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Categorization of Old Age Homes in Maharashtra

There are more than 200 Old Age Homes in Maharashtra situated in or near big cities. Some are in villages or in Konkan nature belt.

Based on monthly charges, there are 4 types of Old Age Homes.

  1. Old people without any support – Free
  2. Based on the income of elderly persons
  3. Charging less than Rs.1000/- per month.
  4. Charging more than Rs.1000/-per month

Some institutions which serve old people on some charge also support some old people free of cost.

Type 1 organizations admit old persons without taking any deposit or donation. This type is only for old people who are poor or without any support. OAHs charge deposit based on monthly charges or some OAHs expect donations.

The admission to OAHs is given to Males above 60 years and Females above 55years. In some cases even this criteria is waived.

Admissions to OAHs is given on the medical report from the doctor. In some OAH, medical check up is done regularly and in some OAH on a need-base. In some cases, the organization spends on medicines or sometimes it is recovered from the patient.

Free OAHs spends on serious illness and maintains old persons till the end. In case of monthly charge basis OAHs, recovery for medical illness is done through the old persons only. In some cases if the old person is seriously ill, then they are sent back to their home or they are maintained by the OAH, or in some OAH at they are looked after at an extra cost.

In some of the OAHs there is one person/room, in others two three or five or more persons in a common hall. The rooms may have Cots, Beds, Mosquito Nets, Table, Chair, Cupboard, Shelves, Fans, lights etc.

For fruitful utilization of time, OAHs organize Radio, TV sets, Newspaper, Library, Indoor games, Entertainment programmes, Meditation Hall, Religious concerts or Satsangs.

In all OAHs, Lunch, Dinner, 3 times tea / coffee and Breakfast is provided.

In one OAH, milk is provided after dinner.

Fasting food is provided for old people who are fasting

In most OAH, Non Vegetarian is not served. In some cases, it is served twice a month and a sweet dish is served twice a month.

In all OAHs, liquor, cigarette, paan and tobacco chewing is prohibited.

In some OAH relatives can stay with old persons on certain charge or in some on trial basis, old persons can stay for 15 days, while in others it is not allowed.

The smallest OAH accommodates 5 people and largest accommodates 300 people. If there is no place, then names are kept on waiting list. 

Some OAH are for Ladies only. 

Some OAH are Day Care Centers, which provides different kinds of activity to the old people. Government aid is granted to open such Day care Centers.

Some OAH are attached to hospitals. Disabled, bedridden old persons are looked after here till the end of their lives. Monthly charges are levied for this. Some of these are situated at Jogeshwari, Virar, Dahisar,Thane, Badlapur, Pune, Nagpur.

There are 3 organizations at Bandra, Badlapur and Pune for terminal care of Cancer patients (any age). Such patients are treated with pain relief measures free of cost and are cared for till the end.          

Elderly persons who have mentally retarded children are worried about who will look after them when the parents are no more.  3 organizations at main station Badlapur, Dombivali, Virar and Pune look after such cases even when the parents are alive. Some OAH also admit such cases.

Some OAHs look after the poor and the needy old people free of cost till the end of their lives. Such places are aided by public funds. In Maharashtra, there are many such OAHs. Donations to these institutions/OAHs are welcome from the public, especially those who would like to donate money in the memory of their beloved. They can contact these OAHs directly or contact LSS (address at end) for details.

Elderly people should note the following before enrolling in any OAH:
·        OAH should be near a Hospital /Nursing Home
·        Ambulance or a vehicle should be available
·        Telephone /telegram /email connectivity should be available
·        Library, indoor games, entertainment programs and connectivity to the outside world, such facilities should be available to overcome the loneliness of the elderly.
·        One should not sell their personal flats and go into an OAH as the options of going back to their residences should be kept open incase they cannot adjust to the OAH.
·        The elderly should manage their assets viz. provident fund properly and also should not transfer the flat on someone else s name because of which they would have to shift to the OAH.

Old people living in OAH should take the opportunity of helping others after their death by donating their eyes to the blind and their body to the medical colleges to help the students. Information on these is available at Mumbai, Dombivili and Pune body donation support organizations or it can be available from LSS office. 

The members of Green Helpline Hospital Ltd. get free entry in hospitals for major illnesses like heart attack, stroke, etc. Needy people may contact Tel No. 2381 4888 or 2385 0974.

How to Read the Lists of Old Age Homes in Maharashtra 

Initially LSS started off getting maximum information on the OAH in Maharashtra. LSS gathered as much information as possible by sending a questionnaire regarding the amenities and facilities, monthly charges, deposit, donation etc. Some OAHs had closed down or some were not in existence i.e. were only on paper. The addresses of OAHs who have not responded to LSS queries but LSS is sure that they exist can be got from LSS office at a charge. LSS personally visited some OAHs and gathered information. 

The information on the OAHs received by LSS is below. The left hand side has the name of the OAH, address, telephone number, visiting hours, etc. The right hand side has information of the monthly charges, donation, deposit, etc. that the elderly have to pay. Also the facilities and the amenities available at the OAH are referred to the corresponding number on the list of facilities below. Please enquire on the telephone as there may be changes from time to time.

About this list of Old Age Homes in Maharashtra:

Lokmanya Seva Sangh had started an Old Age Home named “Anand Dham” at Jambhulpada, District - Raigad. An  informatory booklet is available at their office free of cost. Already 42 old people have benefited. Needy people may contact the office.

Mr. V.M. Sant, an active member of Lokmanya Seva Sangh, Vile Parle, who is organizing eye donations and whole body donations information center has started collecting and giving information to the needy old people. He has contacted more than 100 old age homes for detailed information and has personally visited 90 OAHs for collecting the information for preparing this booklet. This booklet is in Marathi and is available in their Vile Parle office for Rs. 12 only. You can also send postal stamps worth Rs. 17/-and Rs. 22/- for people staying in Mumbai and out of Mumbai jurisdiction respectively. (These pages are the booklet translated into English by Netra Nairi 98200-48542.)

The names and addresses of the OAH who have not furnished the detailed information are also available in the office at a cost. New Old Age Homes until fully functional are not included in the list. The list of OAHs from Gujarat state is also available in the office at a cost.


Lokmanya Seva Sangh
Ram Mandir Road,  Vile Parle  (East)
MUMBAI 400057.
Tel No: 2614 1276 / 2123
Contact: Mr D.M. Sant, B.S. Karandikar
Enquiry timings : Monday & Wednesday 6.30-7.30pm, Saturday & Sunday 10 -11.30 am

Office timing: Tuesday & Saturday: 8.45 -12.15, 4 – 8  pm; Sunday: 8.45 am –12.30 pm

Monday -  closed.

177 Old Age Homes in Maharashtra
       - 13 Free OAHs for the poor 
      - 18 OAH offering free accommodation and care
      -   3 OAH charging monthly fees
      - 25 Maharashtra Govt's “Matoshree” OAHs
      - 18 OAHs charging less than Rs. 1000 monthly
      - 57 OAHs charging upto Rs. 5000 monthly 
      - 21 OAHs looking after ill elderly persons
      -  7 Elderly Mentally Handicapped Residents Associations
      -  3 Associations caring for Terminal stage Cancer patients
      -  7 Newly known Old Age Homes 
      -  05 Life-care Centres
      - 18 Old age homes
      - 07 Shelters
      -  5 Aayabai / Boys / Nurses Sources