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List of facilities and amenities at the Old Age Home:


1.      Number of people that can be accommodated: (1a) Total capacity, (1b) Vacancies.

2.      Eligible age.

3.      Medical check up before enrolling: (3a) self paid, (3b) OAH paid.

4.      Self contained room on monthly rental, deposit or donation, etc.

5.      Common room charges on monthly basis, deposit or donation, etc.

6.      Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 3 times tea, coffee is included. Milk is served at some places. (6a) Fasting food is served, (6b) where Non Veg is prohibited, there sweet dish will be served. (6c) Non veg is served.

7.      Medicines, etc. for minor illnesses: (7a) at the cost of the individual, (7b) at the expense of the OAH.

8.      If the inmate becomes bedridden: (8a) inmate is retained, (8b) inmate is sent home.

9.      On temporary basis: (9a) can stay for a few days on payment, (9b) cannot stay.

10.  Temporary arrangement for visitors/ relatives to stay for some days: (10a) accommodation at cost, (10b) Not accommodated.

11.  If the inmate does not stay in the OAH for a long time: (11a ) concession on monthly rent is given, (11b ) no concession.

12. The medical bills for any chronic or serious illness is to be paid by the inmate.

Note: Updated July 2004. If you find there are any changes, please inform us. Thanks.


Old Age Homes which provide Free accommodation and looking after of the elderly:


Sr. No. Name of OAH Address


Visawa OAH

Post Khalegaon, Taluka Lonar, District Buldhana.


Bhimji Maharaj OAH

Pimpri Khurd, Post Arak, Taluka Mangrulpir, District Vashim.


Shri Prabhu Prabodhan OAH

Ridhapur, Taluka Morshi, District Amravati.


Swamy Vivekanand OAH

Near Railway Station, Savner, District Nagpur.


Sant Shri Dola OAH

Umari pathar


Late Rajiv Gandhi Residential OAH

Dapka (Raja), Taluka Mukhed, District Nanded.


Sandhya Chayya OAH

Smt. Indrayani Bodhankar


Udhyog Nagar, Narsee Gulli, Holi, Nanded 431602.


Durgavati OAH


J/13, Laxmi nagar, Nagpur.

Run by Swami Vivekanand Social Organisation.


Shantiaai OAH

Baman wadi, Taluka and District Belgaon, Karnataka.


Shri Kadsiddheshwar Siddhagiri OAH

Kaneri Math, Kolhapur.


Home for the Aged and Handicapped

Untkhana, Nagpur, 440009


Shri Sai OAH

Mouji Bijewada, Taluka Ramtek, District Nagpur.


Kashi Govind OAH

Lohari Road, Akot, District, Akola 444101.


Shri Vinoba Bhave OAH

Varvanti, Post Pohaner, Taluka, District Usmanabad 413501


Shri Vetaleshwar OAH

Ladegaon, Taluka Kej, District Beed.


Shri Basveshar OAH

Post Sakol, Taluka Nilanga, District Latur 413544


Smt. Chandrabhagabai Vanalvad OAH.

Centre Kurala, Taluka Kandhar, District Nanded 431 742


Orphan Elderly Anand Ashram

Akalkuva, District Nandurbar. 425419.