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It is difficult for donors to select NGOs. Is the nonprofit genuine? Will my amount make a difference? What percentage of donations goes to the final beneficiaries? Will I be pestered again and again if I donate? Is there no independent organisation who evaluates and recommends NGOs?

It is difficult for NGOs to raise funds. We don't have full-time staff or volunteers for fund-raising! Whom should we approach anyway? The cost of collection is so high! Donations-in-kind are needed, but so is money. How to make people aware about our work? Is there no independent organisation who evaluates and recommends NGOs?

Well, we, at, a free platform for the nonprofit sector, carefully profile and select one deserving Mumbai nonprofit every month. We invite you to donate directly to such nonprofits. Even a small amount of Rs. 100 can make a difference! e.g. Rs. 100 x 1000 donors = Rs. 1 lakh.

Whether you are an individual or a corporate, we invite you to fill .

The Karmayog July Nonprofit-of-the-Month is Dilkhush Special School at Juhu which was also badly affected by the floods.
It's profile is at 

Dilkhush Special School is a school established in 1971 for children with a mental handicap. It has around 100 children from 6-18 years of age and with varying degrees of Mental Handicap yet within the mild and moderate range along with a few who are also severely handicapped. They do not charge fees.


The school has 11 classes which range from KG to seniors but these are totally different in nature from the classes in a ‘normal’ school. They also have two non-academic classes where children who are going to leave school are sent so that they are trained in some vocational skill. Students can stay till the age of 20.


Dilkhush school makes Individualised Education plans so every child is treated as an individual and taught at his/her own pace though in a class situation. In academics a lot of emphasis is on Functional Academics- studies related to life, and they also do a lot to teach socially acceptable behaviour to the students


Like most schools, they have singing, and sports and art classes. They also take students on field trips and have at least an overnight picnic for them.


The school does not have a full time speech, or occupational therapist because it believes that after a child has been assessed, the best person to help the child is the class teacher who is also trained to carry out therapy in class. Each class has a Special Educator, having a Diploma in Special Education (MR) recognised by the Rehabilitation Council of India.


Do help to circulate their Telephone Diary which has a lot of information of the school and the children.


You can also volunteer to:

- play with the children

- help individual children with their class work

- offer your time and talents


In the recent flood calamity,  the entire ground floor was under 4 ft of water, so the furniture of four classes, teaching materials, Office equipment (computers) have been lost. They need Rs. two lakhs to make the school functional. Their annual budget is less than Rs. 15 lakhs most of which goes towards salaries.

Help a good cause by sending your cheques to "Dilkhush Special School". IT exemption is available under 80-G.


Please send your cheques to us at Karmayog or to

Dilkhush Special School

Juhu Road,

Opp. Palm Grove Hotel,


Mumbai 400049

Tel: 26151304

Fax: 26188688

Attn: Sr.Noella Pereira, Principal


Your donation to nonprofits achieves 3 things: 
    - it offers desperately-needed financial support (nonprofits like this one rely almost entirely on donations) 
    - it gives encouragement to the nonprofit (and to us at Karmayog) 
    - it connects you with your nobler qualities (generosity is about the giver, not the receiver)
So please do donate - however small an amount it may be e.g. Rs. 100.
Don't wait! Don't hesitate! Reach out for your checkbook NOW!
    June:       "Karuna Welfare" - orphanage and school
    May :      "Nilam Patel Bahushrut Foundation" -- hearing-challenged
    April :      "Family Service Centre" -- women and children in slums
    March:     "Plants & Animal Welfare Society" -- - animal welfare
    February: “Sunbeam” -- educating street children
    January:   "S P J Sadhana" -- school for mentally-challenged
See their profiles at .
I look forward to your joining our current supporters.
You may wish to see my brief note on Selection Criteria though the profiles of each of the NPOs should hopefully suffice :-)
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