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Bag films is a known television production house producing news for various channels ,apart from many other entertainment software for many years . currently we are also producing a show "rihaee" on Sony TV which is based on women issues in a dramatised format.
We are also producing a talk show which will give a chance to women to speak up. the show will be an arena where various issues - relevant to today's society - will  be brought up, some of which could be incest, abusive husbands, women who have made it big on their own etc and many many more. one episode will  showcase one issue at a time. the show will have a large spectrum of issues .the show  is designed  to give a platform for women  who have been affected by any  particular issue , to come forth, open up and share their experiences.
The primary groundwork of the show will involve extensive research in the form of reaching out to the masses at large. an awareness has to be created ,because people cannot be expected to open up easily . hence a tie up with  organisations is  required to create a database of people who can be prospective participants or a part of the audience that will be involved in the discussion and speak their experiences.
Victims of each of these cases need to  be identified ,contacted and researched. One such victim or a group will be called for that specific issue and will be the mainstay and soul of that episode. There will be a panel of guests  who will mainly be specialists, experts from ngos, sociologists  or psychotherapists. 

We are looking for a research head who would be responsible in getting women who have been affected by a particular issue on the show. the research head will have to contact individuals  and various ngos to get those women participants on the show. this will obviously need the person to devote time for this  huge project. We are trying to give a platform for women to speak up and trying to have some contribution to the society in little ways we can. 
Looking forward to hear from you. Please feel free to call me on 9820178867 for any queries .
Mona Merchant:
creative head
Bag Films