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Work Opportunities in the UK for qualified, experienced Children's Social Workers in the London Borough of Ealing - January 2005

We currently have approximately 10 vacancies for qualified, experienced children's social workers who would like to work in the UK.

The main vacancies are in:
. Referral and Assessment (Investigation) Teams and Children in Need (Risk assessment and family intervention/support)
. Hospital Social Work (Child Protection and Investigation work)
. Looked After (fostered) Children's Team

What we are looking for:

There have been a number of national issues that have resulted in a significant shortage of qualified social workers at the present time in the UK. Longer term strategies are in place to address this issue but over the next 1 - 3 years this shortage is likely to continue. As a result this authority has a number of vacancies, particularly in the Referral and Assessment, Children in Need and Looked After (Fostered) Children's Teams. Qualified social workers from abroad often find London an exciting place to work and build very useful career experience. This has included workers from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, US, India and South Africa over the past few years.

Following our successful visit to India last year when we recruited 9 social workers from Nirmala Niketan, TISS, and Karve Institute of Social Science, we are visiting again for further recruitment. Having done this before we have all learned a great deal and should be able to make your transition as smooth as possible, as well as put you in contact with some Indian colleagues who have already joined us.

We have also successfully recruited 15 social workers from Boston over the past two years. This has been a very positive experience for the workers and for this Authority.  We would like to build on the links that now exist between Mumbai and Ealing and offer this opportunity to a wider potential audience.

Ealing's Children's Social Services:

We undertake a range of legal duties primarily set out in the Children Act 1989 and the Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000.

Our priority work areas are:

. Investigation and assessment of child protection referrals and children in need
. Family support and brief therapy interventions to support families and re-integrate them, returning children home where it is safe to do so or identifying permanent alternatives where it is not

. Assuming parental responsibilities for children whom it is either not safe or their parents are unable to care for them (the Corporate Parent role)

. Providing a fostering and adoption service

. Providing social work to looked after (fostered) children

. Providing an assessment and support service for children with disabilities and their carers

. Providing a range of supports eg education, health, leisure, careers, drama, music to ensure children in the care system receive the opportunities to succeed that a good parent would provide

. Providing an extensive multi-agency support service for young people aged 16 - 21 (or 23 if in full time education) who are termed care leavers, to enable them to become successful, independent young adults eg accommodation, careers, health, mental health, drug and alcohol advice etc.

Structure of Ealing Children's Services:

We have 2 main geographical offices that each cover half the borough - one is in Acton and the other is in Greenford. The public can contact the offices direct for assistance or other agencies such as health visitors, doctors, schools, police, probation also make referrals direct to the appropriate geographical office. The Team structure at the offices is as

. Referral and Assessment Team (Investigation)
. Children in Need Team (Risk assessment and family intervention/support)
. Looked After Children Team (Children in foster and residential care)
. Hospital Social Work Team (Child protection work, ER work, multi-agency working)

In addition there is a single borough wide Leaving Care Team (age 16-21) and Children with Disability Specialist Team.

The authority also has a centrally based Fostering and Adoption Team that recruits and supports short term and permanent substitute families, 3 Children's Homes and a Drop In Support Centre for children in care and Care Leavers.

A Job Description and the Person Specification  - which sets out the requirements for the job - are available on request or when we arrive. For successful candidates we will try and meet your preference for an individual team, but will need to place recruits in areas with vacancies available at the time you join us.

What we can offer you:

. An exciting opportunity to work and live in London and gain invaluable career and life experience

. Competitive salary starting at a minimum of 26,403 ( Sterling) inclusive of London Weighting, rising to 31,563 ( Sterling) inclusive of London Weighting. Starting point on the payscale is dependent on number of years post-MSW qualification and we would expect new MSW graduates to start at the lower end and progress on an annual basis through the scales. There are also opportunities for career progression to senior practitioner posts and management posts, linked to experience and competitive interview.

. A free flight to the UK to take up the position
. For this grade of post annual leave starts at 24 days per year, plus 7 additional statutory days and a further 2 additional days at Christmas, making a starting total of 33 days per year.

. Short term (one year), medium term (two years) opportunities with an opportunity of a permanent contract for those who wish to make a long-term commitment

. Assistance with processing work permits and visa's

. Free NHS Healthcare

. Assistance with finding accommodation on arrival

. Friendly and supportive work colleagues

. Equal access for all staff to an extensive child care specialist multi-agency training programme and induction training

. Key link workers to make your transition and adjustment as smooth as possible

. A comprehensive induction programme

. For those who take up the two year opportunity - a free flight back to India once a year is available.

What you need to be able to offer us:

. A minimum commitment of two years, or one year if circumstances can't allow 2

. A recognised children's social work qualification eg MSW
. A minimum of 2 years experience of working in the field of childcare investigation / assessment / child protection / family  intervention and support
. 2 good references - 1 must be from your current or last employer

. You need to be aged between 21 - 65

. An up to date Resume

. A completed Application Form (to be supplied by us)

. Clear Police and Criminal Record

. Medical clearance

. Registration with the UK General Social Care Council (GSCC - which we will assist with)

. Commitment and flexibility

. A willingness to work hard with a challenging but very rewarding client group

. A strong customer focus in your work practice and commitment to help children and families succeed and achieve their full potential.

Ealing is an equal opportunity employer and particularly welcomes applications from people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds and those with disabilities, who are currently under represented in the work force.


If the answer is yes - then please make contact as soon as possible to get further details and progress.

How to contact us in India:
We will be available for discussion, informal meetings and for formal interviews for 10 days in Mumbai between Monday 21st February Tuesday 1st March 2005.

Between  Monday 21st February Tuesday 1st March 2005.
 Ghazala Sheikh can be contacted at:

Hotel Holiday Inn
Balraj Sahani Marg
Tel:  56934444

We will also be visiting TISS and Nirmala Niketan college during our stay to do presentations, tests and interviews.

Contact in the UK:

Ghazala Sheikh
Tel 0208825 8815
Mobile 07939244932

Whilst we are interested in recruiting straight away to fill immediate opportunities, we are also interested in keeping CVs and details of potential future applicants, so if you think you may be interested in the future, please also make contact.

Who we are:
Ghazala Sheikh is a Senior Manager(Operations Manager, Children's placements) in Ealing Social Services Department.

Sandya Dutta  Team manager Referral and assessment team

Sonali Karve- Social worker adoption team. Graduate from Karve Institute. Pune.

Ghazala Sheikh
Operations Manager


London is divided into 32 London Boroughs. Each borough is responsible for providing its own Social Services, Education and public housing services.

Ealing is a densely populated borough of approximately 300,000 people. It is the 4th largest and has the 3rd largest black and minority ethnic population. Around 50% of children in Ealing are from black and minority ethnic backgrounds. The largest proportion are from the Indian/Asian communities, with a significant African, Caribbean population. Based near Heathrow Airport, Ealing is also recipient of significant asylum seeking and refugee communities. There is a growing Somali population and Kosovan and other east European populations. Over 100 different community languages are spoken in Ealing.

All this contributes to a diverse, young population and a lively multi-cultural community reflected in schools, businesses, shops and restaurants across the authority.

Situated in west London, near to Heathrow Airport, Ealing has excellent transport links, both into central London by Tube and good motorway links to places like Oxford, Manchester, Liverpool and the Lake District.

London is also an excellent base to explore Europe either by rail with Eurostar or for budget long weekends from 1 of the 4 London based airports.