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  is a free platform for the Indian nonprofit sector. We organize regular meeting of NGOs areawise (i.e NGOs based in fort), sector wise (i.e hearing impaired), donors and volunteers. These meetings are attended by representatives of NGOs and other high profiled individuals. The number of participants for these meetings range between 40-45.


You can be part of this venture by sponsoring the meeting. For exclusive sponsoring of the meetings the cost would be Rs 5,000 where we would provide you space for display of your products and also five minutes to make a presentation and interact with participants after the meeting


If you want only the banner to be put up then you will have to pay Rs 1000 and this would not be exclusive.  


Sponsoring events/seminars


We also organize seminars, walks on specific issues which normally get a participation of 100-150 people.


The cost of exclusively sponsoring the event or seminar is Rs 20,000 and non- exclusively it would be Rs 10,000.


Information about the event to be distributed on the site


We can circulate your event to a 4000 member yahoo group and 20000 email list as follows:


    - Free events - free to yahoo group; and free to email list if suitable.


    - Paid events - upon payment of registration cost of one person OR the maximum cost for one person to attend.


The 4000 member yahoo group is 50% NGOs and 50% supporters of NGOs.

The 16000 member email list is of NGOs, Rotarians, Corporates who support nonprofit activity. is an initiative of the Shri R. O. Somani Charitable Trust which is a trust duly registered with the Charities Commissioner, having 80 G registration.