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‘I want to bring down the arrogance of the corrupt’ 

Crusader with a cause, say friends, frustrated ex-IPS officer who refuses to remain silent, state the critics. Trust Yogesh Pratap Singh (45) to remain low profile post his retirement from the services. After fighting many public causes, Singh returns to his original campaign of fighting corruption and this time with what he calls an “effective” strategy of targetting women officers in IAS and IPS to shed corruption. 
Why target women officers when the investigating agencies have found them equally corrupt? 
The protagonist in my new book — Vultures in Love — the officer Amrapali, who amasses huge bribes, eventually changes. I expect women officers to do the same. My intent is to attack the emotional feelings in women officers as well as wives of corrupt service officers and make them aware that corruption leads to nowhere in long run. Men are too thick-skinned to change, women can trigger a social change. If this effort shakes two per cent of those in the cadre, I will be happy. 
But can the cadre, which is riding high on power and money listen to their wives? 
Wives of corrupt officers must tell their husbands that corruption does not bring pleasure in the long run. Let them enjoy the power of the position, but they should not compromise on integrity. I’m trying to focus on the futility of corruption, there are no 
gains in the long run. 
Officers say that the system is too deep-rooted to remain clean. Is it a myth? 
Totally. An officer who is resolute can survive the onslaught and survive in the system. 
But you could not and finally resigned... 
My case is different. I was upright and aggressive, which is why I could not survive. I neither took money nor allowed others to take. I guess this second factor proved to be fatal for me. 
Haven’t these two years been an uphill task for you, with ex-colleagues isolating you completely? 
In fact, this period has been indeed that of pleasure. I’m have a close-knit relationship with my close friends. Yes, but there have been some officers who have been apprehensive with me. Guess my company is bad for their careers. But I don’t blame them. I want to bring down the arrogance of the corrupt.