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Address Muktidhara
Mukti Ashram
Jaipur - 303102
Rajasthan, IN 
Tel 91-1422-34030 
Karmayogi Ratan Katyayni  
Language English 
Org. Type Grass root level NGO 
Activity Sectors Human Rights, Law, Tribal issues 
Budget (Rs.) Five Lakhs to Twenty Five Lakhs (500000 - 2500000) 
Staff Full time : 5 / Part time : 5 


Support for Nomadic Communities in North Western Rajasthan
Generic ID
Executing Organization Muktidhara
Funding Organization
Region Covered  
Activity Sector(s) Human Rights, Law, Tribal issues 
Budget (Rs.) 500000-2500000
Duration 01/01/2000-30/12/2000
Status Completed
Project Website
Abstract Our main objective is to insure that nomadic communities are given a chance for a settled existence 1 Empower nomadic groups in the region to carry on the struggle for civil rights & entitlement themselves over a period of time. 2 To insure that those settlement which have been created have excess to all amenities as may be necessary to lead a life of dignity with the basic requirements for existence. 3 Help foster a cadre of local leadership among the nomadic groups and create a community based organisation.
Language(s) English (EN)

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