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  Useful checklists for all >> Organisational Structure of a Nonprofit - an example
  Organisational Structure of a Nonprofit - an example

- ensuring delivery to beneficiares / beneficiary groups

Office Team - can be volunteers also; person can fill multiple roles till org grows,
- fundraiser
- liaison person - with government, corporates, donors, sponsors, banks, etc.
- project / campaign manager and an assistant
- volunteer co-ordinator
- marketing person if org selling products
- human resource manager - after the org grows

Volunteers or part-time staff or free / paid service providers
- accountant
- strategy advisors and evaluators
- communicator - reply to phones, letters, emails,
- marketing / mba students - to document processes, experiences, learnings, write articles, add info to website, newsletter
- speakers - to go to various forums e.g. Rotary Clubs, PTAs, Ladies Clubs, Beneficiary Groups
- public relations / publicity
- delivering the actual services to the beneficiary group