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BMC and the NGO Council are working on creating formal engagement mechanisms with each other.  
Link to Cleanliness in Mumbai  
- MCGM - NGO Council MOU 
- Guiding Principles 
- BMC - NGO - Citizens meeting


Charter for the MCGM - Local Area Citizen Group Partnership 2006

Charter for the MCGM - Local Area Citizen Group Partnership 2006 w.e.f. 1st Apr 06
- Summary
- Summary of Suggested LACG Areas 
- Example of suggested LACG boundaries in Councillor Ward 3
- Complete list of FAQs
       - Segregated as per:
          -  Concerns of all citizens
          -  Concerns of citizens interested in forming LACGs
          -  Concerns of ALMs 
- Presentation of the Charter LACG - MCGM Partnership 2006 prepared by S. P. Jain MBA   
  DOCC Students
- Operations Manual prepared by S. P. Jain MBA DOCC Students (pdf)
- S. P. Jain MBA DOCC Students Project Report (pdf)

- Letter for forming an LACG
- Letter of Support

- Citizen Charter   (pdf)
- Exploring concept of Lead LACGs in each ward  
   - Do you want to join those forming an LACG in your area? 
- Details of Ward Boundaries
- Locate your Councillor Ward (PDF) 

- Difference between ALMs and LACGs by Vinay Somani, Karmayog / Convenor, NGO Council
      - Note 1  
      - Note 2 
  - LACG vs. ALM feature comparison by:
            - Alex Aiyar's views - N. Dutta Marg Environmental Group
            - Pestom Sagar ALM  

- Contact the NGO Council


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