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Foundation for Humanisation (FFH)
Location: Mumbai, MH

The Foundation for Humanisation, a registered public trust in Mumbai, was set up in 1992 with the following objectives: To promote new currents of thoughts and actions with the human being as the central value and concern; To orient positive changes in the human being in personal and social fields; To influence various fields for bringing positive changes on the basis of non-violence, non-discrimination, freedom and justice.  The current projects of the Foundation are publication of Humanscape magazine, etting up Manavta Kendras (Humanist Centers), and the web portal

Project: Hands-on work with village Humanist Centres (Manavta Kendras).  Manavta Kendras are organizations formed by villagers who desire to improve their own living conditions.  They work in coordination with the national network of Humanist Centres, organized by FFH.  The volunteer will support FFH in setting up village level Manavta Kendras after being trained by the national coordination team.  Volunteers should first understand the requirements of the Manavta Kendras, and help the villagers develop plans and proposals for development activities. Volunteers are needed with expertise in healthcare, education, natural resource management and agriculture.

Special Requirements: Ability and willingness to stay in a village. Time Length: Flexible in consultation with the national coordinating body.

Contact: Jayesh Shah / Rukmini Datta:
The Education Audiology and Research Centre (EAR) was established in 1963 in association with the Commonwealth Society for the Deaf in London, England.  EAR runs an Infant Centre with an audiology unit, and uses the "Auditory Verbal" method of teaching.  EAR also supports several hearing impaired children in special schools, and has supportive and remedial
teaching activities.

Project: EAR is seeking a pediatric audiologist to help start a NewbornHearing Screening program at a maternity hospital in Mumbai.  He/she would have to train individuals to do the testing, interpret the results, document the findings and give detailed reports. The audiologist will also assist in the audiological management of EARs hearing impaired children. The padeo audiologist would also assist the EAR school audiologist in Audiological management of the Hearing Impaired children at the EAR Centre, to ensure they have the best possible hearing aids to match their hearing loss. EAR would welcome having the volunteer also conduct a workshop for our teachers on Neonatal Hearing Screning and Fitting of hearing aids.

Special Requirements: Padeo Audiologist

Time Length: 3 months

Contact: Pervin Mehta:  

Volunteer Your Time
Make a REAL Difference!
Document & Preserve Cultures - Empower Indigenous People & Minorities

 Native Planet has ambitious goals and is growing steadily. In order to help indigenous communities empower themselves and to continue to deliver superior documentaries, we need your help. Your effort and skills can make the difference so please share a few hours a week of your time!


Why Volunteer with Native Planet?

Because Native Planet is a small non-profit organization that relies entirely on volunteers to operate. Native Planet is still small in size, but not in scope. Among the many NGOs giving help to indigenous communities worldwide, very few focus on saving indigenous cultures and empowering them.

We believe there is a significant difference between bringing temporary assistance that will create dependency and future needs, and bringing solutions that can be implemented and managed by the communities themselves.

At Native Planet, we select groups that retain much of their traditional culture but do not receive adequate media attention or international support. We produce a documentary, we assess the local needs and problems, we nurture an "empowerment strategy", and then we promote it, supporting it with our own funds and work. Our documentation isn't just for indigenous peoples; thousands of schools, scholars, other NGOs and individuals read and use them in their own studies or trip planning. We are pleased to receive numerous emails telling us how much we've inspired our readers and hope you're one of them. We would love to welcome you to our team.


Still not sure?
Click here to review our Mission Statement and Specific Goals and
Empowerment Strategy:  The Mentawai Project

Benefits to Volunteers:

  • Volunteers with the skills and desire to take more responsibility will be given priority for management positions within Native Planet.

  • All volunteers will be credited for their work. In addition to being listed on our team page, you will have the opportunity to post your profile and photo on our website and we will offer links to yours. Volunteers who want to use their experience with us on resumes will also be offered the opportunity to post their professional CV on Native Planet.

  • Volunteers (main contributors) will be offered the opportunity to join Native Planet in future expeditions or documentaries.


Our Needs:

See our Mission Statement and Specific Goals

Fundraising Team

This team requires a strong commitment to learn about Native Planet,
our mission and goals, our projects, and what sets us apart from others.

Experienced Fundraising Manager

We're seeking experienced fundraisers with management skills. You will recruit, train, and oversee a volunteer team of fundraisers. Responsibilities will also include assisting in the development and implementation of a fundraising strategy. It is an ongoing position requiring 5 to 10 hours per week with a 6-month minimum commitment.

Minimum commitment: 5-10 hours per week for a period of at least 6 months.

