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 Karmayog Plans / is a free platform for the Indian nonprofit sector.
Nonprofit organisations can display their profile and circulate their requests for volunteers, materials, services, project sponsorships, etc. Karmayog lists 2000+ nonprofits in Mumbai and 3000+ in the rest of India. Software has been developed to enable nonprofits to have their own free, permanent, easily self-updatable, websites.
Similarly, citizens and corporates who would like to support nonprofits by offering time, talent, materials, services or money, can list what they can offer and the types of projects & nonprofits of their interest.
News, views, ideas, opinions, concerns can be shared via an active 3800 member discussion group and a 16000 email group.
Karmayog also carefully selects a "Nonprofit of the Month". The idea is to facilitate people to make small donations to good NGOs identified by a credible, neutral, third-party. This also helps small NGOs in finding new supporters.
Karmayog has also begun a sector-mapping exercise. The idea is to map the capacity and capability of each sector in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Karmayog began with the hearing-challenged sector. It's people visited most of the deaf schools and connected NGOs to profile them and put their data on the website for free access by parents, beneficiaries, donors, etc. Lists of material providers e.g. hearing aid suppliers, and of service providers e.g. ENT hospitals, surgeons & doctors, were also compiled and posted on the website. A well-attended meeting was organised for everyone connected with the sector. Many interacted for the first time!
When the tremendous rain hit Mumbai on 26th July, Karmayog played a very valuable role in helping relief and rehabilitation efforts. On 27th July itself, Karmayog set up a flood resource website which included needs and offers of materials, services, volunteers and money. The flooding crisis in Mumbai showed that there is no established way for the Government authorities (or for anyone else, including NGOs themselves,) to interact easily with a group through which information to and from NGOs could be conveyed. Karmayog took the lead in forming an NGO-coordination committee duly recognised by and working with the BMC. And the website became the nodal point for flood reports and feedback from & to NGOs. 
Karmayog has now taken the initiative to set up a formal NGO Council comprising more than 65 leading NGOs representing the entire breadth and depth of the NGO sector. The objective is for NGOs to be included in Government program and policy planning, as well as implementation and delivery of Government services to the public. This initiative is being well-recieved. Karmayog is the convening organisation of the Council.
Karmayog is also holding networking meetings of NGOs and supporters in various areas. Meetings have been held at Byculla and Fort. is thus evolving into two broad directions:
a) an internet platform for nonprofits and supporters to inform about themselves and their needs / offers
b) a ngo - citizen - government interface which can enable a holistic view of the various problems that society faces
To achieve all this with meaningful depth and breadth, Karmayog requires to employ more staff, spend on obtaining information, develop software, buy computers, etc.
The expenditure estimate for this over the next 12 months is:
People - 10 = Rs. 1.50 lakhs / month =                                                                                          Rs. 18 lakhs / year
Software and web hosting costs = Rs. 1 lakh / month =                                                                   Rs. 10 lakhs / year
Capital expenditure = 10 Computers, cell phones, furniture, etc =                                                     Rs.   5 lakhs
Advertising = Rs. 0.25 lakhs / month =                                                                                           Rs.   3 lakhs / year
Overheads - photocopying, courier, phones, organising meetings, etc. =  Rs. 0.75 lakhs / month  =     Rs.   9 lakhs / year
Fixed Cost - rent, electricity, etc. = 0.25 lakhs / month =                                                                  Rs.   3 lakhs / year 
            Total                                                                                                                                 Rs. 48 lakhs / year
                                                                                                                                                    ----------------------------- is an initiative of the Shri R. O. Somani Charitable Trust which is a trust duly registered with the Charities Commissioner, having 80 G registration.
It is run by Vinay Somani along with 3 full-time people. It is currently funded by Vinay's personal resources.
Your support for this initiative in reducing suffering in people's lives would be greatly appreciated.
Needless to say, your support will be duly acknowledged in the relevant pages of

Vinay Somani
The address of Karmayog is
C/o. Shri R. O. Somani Charitable Trust
Shreeniwas House, 2nd floor,
(Behind Bombay Gymkhana)
H. Somani Road, Fort,
Mumbai - 400001.
Tel: 2200 0004 / 2201 3535
Fax: 2203 5410 

Karmayog sponsor events is a free platform for the Indian nonprofit sector. We organize regular meeting of NGOs areawise (i.e NGOs based in fort), sector wise (i.e hearing impaired), donors and volunteers. These meetings are attended by representatives of NGOs and other high profiled individuals. The number of participants for these meetings range between 40-45.


You can be part of this venture by sponsoring the meeting. For exclusive sponsoring of the meetings the cost would be Rs 5,000 where we would provide you space for display of your products and also five minutes to make a presentation and interact with participants after the meeting


If you want only the banner to be put up then you will have to pay Rs 1000 and this would not be exclusive.  


Sponsoring events/seminars


We also organize seminars, walks on specific issues which normally get a participation of 100-150 people.


The cost of exclusively sponsoring the event or seminar is Rs 20,000 and non- exclusively it would be Rs 10,000.


Information about the event to be distributed on the site


We can circulate your event to a 4000 member yahoo group and 20000 email list as follows:


    - Free events - free to yahoo group; and free to email list if suitable.


    - Paid events - upon payment of registration cost of one person OR the maximum cost for one person to attend.


The 4000 member yahoo group is 50% NGOs and 50% supporters of NGOs.

The 16000 member email list is of NGOs, Rotarians, Corporates who support nonprofit activity. is an initiative of the Shri R. O. Somani Charitable Trust which is a trust duly registered with the Charities Commissioner, having 80 G registration.  

Advertise on Karmayog 


We do many things

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Banner advertisements on the Karmayog site


a) Free reciprocal links are possible. A selection of links is available at .  

b) You can advertise on the home page of Karmayog by paying Rs 10,000 per month  (exclusive). 

c) On some of our key section the cost would be Rs 25,000 for three months.

    These sections include:

1)       Hot topics (individually)

2)       BMC ward information

3)       All India Hospital list

4)       Non profit profiles in India

5)       Library of articles

6)       Volunteers available  

7)   Services available

8)   Nonprofits by Category

9)   Nonprofits by Location

d) You can get a banner ad for Rs 5000 per month or Rs 10000 for three months. On any such issue / cause section, we will also add more information and thus increase the pages of the sector selected by you. 


We also have sectors for specific issues / causes e.g. cancer, hearing-challenged, children-education, etc. is an initiative of the Shri R. O. Somani Charitable Trust which is a trust duly registered with the Charities Commissioner, having 80 G registration.

Karmayog in-kind support


We would appreciate your in-kind support by:
- providing free meeting space for 15 - 30 people in different parts of Mumbai

- depute a staff member on a full-time or part-time at our office for data entry, internet research, co-ordinating with NGOs, etc.
- photocopying / printing of lists, articles, etc.
- volunteering when we hold events or attending events on our behalf


Vinay Somani