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 1 June 2006  

1) To map the capacity and capability of every NGO sector in Mumbai / forming umbrella groups (from office or home)

    e.g. Hearing Challenged section
    i.e. contacting NGOs, understanding their activities, strengths and weaknesses, rating them, and organising a get-together to discuss how to take issues and causes forward with the authorities, stakeholders and citizens. Also putting together a resource lists of material and service providers.
This should also lead to the following:
  a) Formation of an umbrella group which acts as a networking body and think tank for the sector with the NGO Council
  b) Co-organising an yearly event with a leading NGO for the sector as a whole along with the NGO Council
  c) Arranging fixed monthly or bi-monthly meetings with stakeholders as a Support Group meeting
2) Research / content development / interviewing people / internet surfing to help everyone connected with the sector, i.e. affected, policy makers, NGOs, stakeholders (full / part time)  from office or home
    e.g. to draft a Policy for Public Toilets for Mumbai to submit to BMC
    i.e. getting details such as policies in various countries, economics of pay-and-use, private-public partnership models, design parameters, photographs, checklists, location selection criteria, details for usage by women or disabled or children, technical info such as water & sewer links, city-wide plans, etc.
3) Putting together policy papers (can be assignment based also) from office or home
    e.g. Solid Waste Management Policy for Mumbai
    i.e. getting and compiling information, existing policies and practices, view points, policies elsewhere, organising meetings, coordinating with interested people, etc.
4) Compiling an online directory of profiles of NGOs all over India. (full / part time) from office or home
    e.g. list of all India NGOs on site.
    i.e. by getting NGO details via internet, phone calls, brochures, emails, etc. and entering the same in the database
5) Organising frequent group meetings at the Karmayog office and at BMC. (full / part time)
    e.g. Jan Schedule of BMC - NGO - Citizen meetings
    i.e. meeting on different themes e.g. volunteers, social workers, environment awareness, etc. since we can seat 25 participants
6) Webmaster to manage karmayog website
    e.g. and
    i.e. layouts, navigation, software development and co-ordination with programmers, searching suitable software, etc.
7) Photo-blogging  (full / part time) from office or home
    e.g. flood photos
    i.e. to receive photos via email or mobile phone, upload on the site, and co-ordinate with govt officials
8) Co-ordinate with BMC / act as a helpline  (full / part time) from office or home
    e.g. to find out information or procedures
    i.e. if complaints are received from NGOs, LACGs, or citizens, then to co-ordinate with concerned BMC department or official, on basis of BMC - NGO Council MOU
9) Fund-raising for getting sponsors for NGOs and NGO events. (full / part time) from office or home
    e.g. for umbrella group's activities through Corporates Social Responsibility departments
    i.e. printing brochures, newsletters, awareness programmes, banner ads, sponsoring events, etc.

10) Miscellaneous Activities (full / part time)
    e.g. attending events, searching daily newspapers for articles, scanning, co-ordinating with volunteers, data entry, emailing, etc. and secretarial activities

    i.e. to populate and popularise the website
11) Secretary
12) Writer (full / part time) from office or home
      e.g. for newsletter jointly with BMC
Please email your resume in the body of the email with subject line stating the position that you are interested in.
You may also post your biodata in the Jobs Needed Forum in .

It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. --Charles Dudley Warner