Fundraising Team Members (commission offered)

As a non-profit organization, Native Planet needs the generous donations of our members and supporters. As a member of this team, you'll help develop creative fundraising plans that will bring us the funds that keep our mission alive. This team will help to implement a year-long fundraising plan which will include but is not limited to 1) creating fundraising ideas that our members and supporters can do locally in their hometowns and 2) helping to implement a global fundraising campaign. If you have a creative mind and some fundraising experience, share your talents with us!

Minimum commitment: 5 hours per week for a period of at least 3 months.

Local Fundraisers

Native Planet is currently seeking enthusiastic individuals to organize local fundraising drives in their own area. Promote community awareness and empower indigenous cultures!

Required Skills: No experience necessary.
Minimum commitment: 5 hours per week for a period of at least 3 months.

Grant Researching and writing

Native Planet is seeking only experienced and committed volunteers for this crucial job. Responsibilities will include research to find grants that Native Planet may qualify for and writing the grant proposals.


NGO Promotion/Marketing

Promotional Team Members (General Promotion/Marketing)

Become a virtual volunteer and be a part of Native Planet's promotional team! A terrific opportunity to help indigenous people while gaining valuable training and job experience.

Required Skills: No experience necessary. Prefer strong English writing skills. Experience in PR, sales, promotion, and knowledge of indigenous peoples’ issues a definite plus.

Membership Drive

This team will play a key role in bringing new members to our organization. Together, you will help to create and implement a membership development plan. Your creative ideas could be just what we're looking for! View our Membership Page

Required Skills: No experience necessary. Prefer strong English writing skills. Experience in PR, sales, promotion, and knowledge of indigenous people's issues a definite plus.

contact us

Editorial Team

Editor/Content writer

Native Planet is seeking new members for its team of English editors and writers. Opportunities include a newsletter, feature articles, business correspondence and editing/proofreading of a variety of written formats for Internet and hard-copy publishing.

Required Skills: Native English speaker, outstanding writing/editing skills. Experience preferred (published writers or editors).

Publishing Agent

Native Planet is seeking a volunteer with experience in the publishing world to help us pitch our articles and photos to magazines and book publishers.

Required Skills: Native English speaker, outstanding writing/editing skills and experience as an agent.

Publishing Board Members

Native Planet is seeking professionals with publishing credentials to join our advisory publishing/editing board.

Required Skills: Professional publisher, writer or editor.

contact us

Research Analyst - Indigenous Data

Indigenous Database Lead

Native Planet is seeking team leaders for our new indigenous database project. We are gathering information on traditional cultures worldwide and need enthusiastic, committed people with good interpersonal and communication skills to coordinate and review the work of our volunteer researchers.
Responsibilities include replying to new volunteer enquiries and helping them get started, coordinating the research team and reviewing their work.

Requirements: Good communication skills. Access to (and basic knowledge of) an html editor and project and/or team management experience a plus.
Minimum commitment: 1 hr/day for at least 3 months. 
Dedicated people only please.

Internet Researcher: Indigenous Data

Native Planet is seeking internet researchers for an indigenous database and a news feature covering traditional peoples the world over. Gain valuable experience and training while helping us preserve indigenous cultures!
Responsibilities include researching all indigenous groups in a specified country, completing our template of required information including geographical location, languages, population, NGOs, URLs, etc. and the completion and sending of a weekly status report to the leads/managers.

Required Skills: Internet access, interest in indigenous cultures, curiosity and a desire to learn enthusiasm definitely preferred.
Minimum commitment: 5 hours per week for a period of at least 3 months.

contact us

Independent Project Manager

Native Planet Project Manager

Native Planet is always looking for dedicated individuals to be Project Managers. Being a Project Manager involves: choosing an indigenous group with an intact distinct culture, documenting that culture, creating public awareness of its needs and problems, developing an assistance and empowerment strategy and beginning work on its implementation. For an example of an assistance and empowerment project, see what we are doing with the Mentawai. It is our goal to extend this type of work to other indigenous groups who still retain many of their traditions, but we need more project managers to do so effectively. If you’re inspired, read more about what becoming a Project Manager involves.

vRequired Skills: At Native Planet, we believe that dedication to your cause is more important than experience or skills. Both experience and skills can be gained if you care about helping indigenous people. However some skills would be particularly useful: basic computer/internet/email use, at least basic English writing skills, basic project and/or people management skills, social/communication skills (it is especially important to establish a good rapport and bond of trust with the indigenous group you will work with). Basic experience/knowledge in one of the following fields would also be of additional benefit: ecotourism, social work, indigenous cultures and issues, local laws, documentary production (text and photos), fundraising and/or previous NGO work experience.

