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Position: Operations Assistant
Responsible to: Sr Operations Manager
Position Summary: Responsibility for operations of programme, programme related community development

Oct 2004


Planning of schedule and related manpower planning for weekly sessions, day trips and camps
Responsible for effective communication to programme staff of schedule
Responsible for all systems of communication and data gathering from staff
Responsible for booking, and other support for trips, camps and sessions with the assistance of the Mentor team.
Implement the plan by direct liaising with the NGO staff / community mobilisers and venues
Reporting on a weekly basis to Sr Ops Manager the attendances on sessions and reasons for variances. 

Community partnerships and grounds
Identify together with programme team required community partnerships
Plan seasonal changes to venue requirements well in advance
Implementation of grounds and day trip planning and manage support team in implementing the programme

Programme Support
Provide regular feedback to staff members on operational issues
Coordinate and schedule Magic Bus programme consultants and related projects and trainings
Recording mentors Holiday, Time keeping, Sick leave, Schedule, Uniforms, with support of Office Assistant.
Maintain record of activities and reports on sessions, trips and camps for perusal by other departments and newsletters.
Assist in updating operations handbook annually.
Communicating with other departments ( Finance, Research, fundraising, admin ) for smooth functioning of programme operations.
Assist in scheduling  of employee training programs and appraisals
Support Sr ops Manager in staff related issues
Supervising the distribution and allocation of programme equipment and uniforms to the Mentors.

Any other duties as assigned

Skills needed for the job -
Strong analytical Abilities required for resource allocation and planning
Forward thinking
Good communication skills
Ability to create and work with systems.
Good knowledge of Microsoft Access & Excel.
Experience will be preferred but not necessary.