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THE SOCIETY FOR SERVICE TO VOLUNTARY AGENCIES SOSVA is a support service organization working to strengthen the numerous field level non governmental organizations (NGOs). It promotes new NGOs and expands the activities of the existing ones in all areas of economic and social development.

The new INNOVATION CENTER OF SOSVA (ICOS) is designed to acknowledge the growing importance of innovations relevant to social development. The cardinal problem of Indian society is that it is conservative and does not accept change/innovation easily, especially in the various services, the government and the public sector. ICOS intends to counter public inertia for social change and accelerate innovations for acceptance by the concerned agencies in the public domain. ICOS will identify, research, nurture and promote innovative ideas primarily in the public and non-profit sectors having the potential of making significant impact on development and which will bring positive changes to the quality of life.

ICOS is presently in its pilot phase and invites application for Innovation Promotion Officers and part time Volunteers for assisting in the research and implementation of various innovative ideas.

Innovation Promotion Officer

To work on research based activities for conducting pre feasibility study and promoting ideas from initiation to implementation.

A post graduate degree in management, humanities or social work with relevant experience in similar kind of projects.

Contact: Ms. Rashmi Warty - Special Officer 
Telephone :       022-26555704,26403490
Fax :                 022-26403490
Society For Service To voluntary Agencies (SOSVA)
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