contact us

Finance / Accounting / Tax Filing

As we expand and our budget and expenses grow we will need professional accounting services.  Experience with non-profits is a plus.

contact us

Graphic & Web Designer & Developers

Experienced Flash Web-Designer

Are you a specialist in Flash design and/or Action Script? Our cultural documentary photos are stunning and we'd like a Flash montage as powerful as the pictures are to showcase on our well-visited web site. We already have the layout ready, now we need some technical assistance with Action Scripting hand-coding. If you have relevant experience and could commit to 5 or more hours a week for a few months, please contact us to join the Native Planet team and make help us prevent the vanishing of the last Mentawai shamans!

Required Skills: Proven Flash design skills and experience, Action Script knowledge preferred.
Minimum commitment: 5-10 hours per week for a period of at least 3 months.

Graphic Designer

Native Planet is seeking experienced, creative graphic artists to design the new layout of our websites and later banners, pamphlets, postcards, logos, etc. Contact us for more information when you are ready to join our design team!

Required Skills: Graphic design, creativity
Minimum commitment: 5-10 hours per week for a period of at least 3 months.

Website Developer

Native Planet is seeking volunteers with extensive experience in website development with the following qualities:

- knowledge and experience of EZ-Publish or excellent technical skills and a strong interest in learning new technologies (EZ-Publish)
- good organizational and communication skills
- ability to commit now until the production of a site concept, if not longer
- desire to be a part of a vital and rapidly expanding NGO
- interest in indigenous peoples' issues

Required Skills: Extensive experience in website design concepts and/or development.
Minimum commitment: 5-10 hours per week for a period of at least 3 months.


Do you have good organization and communication skills, an eye for details, good understanding of HTML and at least one HTML editing software i.e. FrontPage or Dreamweaver? Additional skills such as php, asp or Java are a plus but not necessary for the volunteers who oversee the function of our website.

Required Skills: Proven Web and graphic design skills and experience.
Minimum commitment: 5-10 hours per week for a period of at least 6 months.

contact us

French Localization Team

French Translators/Proofreaders

Native Planet is looking for volunteers to join our new French Team. We would like to translate our English cultural and educational website,, into French, and subsequently open new branches in France and Canada.

Required Skills:

Translators: Volunteers should be native speakers of French with strong writing skills, and should have good English reading/comprehension skills. Experienced preferred
Proofreaders: Should be masters of French grammar, and have excellent writing style. Professional experience preferred.

French Webmaster

Required Skills: Same as for English Webmaster, but must be fluent in both French and English.


Volunteer Coordinator

Native Planet is currently seeking a volunteer coordinator with the following qualities:

-good organizational skills.
-able to commit to at least three months though we would prefer longer
-one half to one hour per day availability.
-interest in indigenous peoples' issues.

Duties will include screening and answering volunteer inquiries via email and keeping our team leaders up-to-date on volunteer-related matters. Enthusiasm and dedication are more important than experience!

Minimum commitment: 5 hours per week (1 hour per day with internet access) for a period of at least 3 months.

Volunteer Data Entry

Required Skills: Good organization and communication skills, detail-oriented, understanding of HTML and at least one HTML editing software i.e. FrontPage or Dreamweaver.

Minimum commitment: Must be able to update information from volunteer enquiries on daily basis for a period of at least 3 months

  • Resources in terms of money, seeds, saplings, implements, equipments, display material, etc.
  • Volunteers to work, organize, interact with people, write and talk on the work and concept of the organization.
  • Voluntary professional services in  landscaping, botanical services, water management, conservation of bio diversity, etc.
Contact Mr. Punam Singavi, President, 33991890 / 25474119  
  The Shelter, Byculla, is a girl's orphanage with 39 girls. They urgently need volunteers who can teach 5th to 10th standard subjects e.g. Marathi, Maths, etc. Contact: Mrs. Bardey 23072381
We are looking for volunteers for our  following sessions
Wednesday at Sai Dham, Grant Road, 10.00 to 11.30a.m. 
Thursday, Shivaji Park 11.30 
Thursday, Dock Yard Road 2.00p.m. to 3.30p.m. 
Saturday, Army public School, Colaba. 2.30 p.m. to 4.15 p.m 
 Looking forward to your signups soon as we need help here.


