deserving people irrespective of caste, creed, sex and religion for the following pruposes:
• Relief to poor
• Medical relief
• Educational aid
People seeking help from the trust are required to fill an application form, which can be collected from the office of the trust for free. The amount of donations may vary as per individual needs.

R D Sethna Scholarship Fund

Esplanade House, Opp. Bombay Gymkhana,
29, Hazarimal Somani marg,
Mumbai 400 001
Tel: 22070764
Karmayogi- Mr. F.J. Antia (Chief Executive Officer)
Note: The trust has five members on its Board. It is an educational trust and awards Scholarship loans to all students irrespective of caste and creed. It provides repayable loan (at nominal rate of interest of 2%) to students with first class educational career aspiring for higher studies (post graduation level) outside India and also for Post SSC education in India. Following are the few things required by the Trust-

  • A Bombay guarantor
  • The student has to assign to a Life Insurance Policy of an amount equal to that of the loan. The Policy will be reassigned back in the name of the student as soon as the loan is repaid and during that period, it will be the student’s obligation to pay regular premium and keep the policy alive.
  • The student applying for the loan needs to an Indian citizen. The amount loan can be repaid back within a time span of 3-4 years after he/she starts working.
    The trust begins with its activity of inviting applications for taking loans from 10th April and accepts duly filled application forms till 31st May of every year. It charges a nominal sum of Rs. 30/- as the cost of the application form.
    The trust gives loans to 50-70 (approx.) students per year.


209, D.N. ROAD
MUMBAI – 400 001

Ratanbai & Hormusji K. Bhabha Charities

'Sea Foam' 1st Floor
49, Cuffe Parade
Mumbai - 400005
Karmayogi: Mr. C. H. Bhabha

Ratanbai & Jehangir Pardiwalla Charitable Trust
Post Box No. 6955,
Mumbai 400 027
Note: Scholarships/educational assistance provided is available for Parsi/Irani Zoroastrian Students only

S R Bomanji Trust
60, Jatia Chambers, 1st floor
Dr VB Gandhi Marg, Forbes Street,
Near Rhythm House 
Mumbai - 400 023
Tel: 22674489
karmayogi: Mrs. Peroza Patel (trustee)
Note: The trust provides donations to Parsi individuals for medical and educational purposes. The maximum amount of donations for medical reasons is Rs.200; for education in mumbai- Rs. 300-350; and for education abroad is Rs. 1500. The people seeking help from the trust can approach it with an application form mentioning about their needs and requirements. 

Sir Ness Wadia Foundation

Neville House,
J. N. Herdia Marg,
Bellard Estate,
Mumbai - 400038

Sir Hormazji Modi Trust Of Hongkong
c/o Mrs Nani N Palkhiwala,
Commonwealth Building, 6th Floor, 
Opp. Air India Bldg.,
Backbay Reclamation
Mumbai 400 021
Tel: 22021184

Bai Freni & Seth Fali Meherji Variava Charitable Trust
c/o Blaze Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd.
Lalji Naranji Memorial Bldg, 3rd floor, 
Opp. Churchgate Station, 
Mumbai - 400 020
Contact person: Mrs. Siloo Variava
Tel: 22040169 / 22020233
Notes: Help for medical only

Seth Mancherji Pallonji Contractor Funds
c/o Mr Ratan Surveyor, 
Baliwala Homi & Co, 
365 D.N. Road, 
Mumbai - 400 001
Tel: 22871762/22874916
karmayogi: Ratan Surveyor (Trustee)

Seth Sorabji & Coomibai Mistry Trust
'Ahura', 84 Sion (West),
Mumbai - 400 022

FORT, MUMBAI – 400 023

Shapoorji Burjorji Bharucha Trust

Mulla & Mulla House,
51 M.G Road
Mumbai 400 001 
Note: The office of the trust could not be located at the above mentioned address. 

Shapoorjee Pallonjee Trust
S.P Centre, Near Fariyas Hotel
Minoo Desai Roa, Colaba
Mumbai 400 005
Tel: 22871040

Shirinbai Sorabji Kharas Charitable Trust
Mrs. Bhikoo Kharas
303/4, Jupiter Apartments,
Cuffe Parade,
Mumbai - 400005

- To open Hospitals and arrange Education for Common Men/Women.
- To give Financial help
- To manage Libraries and Reading Rooms.
- To assist and suport helpless persons during an emergency.
- To help those crippled or those otherwise in pain.

Sir D M Petit Charity Trust
UCO Bank Bldg., 4th floor
359 D. N. Road, Fort 
Mumbai - 400001 
The Trust does not invite applications asking for donations or funds.

Sohrabji Behramji Bhabha Charities
49, Cuffe Parade, 
Near Pallonji Mansion,
Mumbai 400 005
Tel: 22151355

Sorabhji Behramji Bhabha Trust
ASF Patel Charity Fund
Room No. 12 B, First floor 
Yusuf Bldg, 
MG Road, Mumbai - 400 001
Tel: 22042175
Karmayogi: Mr. Karbhari (Manager)

Sorabji Titina Charity Trust
Framroze Chinoy,
11/2, Rustom Baug,
Victoria Road,
Mumbai - 400027

The World Zoroastrian Organisation (WZO) 
Shanti, 5th Floor, 6 Banaji Street
Mumbai 400 001
Tel: 22813718
Karmayogi: Mr. Tamboly
Note: The trust donates only to people belonging to Zoroastrian community and mostly on medical grounds. People seeking help have to apply with their own application

Addresses not available:
Allo & Minocher Dinshaw Trust
Cowasji Pallonji Kavarana Charity Trust
D. N. E. Dinshaw Trust
Dinshaw Hormusji Mody Charitable Trust
Edulji Albless Trust
Kuvarbai Pajnigara Education Trust
Manekbhai Marzban Trust Fund
Paragaon Charitable Trust
Paymaster Trust






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