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List of facilities and amenities at the Old Age Home:


1.      Number of people that can be accommodated: (1a) Total capacity, (1b) Vacancies.

2.      Eligible age.

3.      Medical check up before enrolling: (3a) self paid, (3b) OAH paid.

4.      Self contained room on monthly rental, deposit or donation, etc.

5.      Common room charges on monthly basis, deposit or donation, etc.

6.      Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 3 times tea, coffee is included. Milk is served at some places. (6a) Fasting food is served, (6b) where Non Veg is prohibited, there sweet dish will be served. (6c) Non veg is served.

7.      Medicines, etc. for minor illnesses: (7a) at the cost of the individual, (7b) at the expense of the OAH.

8.      If the inmate becomes bedridden: (8a) inmate is retained, (8b) inmate is sent home.

9.      On temporary basis: (9a) can stay for a few days on payment, (9b) cannot stay.

10.  Temporary arrangement for visitors/ relatives to stay for some days: (10a) accommodation at cost, (10b) Not accommodated.

11.  If the inmate does not stay in the OAH for a long time: (11a ) concession on monthly rent is given, (11b ) no concession.

12. The medical bills for any chronic or serious illness is to be paid by the inmate.

Note: Updated July 2004. If you find there are any changes, please inform us. Thanks.


Old Age Homes which charge less than Rs. 1000/- per month

Sr. No.

Name of the OAH







Post Devrukh, Taluka Sangameshwar, District Ratnagiri.



Total 10 seats, No vacancies, please do not enquire.



Karjuwe, Taluka Sangameshwar, District Ratnagiri

Information is old.


1(a)Total 8 seats 2) 65yrs. 4) Monthly Rs.750/- deposit Rs.1500/- entrance fee Rs. 1000/- 6) 8b) 9(a) Rs.40/-


Late Smt.Ansuya-Anandi Mahila OAH

Behind Abhyankar Mill, Jyoti smruti, Pavas,Ratnagiri 415616 (estb. 24/12/1995)

Shri Sardesai, Kandivali.


Mumbai-2807 7171

Only for ladies.1(a)total 10 seats1(b)6 vacant. 2) 60yrs. 3(a)4)Monthly Rs. 800/- deposit Rs.5000/-6) 6(a) 7(a) 8(a) 12)10(a) 11(a)Temporary accommodation can be provided with prior intimation.


Smt. Muktabai Mangesh Parulkar Old peoples Shanti Sadan, run by Mahilashram Lanja organization. (estb 7/6/1992)

Lanja,Taluka Lanja, District Ratnagiri

Visiting hours 10.30am to 5.30pm.


Only for ladies.1(a)10,1(b)5,2)60yrs,3(a) 4) Monthly Rs.800/- deposit Rs 1000/-6) 6(a)6(c)7(a)8(b)9(a) one month, Rs 800/- 10(a) female relatives for four days, per day Rs.50/- 11(a).


“Anandashram”(esstb 7/11/1980)

Ranje, Post Aarvi, Taluka Bhor,District Pune 412205

Visiting hours 9am to 5pm.

Office: Neelkanth apartments, Tulshibaugwale colony, Sahakar Nagar No. 2 Pune 411009



9520/2422 1813

1(a)total 23 seats1(b)3, 2)age 58 yrs.3(a) 5) Monthly Rs 500/-, deposit Rs.2000/- entrance fee Rs. Rs.50/-6)6(b)7(a)8(b)9(b)10(a)12)11(a)


“Sandhya” OAH run by Society of Sisters of St. John, Vardha

410/11, NanaPeth, Pune 411 002



1(a)total seats 24,1(b) none vacant,2)60yrs complete,3(a)5)Monthly Rs 100/- to Rs.600/- free for the unaffording. 6)6(a)7(a)8(a)9(a) one month charges as per affordability 10(a)free for a day or two, incase of serious illness charges as per affordability or else borne by the trust.


Bhausaheb Firodiya OAH (estb 1965)

Behind Jakat Naka,Nagar-Aurangabad road, Vasant tekdi, Ahmednagar 414001

Visiting hrs 9am to 4pm.


1(a)total seats100,1(b)vacant 20,2)males 60yrs and females 55yrs,3(a) 5)monthly Rs 800/- deposit Rs.2000/- annual donation Rs.300/- 5)free for the unaffordable,6)6(a)7(b)8(a)9(b)10(a)2days Rs 40/- per day 11(b)serious illness expense borne by the institute.


