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It is difficult for donors to select NGOs. Is the nonprofit genuine? Will my amount make a difference? What percentage of donations goes to the final beneficiaries? Will I be pestered again and again if I donate? Is there no independent organisation who evaluates and recommends NGOs?

It is difficult for NGOs to raise funds. We don't have full-time staff or volunteers for fund-raising! Whom should we approach anyway? The cost of collection is so high! Donations-in-kind are needed, but so is money. How to make people aware about our work? Is there no independent organisation who evaluates and recommends NGOs?

Well, we, at, a free platform for the nonprofit sector, carefully profile and select one deserving Mumbai nonprofit every month. We invite you to donate directly to such nonprofits. Even a small amount of Rs. 100 can make a difference! e.g. Rs. 100 x 1000 donors = Rs. 1 lakh.

Whether you are an individual or a corporate, we invite you to fill .

The Karmayog October Nonprofit-of-the-Month is Sanskar India Foundation.
We are pleased to announce Sanskar India Foundation as the Karmayog October Nonprofit-of-the-Month.

All of us know that children are far more receptive and enthusiastic than adults about adopting practices or making significant changes to improve the environment.  As parents, we are also very familiar with the convincing power children have over us. 

Kiran and Shabnam of Sanskar formulated a very stimulating, child-friendly programme “Sanskar” to impart civic, environment, social and health values for all round education required to raise responsible citizens. “Sanskar,” intends to fill that gap left un-served by formal school education.
In July 2004, they ran a pilot project introducing the programme to 500 children and proved that children were indeed the best instruments of change. Not only were they able to take courageous steps on their own, but they went out to spread the message to neighbours, relatives and friends as well. Encouraged by the success of the program, they spread it to 30 schools this year, more than two-thirds being Municipal schools. It is being conducted in 2 languages and translation into the third is going on.

Sanskar India's profile is at 

With the expansion of activities, the Foundation is now in urgent need of a permanent set up including office space, infrastructure and staff. Funding sources for these and expanding activities need to be identified, so as to maintain continuity of work.
Donations to Sanskar India Foundation are tax-exempt under Section 80 G of Income Tax Act. 
Cheques may be made in favour of SANSKAR INDIA FOUNDATION and sent to:

Sanskar India Foundation
503 Jolly Bhavan1
New Marine Lines
Mumbai 400 020
E mail:   
Website in Karmayog: 
Trustee: Ms. Kiran Madan Ph. 9867019761   e mail  
Trustee: Ms. Shabnam Javed

We / they can arrange to pick up cheques or cash. If you would like to pay by credit card or bank transfer, let us know.

Thanks for your support for the Karmayog Nonprofit-of-the-Month concept.


Your donation to nonprofits achieves 3 things: 
    - it offers desperately-needed financial support (nonprofits like this one rely almost entirely on donations) 
    - it gives encouragement to the nonprofit (and to us at Karmayog) 
    - it connects you with your nobler qualities (generosity is about the giver, not the receiver)
So please do donate - however small an amount it may be e.g. Rs. 100.
Don't wait! Don't hesitate! Reach out for your checkbook NOW!
    September:   "Saritsa Foundation" - Training people how to respond when disaster   
    August:        "
Save Bombay Committee" - Cleanliness in Mumbai
    July:             "Dilkhush Special School" - school for mentally challenged 
    June:            "Karuna Welfare" - orphanage and school
    May :           "Nilam Patel Bahushrut Foundation" -- hearing-challenged
    April :           "Family Service Centre" -- women and children in slums
    March:         "Plants & Animal Welfare Society" -- - animal welfare
    February:     “Sunbeam” -- educating street children
    January:      "S P J Sadhana" -- school for mentally-challenged
See their profiles at .
I look forward to your joining our current supporters.
You may wish to see my brief note on Selection Criteria though the profiles of each of the NPOs should hopefully suffice :-)
Thanks and Regards,

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