Get involved in YOUR city and locality - Improve Your World
Get involved in YOUR city and locality - Improve Your World
Get involved in YOUR city and locality 
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City -- NGO Name   Area of Activity
Bangalore The Association for the Mentally Challenged (AMC)   Disability, Education, Food and Nutrition, Training
Bangalore The Association of People with Disability (APD)   Disability, Disadvantaged communities, Education, Food and Nutrition, Health, Training 
Bangalore The Concerned for Working Children (CWC)   Child welfare
Bangalore The Even Tide Home Association (ETHA)   Aged
Bangalore Medico Pastoral Association (MPA)   Disability 
Bangalore Medico Social Centre (MSC)   Child welfare, Health, Micro-enterprises, Training 
Bangalore Mitra Jyothi (MJ)   Disability, Education, Employment, Training, Women's issues 
Bangalore Mobility India (MI)    Disability, Training 
Bangalore Murray Culshaw Advisory Services (MCAS)   Development (General), Media, Training 
Bangalore The National Association for the Blind (NAB)   Disability, Education, Employment, Training 
Bangalore The P&P Group (P&P)    Development (General)
Bangalore The Richmond Fellowship Society (RFS)   Consumer issues, Disability, Education, Rehabilitation, Training
Bangalore The Spastics Society of Karnataka  (SSK)   Child welfare, Disability, Education, Health, Rehabilitation 
Bangalore Sri Raghavendra Go-Ashram Trust (R) (SRGAT)   Aged, Animal Health