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Appropriate Technology Mission of India
(panIIT alumni-faculty initiative for water management)

Workshop on Urban Rain-water Harvesting

The imminent water crisis is already beginning to impact on the community. This workshop aims to impart Jal Saksharta, ie water literacy to members of the community and empower them to implement Rain-water Harvesting for better water security.

panIIT alumni and Maharashtra Nature Park will jointly conduct a 1 day workshop on Sunday, 20 March'05 for the benefit of the environment-conscious public, professionals, builders, property owners and managers, plumbing contractors, students, ALM members - anyone, in short, who wants to harness rain-water. The program content is below.

This interactive workshop will cover basic concepts of water management (jal fundas) and provide street-level training to build a RwH system - right here in the city of Mumbai - with a  "Do-It-Yourself" approach. A panel of domain experts will resolve specific issues and add technical inputs for the participants. A mini-tutorial will be the concluding session of the workshop.

Subsequently, helpdesk support will be provided for participants targeting monsoon '05.

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