Sevashram Trust OAH (estb 6/1/1992)

visiting hrs 4pm to 6pm.

Sangamner, Nashik-Pune highway, Near Hotel Prasad and Navrang baug

Shri. Bansilal Nihalchand Parakh, Gandhi Chowk, Jaiprakash road, Sangamner 422605



02425 - 55567

1(a)total seats 30,1(b)vacant 15,2)55yrs complete,5)monthly Rs 200/- to Rs.500/- as per the affordability,6)6(a)6(b) 7(a),8(a),9(a) four months as per the affordability,11(b)


Sheth Dungarsi Nagjee Trusts OAH(estb 1968)

Rammandir, Tapovan, Panchvati, Nashik 422003



1(a)total 90 seats1(b)none vacant,2)60yrs,3(a)5)Monthly Rs 500/-,7(a)8(a)9(a)one month 10(a)per day Rs.30/- 11(b)


Omkar OAH (estb 1992)

Post Kuravali, Taluka Faltan, District Satara.



1(a)32,1(b)11,2)50yrs,3(a)4)5) monthly Rs.500/- deposit Rs.4000/- Rs 2000/- while leaving- accept donation.6)6(a)7(b)8(b)9(a)perday Rs.45/- one month,10(a)per day Rs.45/-2-4 days.11(b)12).


Anandashram OAH(estb 17/08/1993)

391, Mangalwar Peth, Satara-415002.

Enquiries 8am to 11am.

Visiting hours for inmates 8am to 8pm.

02162 – 81142/84063

1(a)15,1(b)pl enquire new construction underway, total 40 seats.2)55,3(a)7(b)5)monthly Rs.800/- deposit Rs.5000/- donation Rs 5000/- 6)6(a)6(b)11(a)12)9(a)10(a)per day Rs.50/-


Old Age Sevashram

Kupwad road, near Laxmi nagar, Taluka Miraj, District Sangli.

The information is old.


The OAH is government aided1(a)23 seats,1(b)no vacany, Monthly charges free or as per affordability Rs.500/-,6)7(b)8(a)9(a)10(b).


Pathak Trust OAH (estb 30/11/1990)

Gadrewada, opp old Murlidhar Temple, Brahmanpuri, Miraj, 416410. District Sangli

Visiting hours 4pm to 6pm


1(a)total seats 28,1(b)2 vacant 3(a)5)Monthly Rs.600/- dposit Rs 2000/-6)6(a)6(b)7(b)8(a)9(b)10(b)11(a).


Jai jagdamba OAH(estb june 1991)

Bamanguda, Tanda,Taluka Kinwat, district Nanded.

Visiting hours 10 am to 4pm.


1(a) Total seats 25,1(b)none vacant,2)60yrs,3(b) 5) monthly Rs.700/- 6)6(a)6(b)7(b)8(a)9(a)5days, per day Rs.100/- 10(a)two days per day Rs 40/-


“Indradhanu” OAH(estb 1/1/98)

Gulbarga road, chourasta, Umarga, D R Patange Hospital,Ajaynagar, Umarga, District Usmanabad. 413606


9am to 6pm

Visiting hrs for inmates

10am - 11.30am

& 2pm - 4.30pm.


1(a)40,1(b)none vacant,2) males 60yrs, females55yrs,3(b)6)6(a)6(b)7(b)8(a)11)12)10(A)per day Rs.100/-9(a)entrance fee Rs.1000/- monthly charges Rs.500/-

Deposit of Rs.6000/- for free lodging boarding till the end. The homeless are looked after free of charge.


Leprosy care centre(estb 1980)

Warora,Uttarayan,Post Anandvan, Taluka Warora, District Chandrapur 442914

Dr Vikas Amte


1(a)total seats 48,1(b)none vacant,5)Rs 300/-monthly,4)Rs 350/-monthly, no deposit no donation,6)7(b)8(a)9(b) this information is old.


Matru seva sangh trusts “Panchvati”OAH (estb 6/11/1961)

Umred road, Nagpur 440009



1(a)100,1(b)3,2)60yrs,3(a)4)and 5) monthly Rs.625/- entrance fee Rs.30/- deposit Rs.1000/-6)6(a)7(b)for the homeless, 7(a)for the Paid inmates. 8(b)or are kept in the government hospitals.9(a)monthly charges,10(a)per day Rs.25/-,11(a)12)


Manav Seva Centre OAH

Sakvar, Virar East, next to Ramkrishna Mission can reach by ST going to Bharol.



Monthly Rs.8.00/-