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World Water Day 2005 Function 21 Mar at Dadar

To,  All Committed Mumbaikars,

''Your simple pledge could save 40,000 LITRES OF WATER every year for MUMBAI'

On the occasion of World Water Day 2005, we invite you to the launch of  the '5 point Citizens Pledge' for water conservation. These 5 simple water savings tips when practiced daily can lead to a personal contribution of 40,000 litres annually.

Mumbai requires an awakening on Water Conservation.  Many organizations including the BMC, have been working silently in the field promoting Rain Water Harvesting and Water Conservation. However a Movement of Water Conservation needs to happen in order to create urgency and realization of the looming crisis that the city will face.

Towards this, the Eureka Forbes Institute of Environment (EFIE) along with the Lotus Suites (an ecotel hotel) and Rachna Sansad Institute of Environmental Architecture are inaugurating a permanent 'Water harvesting center' and launching the "5 POINT PLEDGE CARD" for every Mumbai citizen on 21st March, 2005 which is the eve of World Water Day. It contains 5
practical and simple water usage practices, that saves 40,000 litres per person. It does not require dramatic changes in lifestyle.  This pledge card will be widely distributed to citizens and will be carried prominently in the media. It will become a rallying point for the Water Conservation Movement in Mumbai. It has the potential to become a National Movement. Every 5 people who take the pledge will save Mumbai 2 Lakhs Litres of water annually.

The Pledge Card is being launched by 4 Prominent Mumbaikars and one schoolchild.  You are requested to be there when the first pledge is taken. Your presence will galvanize the Water Conservation Movement in Mumbai.

I look forward to your confirmation.

For Eureka Forbes Institute of Environment,
Rudolf D' souza
Ph nos: 2430 1725 Ext 135/ 142 or Mobile no 98200 03372
Venue for the Function on 21st Mar 2005:
Euro Enviro Park, Opposite Portuguese Church, Zarapkar lane, Dadar (West).
The function starts at 4 PM and will conclude before 6 PM.