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List of Gujarati Samaj orgs / Marathi Mandals in USA

  • FOGANA - Federation of Gujarati Associations of North America
  • Gujarati Association of San Diego - Association of Gujaratis in San Diego
  • Gujarati Cultural Association of Bay Area - Promotes Gujarati culture
  • Gujarati Kshatriya Association - Gujarati Kshatriya association of Texas
  • Gujarati Mitra Mandali - Gujarati association of Melbourne, Australia
  • Gujarati Samaj - Association of Gujaratis in Minnesota
  • Gujarati Samaj - Gujarati Association of Tampa Bay area
  • Gujarati Samaj - Gujarati Samaj of New York
  • Gujarati Samaj of Atlanta - Calendar of events, location and activities
  • Gujarati Samaj of Detroit - Activities, events and membership
  • Gujarati Samaj of Kansas City - Upcoming events, history and membership info
  • JCEUS - Association of Gujarati immigrants in USA
  • Kendra - Gujarati association in Zambia
  • Kshatriya Mitra Mandal - Gujarati association of Toronto, Canada
  • Matiya Patidar Assoication - World wide listing of Gujarati associations
  • Patidar Cultural Association - Cultural association of Patel community of Gujarat
  • Sanatan Mandir Cultural Centre - Gujarati Association in Ontario, Canada
  • Triangle Gujarati Association - Gujarati Association of North Carolina, USA
  • This list is from

    There also seems to be Vishwa Gurajari and its chapters e.g. in Atlanta.

    There are also other such lists e.g. 

    It has Gujarati as well as other lists.

    The same website also has following Marathi Associations:

  • Brihan Maharashtra Mandal
  • Bay Area Maharashtra Mandal
  • Chicago Maharashtra Mandal
  • Columbus Maharashtra Mandal
  • Dallas-Fort Worth Maharashtra Mandal
  • Detroit Maharashtra Mandal
  • Los Angeles -- MAIYTRA
  • Marathi Vishwal -- for Marathis in NY-NJ-PA-CT area
  • New England Marathi Mandal
  • New York Maharashtra Mandal
  • New Jersey Marathi Vishwa
  • Pittsburgh Marathi Vishwa
  • Triveni Mitra Mandal of Greater Cincinnati
  • Marathi Kala Mandal of Greater Washington
  • Maharashtra Foundation

    Other associations on this website are

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