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Comet Media Foundation
Looking for a knowledge promoter

Comet Media Foundation is a voluntary organisation working in the field of knowledge. If you are a person who is interested in sustainable development, craft traditions and in knowledge–-in how people learn, what they need to learn to widen their horizons, and in fulfilling these needs–-you may be interested to read on. We need an enthusiastic, reading and thinking person interested to travel and capable of working independently.

Our activities involve holding workshops, creating knowledge artefacts and distributing these through various public events that we organise. Around the year we run a small counter stocking books and toys, that aims to spread ideas on how to make learning enjoyable. The toys are innovative educational aids made by craft cooperatives and other NGOs, not commonly found in shops, which we have searched out. We reach these quality learning materials to parents, teachers and children.

At present we are looking out for a person whose job responsibilities entail the following:
- conducting the sale and promotion of books and toys at various venues
- observing the behaviour of buyers, their suggestions, queries and thinking out ways and means to serve them better
- working out new toys and book ideas and working with crafts persons and publishers to develop these
- conceiving special promotions and offers linked to themes and events, such as an exhibition of books on the environment on - World Earth Day, or an event centred on a particular author during an anniversary year, etc.
- conceiving of workshops and other activities related to these themes
- doing the necessary publicity for such events
- building continuing relationships with clients, toy makers and publishers
- locating potential venues where sales and exhibitions could be held and negotiating with the holders of such venues
- observing the records of the books and toys sold, noting the fast-moving and slow items and ordering accordingly, to shape the flow and selection of items available.

If this sounds interesting, please drop a line with your CV addressed to:

Chandita Mukherjee
Comet Media Foundation
Topiwala Lane Municipal School, Lamington Road
Mumbai 400 007
Tel. 2386 9052 / 2382 6674
personal e-mail ID:
general e-mail:
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