 Volunteers Required :


  1. S.P.J Sadhana School, for Developmentally Handicapped (Sophia College Campus, Breach Candy) requires volunteers to teach Computer Programmes such as MS Office, DTP & Photoshop during weekdays .If interested please call Ms. Misha Bhatt on 56756675 or e:mail on
  1. S.P.J Sadhana School, for Developmentally Handicapped (Grant Road) requires housewives to assist the catering teacher in developing new recipes during weekdays. People having some background in 5 star hotels would be an added advantage. If interested please call Ms. Misha Bhatt on 56756675 or e:mail on 
  1. S.P.J Sadhana School, for Developmentally Handicapped (Grant Road) requires a Speech Therapist on Monday, Wednesday or/ and Friday . If interested please call Ms. Misha Bhatt on 56756675 or e:mail on 


  1. S.P.J Sadhana School, for Developmentally Handicapped (Grant Road) requires a volunteer Yoga teacher  to come twice a week and teach yoga to the students. If interested please call Ms. Misha Bhatt on 56756675 or e:mail on


  1. S.P.J Sadhana School, for Developmentally Handicapped (Grant Road) requires someone with very good knowledge about different types of embroidery and needle work patters to help the teacher train the students during weekdays. If interested please call Ms. Misha Bhatt on 56756675 or e:mail on


  1. S.P.J Sadhana School, for Developmentally Handicapped (Grant Road) requires a music teacher to play the organ (Yamaha) for the students, once a week. If interested please call Ms. Misha Bhatt on 56756675 or e:mail on 
  1. S.P.J Sadhana School, for Developmentally Handicapped (Grant Road) requires a volunteer to help man the P.C.O during weekdays along with their student. If interested please call Ms. Misha Bhatt on 56756675 or e:mail on 
  1.  N. Banajee Industrial Home for the Blind (Jogeshwari- west) requires Volunteers (preferably male) who can read and record for them in English/ Hindi or Marathi. If Interested please contact Ms. Misha Bhatt on 56756675 or e:mail on
  1. Oasis India requires male volunteers to teach MS Office at Arthur Road Jail on weekdays. If Interested please contact Ms. Misha Bhatt on 56756675 or e:mail on   
  1. Children Toy Foundation (Matunga & Vidya Vihar) needs Volunteers can teach the children basic Math/ English through games and quizzes If Interested please contact Ms. Misha Bhatt on 56756675 or e:mail on  

Ma Niketan, Thane, would like someone who can teach Indian Dances on Sundays. They would also like volunteers who can teach any school-type subject of any of 1st - 12th standard in Marathi or English. BUT the volunteer should be committed to being regular. 
Ma Niketan, since 1972, is an orphanage for girls aged 3-25 and has 350 girls currently.
Contact: Sr. Barbara, Tel.: 25341773, Email:
other links: ;  

Bombay Chamber requires list of experts/volunteers ready to serve senior citizens. Kindly share the contact details of experts/volunteers you have with you, to enable us in preparing a comprehensive database. 

Kindly identify experts/volunteers in the below mentioned areas:

1. Finance: Experts/volunteers who can provide guidance to elderly on investment schemes, tax exemptions, pension schemes and so on 
2. Legal: Experts/volunteers who can help elderly to prepare their will and provide guidanc on other legal issues
3. Diet and Nutrition: Experts/volunteers who can plan special diets for elderly based on their physical and mental health requirements
4. Physiotherapists: Experts/volunteers who can give sessions and lectures related to Physiotherapy.
5. Counsellors and psychologists
6. Gardening Experts/volunteers: Experts/volunteers who can impart gardening skills to elderly
7. Drawing and Art experts/volunteers
8. Dance and Drama Experts/volunteers
9. Experts who are able to cater to recreational needs of the elderly.

Contact details provided will be chanelised in a professional manner and special care will be taken that concerned experts are not disturbed.

Kindly share the information with Ms. Vandana Bhansali at or fax at 22621213.
Vandana Bhansali
Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Mackinnon and Mackenzie Building
4, shoorji Vllabhdas Road
Ballard Estate
Mumbai: 400001
Tel: 22614681-84 Ext: 428
Fax: 22621213  
 Special Olympics currently has a presence in 160 countries worldwide. It would be interesting to know if any users of this group have had some experience volunteering with Special Olympics and what this opportunity meant to them.

Ron Vederman, Ed.D.
Director of Athlete Recruitment, School & Youth Outreach
Special Olympics, Inc.
1325 G. Street, N.W., Suite 500
Washington, D.C. 20005
Direct line: 202-824-0275;
fax 202-824-0354
Toll free:  1-800-700-8585  

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"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth." --Mohammed Ali