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WaterPartners is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that identifies and works with in-country partner organizations to subsidize water and sanitation projects where they are most needed.  Our sources of funds are individual donations and private grants. These are mainly generated through our efforts to educate communities in the United States about water supply, sanitation, and health issues in the areas where we and our partners work.


We expect our partner organizations to have significant experience and success with consistently implementing high-quality, comprehensive water projects. Therefore when we expand our work to new regions, we first spend a great deal of time finding and evaluating partner organizations that implement sustainable water supply projects by incorporating community organization and participation; health education; and operation and maintenance training.


We are working currently with seven partner organizations, in Honduras, Guatemala, India, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Iraq and the Philippines.  The projects that we support come from proposals generated by our current partner organizations, and we are actively trying to fund several projects now.


I keep a file of potential projects, partners, and contacts from the many requests we receive all over the world. This information is very useful to me when we begin the search for new partners, so thank you for getting in touch with us and informing me of your work. I will put your contact information in this file if we have the opportunity to expand our work in India. I will also put your name on our mailing list so that you can keep in touch with us. SEE LINKS BELOW


Tracy Jackson
Phone: (919) 967-9454
409 Hogan Woods Cir., Chapel Hill, NC  27516 USA

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