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This section contains the following:
  - details of a new group being formed 
  - rules, policies, procedures, research papers, etc.
  - views and discussions
  - interesting or significant work by others

Meetings & Responses 

Agenda for Jan 14 meeting on Mental Illness  
Minutes of 14 Jan meeting
          - Minutes of meeting on 14 Jan by Akila Maheshwari

 - Over 3,00,00,000 Indians are mentally ill! (16 Jan 06) 

Rules, Policies, Court Orders 
Mental Illness - NATIONAL DRAFT POLICY (16 Jan 06)
False certification of mental illness of women by husbands (16 Jan 06) 
Disability Act (28 Jan 06)
Job Reservation for Mental ill (28 Jan 06)

NGOs, Helplines, Professional Resources
Organisations for Mental Illness in Mumbai  (18 Jan 06)
Non-Mumbai organisation for Mental Illness  (20 Jan 06)
Non-Mumbai Counselling Helplines (28 Jan 06)

Aasra - Helping People in Despair (25 Jan 06) 
Dilaasa - For families of the mentally ill (16 Jan 06)
NAMI Helpline for all mental illnesses  (16 Jan 06)
Vardaan, Baroda - Mental Health Rehabilitation Program (16 Jan 06)

-  300 Maharashtra Psychiatric Society Database
Professionals for Learning Disabilities 


Oct 10 - World Mental Health Day (16 Jan 06) 
Mental illness defined and categorized (16 Jan 06)
Categorization of Mental illnesses into different groups 
Mental Illness Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Special Schools for Mentally Handicapped and Spastic Children  
Is There an Objective Way to Classify Mental Illnesses? 

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