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The Education Audiology and Research Centre (EAR) was established in 1963 in association with the Commonwealth Society for the Deaf in London, England. EAR runs an Infant Centre with an audiology unit, and uses the "Auditory Verbal" method of teaching. EAR also supports several hearing impaired children in special schools, and has supportive and remedial teaching activities.
Project: EAR is seeking a pediatric audiologist to help start a NewbornHearing Screening program at a maternity hospital in Mumbai. He/she would have to train individuals to do the testing, interpret the results, document the findings and give detailed reports. The audiologist will also assist in the audiological management of EARs hearing impaired children. The padeo audiologist would also assist the EAR school audiologist in Audiological management of the Hearing Impaired children at the EAR Centre, to ensure they have the best possible hearing aids to match their hearing loss. EAR would welcome having the volunteer also conduct a workshop for our teachers on Neonatal Hearing Screning and Fitting of hearing aids.

Special Requirements: Padeo Audiologist
Time Length: 3 months
Contact: Pervin Mehta:
Pervin R Mehta
Hon. Executive Director
The Education, Audiology and Research Society
The EAR Centre,
Toppiwala Muncipal School,Off Lamington Road, (Opp. the Lamington Road Police Station),
 Mumbai  4000006