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  Possible revenue sources for nonprofits

- Government Schemes

- Donations - corporates, foreign funding agencies, charitable trusts, individuals

- Fund-Raising Drives - on own or with "channel partners" e.g. schools, associations, ladies clubs.

- Selling Products - made by self, made by others (obtained free or at a discount), old / new goods, jumble sales

- Events e.g. dramas

- Weekend Activities for families - in or by a nonprofit

- Providing Volunteers to other organizations - ongoing or event-based

- Rendering Services e.g. making clothes for a shop; keeping an area clean; tending a garden; distributing flyers

- Teaching Skills e.g. folk-dance to kids group; how to provide support

- Training e.g. for corporate personnel e.g. team-building skills

- Getting "Adopted" e.g. by a corporate, Rotary

- Publishing Newsletters or doing research in some form

Website Advertisements e.g. banner ads by corporates, advts by Google