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The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) works on improving overall Democracy and Governance in India. Its current focus is on Electoral reforms. In addition, in the near future, ADR plans to work on Political Party Reforms. Since its inception in August 1999, ADR has won two landmark judgments in the Supreme Court on Electoral reforms, mandating disclosure of criminal, financial and educational background by all candidates. ADR has also worked closely with a variety of organizations in the country to carry out Election Watches with eminent citizens as members. The recent Lok Sabha elections in 2004 were a test case where 19 States and Union Territories carried out successful Election Watches. Leaders of various political parties have also started taking note of these activities and ADR hopes that
will slowly but surely bring about change.

ADR has also established good working relationships with the Election Commission of India, the media, a network of civil society organizations and some top bureaucrats. ADR hosted the first two National Conferences on Electoral Reforms in 2003 and 2004, inaugurated by the Chief Election Commissioner of India.

ADR is looking for suitable people for their Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai Offices. We are also seeking to fill the position of Chief Executive or Chief Operating Officer. We are looking for persons with a keen interest in this work, who have the skills to work with people, and network with other organizations. Some additional skills that are desirable are familiarity with the use of large data bases using some of the standard software packages. Not being aligned with any political party and being strictly neutral is essential. Personal honesty and integrity is also very important since
the work demands the same from the political system. ADR's Rules also debar it from hiring members of political parties, members of organizations affiliated with political parties, people who have actively campaigned for any party or candidate, those who have contested elections and those who have an interest in exercising political power by contesting elections.
These are senior positions requiring commitment and initiative. The Founding Trustees are all working in an honorary capacity. They would continue to take active interest in the organization and the larger cause for which ADR was set up. Interested candidates can also visit the following website: for further details. This is the first public announcement for professional staff and the right candidates will have the opportunity to work independently to a considerable degree, help set the agenda and action plans for ADR, and bring in fresh ideas. The work would include, (but would not be limited to) strengthening the network of organizations in the country, building data and information banks on the political system, keeping the website updated, coordinating election watch activities, and liaising with the EC, media, and the bureaucracy.

Those interested may please send their resume with three references, contact phone numbers, email address, and expected salary to the email addresses below.

Trilochan Sastry
Founding Trustee, ADR.
Association for Democratic Reforms