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All India Seminar on Solid Waste Management in Urban Areas by  The Institution of Engineers (India) at Mumbai on February 10-11-2006 

 Implementing Municipal Solid Waste Management& Handling Rules 2000 in CIDCO Area an Integrated Approach (pdf )
 Health Care Waste Management (pdf)
 Composting and its Microbiology (pdf)
 Vermicomposting a Technological option to landfilling for organic Solid Waste Management (jpg)
 Composting of Municipal Solid Waste (jpg)
 Bioreactor Landfill- A Viable Alternative (jpg)
 Aerobic Stabilisation Pond Treatment to Slaughterhouse Waste at Amravati: A Case Study (jpg)
 Hospital Solid Waste and its Management Approach- A Case Study of a Hospital in Akola District of Maharashtra (pdf)
 Used water and Solid Waste Narrowing the gap between Generation, Treatment and Reuse (pdf)
 Gorai Landfill Gas Project- A Case Study (pdf)
 Benefits for better Municipal Solid Waste Management through clean development mechanism in India (pdf)
 Perspectives of Solid Waste Management in India (jpg)
 Siting of Municipal Solid Waste landfilling facility (jpg)
 Solid Waste Management: Challenges in India (pdf)
 Development of Waste processing and disposal facility (jpg)

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