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We are a group of persons from Barcelona, Spain, involved in jobs related to Public Relations, Marketing and Communications.
After some trips to India, and after discovering the large list of projects to develop in Mumbai we decided to form an NGO to canalize our contacts in our jobs and professional lives to develop some projects.
After some meetings and discussions, we decided firmly that our task will be providing orphan children in Mumbai of an education that could permit them to acced to a professional life in the future.
We thought that the best way to get that help is developing an "sponsor-a-child" plan, so a person in Spain would sponsorship a child sending a quantity of money every month.
We also observed that big NGO's (that are making a wonderful task, by the way) have a lot of support in media and communication but it's difficult for a local little orphanage, for example, to acced to it, which is, by the way, the most important bridge to his potential supporters. For this reason we decided to support just locals and not very developed orphanages, to be more able to see and "touch" the help sent to them. After belonging to a lot of NGO's in the last years, we all thing that a very important thing is permitting to the sponsors to see that their help is really arriving to the project.
We are just starting, but we are bringing to this project the best of our jobs, our hopes and our passions, knowing that we are going to be very helpful.
After reading all your website contents with attention and admiration, we thing you are the best ones we cold ever find to help us in this two things:
* Finding a pair of orphanages that would be interested in being our help-destination. We saw a big list of them in your website but you must know them better than us and know which one has more necessity at this moment. We still don't know how big would be our support, but we believe that in the first months it would mean, minimum, 1.000 euros/ month for each orphanage.
*Finding a person that could be our correspondent there. Of course, we want to pay him/her a salary. We believe that if we make the sponsor-a-child programme we would need someone to make the photos to send to the sponsor, make an evaluation of the child's education, the necessities of the orphanage, etc... So, we would need someone because we can not ask to the orphanages to make this work for us. We want to help them, not add more worries to them!!! A part from that, someone from Spain would come every 3 months to control the development of everything to may support.

Of course, if you need further information about us, about our project or about whatever please do not hesitate in contacting us again so many times as you may require.
Best wishes,
Jaume Sanllorente
Project's Director