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We request and recommend that you email us as much information as you can below. It will be displayed on the site as a Datasheet. It will save your time when our site visitors contact you as they will be able to have focused conversations. You can always modify the details later so please do not wait till you collect ALL the details. If you have questions, please call, but we would prefer if you email us the details (even if partly) before you call. 
Nonprofit, NGO, Charity Registration Form

- Name of nonprofit, etc.  
- Registration No.  
- Website  
About you:
- One line slogan:
- About us:
- Vision
your raison d'etre (e.g. We want Mumbai to be a...):   
Mission (How you intend to reach your vision) - one main statement only:  
- Services Offered:
- Impact Data
(e.g. number of children being taught):  
- Brief History (incl. year begun):
- Brief Projects / Achievements
- What is it that you do exactly for a beneficiary? (Please state in language that is simple enough for a 14 year old to understand.)
Collaboration Possibilities:
- How can you work with corporates, sponsors, other NGOs, schools, hospitals, Rotaries, govt?
(Please elaborate differently for each)  
- If they want to visit you, what can you show them & how much time will it take?  
- Do you have any weekend or evening activities which families can attend and be sensitized?
- If you can give a talk of 15-20 minutes to a Rotary Club or Ladies Association, please state: Title of Topic / One line description of what it will cover / Audience for whom suitable

Financial data:   
- yearly budget
(in Rs. lacs)  
- Sources of Revenue (please also state names of main donors)  
- Are you willing to be 'adopted' by a corporate?
If yes, What is your annual funding need?
Organisation data: 
- number of full-time people  
- number of part-time people  
- number of volunteers
Help Needed?
Advisors / Mentors needed: state briefly here and fill appropriate form on home page
Volunteer opportunities?   state briefly here and fill appropriate form on home page
Donations-in-kind needed e.g. toys?   Type; Description e.g. quantity, frequency, purpose, etc.; Will you arrange for pick up?
Services needed e.g. web designing? Type; Description of Service and Purpose / Goal; Free or will pay?
Donation possibilities? (e.g. Rs…. To sponsor one child's education)
Jobs Available: position; full-time or part-time; remuneration range
Organisation Contact Details:  
 (in label format) 

Contact Person's Details  :
work phone:  
                      Show on site? (yes / no)      Best times to call:
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email- personal:  

Names of Trustees (with age of most active one):  

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