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Want to help build a people’s movement for child rights in India!

About CRY

CRY - Child Rights and You, is an independent, Indian non-profit organisation that has been working to ensure basic rights for Indian children over the past 26 years.
At CRY, we believe that empowering communities and children to determine their own futures is the sustainable way to realise the rights of all underprivileged children in India.

To bring about social change we work closely with our project and alliance partners, network with other civil society groups and focus on advocacy efforts that influence macro policies in favour of children's rights. By working as an ‘enabler’, we support organisations with assistance ranging from financial resources and administrative support to training and perspective building.
In 26 years, CRY has impacted the lives of 1.37 million children across 2500 communities and more than 300 projects.

Development Strategy at CRY:

CRY has a holistic approach to development based on the child rights framework with community empowerment as a key ingredient. CRY also places strong emphasis on networking with other NGOs and advocacy efforts to influence macro policies for children.
CRY's assistance to the child development initiatives isn’t just financial. Our Development support team enables our partners’ work through capacity building, infrastructure support, sharing of ideas and information, networking and joint planning, monitoring and evaluation impact, research, documentation and government interface.
At CRY, we invite you to use your professional skills and experience to help restore to underprivileged Indian children their basic rights to - survival, development, protection and participation.

Our Commitment:

People form the foundation of CRY. We have 5 offices - Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore and representatives is Pune and Hyderabad. We are a team of 150 full-time employees. At CRY, the opportunities, the space and environment provided are not only challenging to us who work here but is also enriching both professionally and personally.

If you believe in CRY's mission for child rights, its philosophy to work in partnership and work with the highest standards of accountability and transparency, we invite you to be a part of the CRY family.

Job Title: Deputy General Manager-Western Region

Function: Development Support

Location: Mumbai

Your Challenge:


 As a person in this position, you will be responsible for developing the strategy for support and intervention of CRY-supported initiatives in the region. You will ensure it’s in line with the organisation’s strategy and that it delivers the maximum positive impact on the rights of the child. Your role includes assessing and identifying development partners that would best help to achieve the objectives; optimal utilization of resources; effective performance monitoring and evaluation; implementing of efficient processes and systems; and network with the local communities, government bodies and key individuals. Being team leader, you will have to enable, motivate your team, communicate internally and externally, the organisational stances on various issues, regional efforts and programme effectiveness.


You must be a Post - Graduate in Social Work, Sociology or Rural Development from a reputed institute. You must have more than 10 years experience of leading a region/zone in the area of urban or rural development in the rights based approach. You should have experience in planning, monitoring and evaluating projects, interfacing with the government and other stakeholders. Strong written and oral communication skills in English are essential. Knowledge of Marathi and/or Gujarati language would be an advantage.
All CVs must be mailed to 
Subject line must mention "in response to job posting at ----".

Join CRY’s Human Resources Function.   

At CRY - Child Rights and You, every single person plays an important role in creating a more just world for India’s children. You use your professional skills and experience to ensure all Indian children’s rights - to education, health, security and freedom of expression – are safeguarded.

As the leading Child Rights organisation in India, CRY with its progressive HR philosophy often sets benchmarks not only for the rest of the NGO-world, but also for many corporates.  As an HR professional you will experience inordinate job satisfaction by being able to implement some of India’s most path breaking HR practices. 

In short, we're offering something no corporate posting could. The chance to have unparalleled professional growth, as well as the opportunity to make a difference in so many children’s lives. But - and that's a very big but - we could never match the salaries and perks of the corporate world. If you agree with us that the work is its own reward, please read on.  

Job Title- Regional Manager

Function- Human Resource

Location- Mumbai  

You in the position of Regional Manager- Human Resource, will be responsible for corporate HR in the Western Region and will be in charge of Recruitment, Performance Management Process & Compensation, Training & Systems. In addition, you will be assisting the General Manager – HR on overall HR strategy. In CRY, HR is a strategic function and not just about service delivery – the function directly relates to the overall CRY mission as well as the Business Strategy of the organisation.

You will be based in Mumbai and should be Post Graduate in Human Resource. You should have 4-5 years experience in Corporate HR and should have handled HR responsibilities of Recruitment, Performance Management Process & Compensation, Training.  An exposure to OD process will be an advantage.

You should be a good communicator and display strong leadership skills. You should be passionate about your work to the point of going beyond the defined boundaries of your role.

To apply please send your resume to Vimmi M. Budhiraja at For more information on CRY visit 

We are looking for Child Right advocates who given space and challenges, use the freedom to chalk out ideas for irrevocable social change. We urge individuals who can work in a transparent, democratic and collective decision making environment to join CRY and bring justice to children. We are looking for:


Job Title: Assistant Manager - Development Support – Urban Maharashtra/ Rural Maharashtra/ Gujarat   

Function: Development Support               

Location: Mumbai

Number of positions: 4


Your Challenge:


You will be the link between CRY and CRY supported partners in Maharashtra  / Gujarat . Your responsibilities will include planning, monitoring and evaluation of supported initiatives, providing for partners capacity building needs, environment scanning, identifying areas/projects for CRY’s intervention and supporting networking efforts.  




You must be a Post - Graduate in Social Work, Sociology or Rural Development from a reputed institute with 4 – 6 years experience in the field of urban or rural development and willing to travel extensively.  Primary experience has to be in planning, monitoring and evaluating projects, interfacing with the government and other stakeholders.  Strong written and oral communication skills in English are essential. Knowledge of Marathi or Gujarati would be an advantage.  


Please send in your applications to

Please mention the position and location applied for in the subject line

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