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Childline India Foundation (CIF) is a non-profit organization that implements CHILDLINE, a 24-hour emergency helpline for children in crisis situations. With a network of over 160 partner organizations in 65 cities/districts in India, CIF works towards bridging gaps in child protection service delivery and advocates nationally and internationally for child friendly systems and policy. CIF invites applications for the following posts:


1.         Job Profile:     Deputy Director

Location:        Mumbai

Organisation: CHILDLINE India Foundation


Responsibilities: The Deputy Director would support the Executive Director in overall management of Childline India Foundation, which is the nodal organisation for CHILDLINEs across the nation. The responsibilities would broadly include the following:

      -        Ensuring highest standards of programme quality, evaluation, documentation and research in the CHILDLINE network

      -        Liaison with the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India on issues related to grant-in-aid for partner organizations, and other child protection issues

      -        Establish linkages with other Ministries of the Government of India to facilitate convergence, bridge gaps in service delivery and increased allocations on child protection issues

      -        To research the adaptation of emerging technological innovations to increase the impact of the CHILDLINE service

      -         To promote and design the second phase of the National Initiative for Child Protection (NICP) in partnership with the Government of India

      -        To recruit induct and build capacities of the CHILDLINE team


      Qualification: The successful candidate will essentially have the following:

-        A Masters Degree in humanities/social development/Management or a PHD in a related field

-        Significant experience in management of a national level organization

-        Leadership and an ability to keep a large team motivated

-        Interpersonal skills

-        Communication skills and fluency in English and Hindi


2.         Job Profile:     Head, Policy, Research and Advocacy Department

              Location:        Mumbai

              Organization: CHILDLINE India Foundation



        -           Develop a viable research programme in CIF with policy and strategy oriented research

        -           Prepare proposals for funding from donor organisations (government, non-government, multi/bilateral organisations and corporate sector)

        -           Identify research areas and implement studies, prepare research report, prepare indicators for monitoring and evaluation, prepare annual reports and documentation for publication

        -           Design and initiate a Network and Campaigns Cell to work with existing child protection campaigns and initiate new campaigns on child protection issues

        -           To establish a child protection resource and documentation center in CIF to strengthen child protection advocacy initiatives



        -           Master's Degree in Social Work/Child Development/Social Sciences/Ph.D. in a related area

        -           7 years in research with 3 to 4 years of independent research. Those with earlier experience of direct field or research work with children preferred.

        -           Capable of leading a team and ability to be a team member with colleagues

        -           Ability to identify issues for research through the work of the departments, prepare research proposals for funding, develop/maintain a database for the qualitative enhancement of childline work;

        -           Capacity for research with children as respondents and as stakeholders. 



3.           Job Profile:     Regional Coordinator-Programs (West Zone)

Location:        Mumbai

Organisation: CHILDLINE India Foundation


              Responsibilities: The responsibilities of the Regional coordinator would broadly include the following:

           -        Overall management of the expansion and monitoring of CHILDLINE’s in the West Zone of India

           -        Management and mentoring of the West Zone coordination team in CIF

           -        Management of all administrative processes in relation to the CHILDLINE at the city level (submission of reports, grant-in-aid applications, financial transactions etc.)

           -        Training and capacity building of the Allied Systems and partner organizations in the West Zone

           -        Identification of research areas and advocacy issues in the West and establishment of linkages with the State Governments to address the same



-          Masters degree in Social Work/Social Sciences

-          Five years of work experience in a national level organisation

-          Excellent communication and writing skills

-          Willingness to travel

-          Interpersonal skills


4.         Job Profile: Program Coordinator-Fundraising and Communication

            Location: Mumbai

            Organization: CHILDLINE India Foundation



      -        To undertake activities related to fund-raising

      -        To organize fund raising events

      -        Proposal writing for resource generation from donor organizations and the corporate sector

      -        To work with the design team on communication development for CHILDLINE



      -        Masters Degree in Management/Humanities

      -        1-2 years experience in fund raising

      -        Excellent communication skills and writing skills

      -        Fluency in English

5.         Job Profile: Program Assistant-Services

              Location: Mumbai

              Organization: CHILDLINE India Foundation



        -        Preparatory activity in new locations for CHILDLINE

        -        Facilitation of existing CHILDLINEs

        -        Local advocacy and training of district/city administration

        -        Training and capacity building of the local CHILDLINE personnel to undertake their task  

        -        Management of administrative processes for a group of CHILDLINE’s (submission of reports, processing of grant-in-aid applications, financial transactions etc.)              



            -        Masters Degree in Social Work/Social Development/Human Development from a reputed institute

            -        Freshers or 1-2 years of work experience

            -        Willingness to undertake extensive travel

            -        Fluency in English, Hindi and other regional languages

            -        Good communication skills and writing skills


For all positions specified above honorarium and benefits will be commensurate with experience based on Indian NGO salary ranges.


CHILDLINE India Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of age, caste, class, disability, marital status, religious or sexual orientation.


To apply write to Ms. Yamuna Seturaman at latest by May 01, 2005. 


From: "Shilpa Ahluwalia
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