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Eureka Forbes Institiute of Environment provides the support for rainwater harvesting, free of cost, out of a concern for
improvement of the environment. More details are available on . For telephonic contact call 022-24301725 and ask for the 'Rainwater Harvesting Cell'.  Rudolf

My name is Prema from Times Foundation and we have already initiated Water Harvesting Project along with Rachna Sansad Institute of Env. & Archi. College. You may contact either me Prema -9223301052 or Roshini, Head of the dept. Rachna ----- on 9820827234.

The Orissa Watershed Development Mission (OWDM) is an autonomous State level agency constituted under the Department of Agriculture, Government of Orissa, responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring all Watershed
Development programmes in the State.

IITDelhi Alumni Association (Mumbai Chapter ) has more than 400 members who are alumni of the institute. We are actively considering how we can  contribute to society. Rain Water harvesting is one area we all felt is very critical in today's scenario, and I have been asked to study this area and take up leadership for co-ordinating implementation of projects in and around
We would like to get involved in is to understand your requirements and then bring in technology providers/service providers
to implement the project.There will be no cost for our services, and you will need to negotiate directly with the consultant. Our only aim is to see that people who are interested in RWH are able to implement their projects.

I have a regular corporate job, and plan to devote Saturdays and Sundays to this activity. Rajiv Ranjan


Questionnaire: Water Harvesting Potential Assessment


1.       Catchment area


I.  Total area of the plot:             ______________


a.       Area of rooftops / terraces: _______________


b.       Area of unpaved surfaces / lawns: _____________


c.       Area of paved surfaces / driveways:      _____________



2.       Water supply and usage


I. What is the source of water in your building?

   Municipal supply                                     Private tube well                                Tankers 


II. What is the total consumption of water in your building per day?


III. Please comment on the quality of water presently available:

Satisfactory                                        Not Satisfactory 


If not satisfactory, please specify problems:      ________________________________


3.       Hydro-Geological information:


I.                     What is the nature of soil in the area?

Rocky                               Alluvial soil 


II.                   Depth of groundwater table ________________meters or feet

         Has there been a drastic depletion in water levels in the last few years (if yes, indicate the approximate value)

         Did some of your tube wells dried in past three years? When?



4.       Please attach site plan of the building marking the following information:


         Site plan differentiating different areas like rooftop, paved areas and green areas.

         Rooftop/terrace floor plan showing the location of rainwater pipes/outlets

         Location of running as well as dried/abandoned/defunct bore or tube wells (if any)

         Storm water drain with flow directions

         Flow of rainwater at the site


Any relevant information you would like to provide:






CSE provides free technical guidance to interested individuals/organisation to implement rainwater harvesting on every Friday between 2 pm-6 pm at Centre for Science and Environment, Core 6 A, 4th Floor, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New  Delhi 110003, Phone-24645334/24645335.

Kindly fill up the questionnaire and carry it along with the site plan and other details of the buildings during your visit (or mail) to our office.